Answers in Genesis: Taking the Low Road

YOu all know about Ken Ham (“Hambo” to us), and you’re probably aware of — but haven’t visited — his Creation Museum, which was recently built in Petersburg, Kentucky and is said to have cost $27 million. And you certainly know about Hambo’s hard-core, young-earth creationist website, Answers in Genesis.

We’ve written before about Creation Museum Commercials on Fox News, and then here: Creationism on Fox News. That second post mentioned a blog entry by Hambo trumpeting his latest series of ads on Fox: TV spots for our “” campaign.

But perhaps you haven’t had the “opportunity” to see Hambo’s new ads. So click on the video above. It’s only about thirty seconds long. Hambo also posted this, which describes other places where these ads are appearing.

What do we learn from this? We already know about the activities of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids), as they relentlessly pursue their wedge strategy campaign. As a first step toward theocracy, they’re promoting creationism through political means. To do this, they rely primarily on private donations.

Compared to AIG, the Discoveroids have taken the “high road” — a top-down approach of trying to influence academics and legislators. The wedge strategy has been pretty much a failure so far, but as long as their patrons keep the money flowing, the Discoveroids aren’t quitting.

AIG, on the other hand, is taking the low road — a primitive approach of going right to the people. Despite its crudity, AIG’s approach has the advantage of being self-financed. They’re not dependent on theocratic patrons. As long as a significant portion of the population keeps visiting AIG’s creationist attractions, they can continue to spread creationism.

We’re not happy about either campaign, but the two together are far worse than either one alone. We need to remain aware of both, because with one group taking the high road and another traveling the low road, we’re no longer facing merely a wedge — it’s actually a pincer movement; and we’re getting squeezed in the middle.

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7 responses to “Answers in Genesis: Taking the Low Road

  1. It is not so much the advertisement that is a problem to science education. (The ads are simply a statement of faith in Jesus). The problem is if someone watches the add, logs into ‘’ and is then led from the relatively simply profession of faith into the many intricacies of YEC, AIG style. Some fraction of otherwise well-meaning, but non-discerning/non-critical thinking persons, will end up giving money to AIG by attending the museum, ordering books, or direct giving. Conservative Christians (among whom I used to count myself – but no longer), will basically follow anyone who claims Jesus and looks halfway decent. Truly they are one of the most easily duped populations in the US. I know many people in this category who are otherwise well educated (doctors, lawyers, etc.) but when any issue is touched by faith they ‘forget’ how to think. However, I still believe it is important to distinguish between genuine faith statements versus the political and pseudo-science entanglements of groups like AIG.

  2. Carson says:

    However, I still believe it is important to distinguish between genuine faith statements versus the political and pseudo-science entanglements of groups like AIG.

    Agreed. That’s how I’ve always played it.

  3. satchmodog

    Carson says:

    However, I still believe it is important to distinguish between genuine faith statements versus the political and pseudo-science entanglements of groups like AIG.

    It is hard to separate the two when the faithful are quoting AIG as if it were, um, er…the Gospel.

    I belong to a bunch of firearm sites and predictably, there are a ton of creationists. There are even creationists among the educated, which always strikes me as odd. Faith among the educated is nothing one shouldn’t expect, but their ardent belief in fairy tales is hard to stomach.
    An ‘I am not ashamed” attitude brings shame on the rest of conservatism. The threads that some members start on creationist crapola generally starts a massive flame war and generally ends with a few rational posters being banned and the creationist puffy chested. We all know the drill.
    Unfortunately, conservatism and cretardation became intertwined and it is now a matter of taking sides, much like everything else in politics.

  4. I’ll go so far as to agree that one need not be ashamed for honestly believing some origins story that has been discredited by other “kinds” of creationist. However, one ought to be very ashamed – and afraid – of what God might do – if one knowingly and willingly makes exuses for contradictory “kinds” of creationism, while obsessing over “Darwinism,” in order to serve a larger political goal. In that respect, the DI takes the lowest road possible.

  5. Satchmodog: Indeed, I have been on some of those sights myself. I am a Georgia Boy after all. Now I fully follow your thoughts here about the difficulty giving people benefit of doubt when they insist on alighning their religion with the entanglemennts of politics/creationishm science, I wish I had an easy answer. But right now my problem is I took my Ambien 20 min ago and thus I can now barely type two sentences, time for sleepytime. will talk more later.


  6. Curmudgeon:

    This is a special day for me. My post has been directly observed and commented upon by… you, who I have been learning to admire and respect more every day that I have ‘lurked’ on this sight. As one who used to be involved in these kinds of groups and churches until my own science education finally won out, I find your posts intriguing and humorous. But I also think they are significant in examining claims that are probably written to an audience who usually just swallows in whole. I have always been fascinated with this movement and will continue to stay tuned-in

  7. Carson says: “I find your posts intriguing and humorous”

    The Ambien seems to be taking effect.