Where’s David Klinghoffer?

WHO? Most of you know who Klinghoffer is, so you can skip the next two indented paragraphs:

David Klinghoffer, is a “Senior Fellow” (i.e., full-blown creationist) among the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids).

He has written a series of essays attempting to link Charles Darwin to: Hitler, and communism, and Stalin, and the Columbine shootings, and Charles Manson, and Holocaust Museum shooter, James von Brunn, and the Ft. Hood Massacre, and Mao Tse-tung, and Dr. Josef Mengele, Angel of Death and “Devotee of Darwin”, and most recently the Occult.

David’s own blog hasn’t had a post since 16 March, and although he’s popped up a couple of times at the Discoveroid blog, it’s been nothing of importance. So what’s he been up to?

Assuming he’s not suffering from some physical or other personal problems (if he is, then this post never existed), our guess is that his Discoveroid masters have assigned him to a particularly challenging task — but we can’t imagine what it might be. David’s talents, as we’ve come to know them through his writings, don’t suggest anything that might be appropriate for someone with his skill set.

Well, there might be something. We can imagine a group of awe-struck creationist visitors who are being shown around Discoveroid headquarters, and suddenly the entire bunch of them are struck with some ghastly (but intelligently designed) virus which causes them to experience uncontrollable vomiting, together with other symptoms that are — shall we say — even less dignified but more explosive. The environmental consequences would be … well, you understand.

Were such to occur, the staff at Discoveroid headquarters would look at the mess and think: “This is a job for Klinghoffer!” But that would only require a few hours of work. David has been out of sight for far longer than that.

Your Curmudgeon is concerned. After all, David is one of the Discoveroids’ senior fellows. That’s a significant title. He far outranks Casey, who isn’t even a junior fellow; yet we see Casey’s work all over the place. David’s low profile is an ominous sign.

Anyway, he’ll probably show up, and then we’ll be able to evaluate his latest efforts. Until then we’ll just have to sit back and wait.

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7 responses to “Where’s David Klinghoffer?

  1. My guess is he is fully engaged in research for his upcoming hard-hitting article showing how Darwinism is to blame for the BP oil spill.

  2. Klingers wrote that snarky but otherwise unintelligible intro to the Response to Critics that Meyer was incapable of writing. You remember the one that can be summarized thusly: Mommy, the big boys are being mean to me!!!

  3. Doc Bill says: “Klingers wrote that snarky but otherwise unintelligible …”

    Yes, but surely a Discoveroid Senior Fellow should have accomplished more in three months.

  4. Considering what they’ve accomplished in the past ten years, it’s about par!

  5. retiredsciguy

    Maybe he had an epiphany and now realizes how wrong he has been.

    Maybe Ken Ham will have a similar revelation.

    Maybe Obama will sign an executive order abolishing the income tax.

    Maybe hell is freezing over.

  6. Here’s a possibility:

    Apparently AiG has been flexing its political muscles lately. That’s bad for the DI not only because it steals some of their current and potential audience, but also because AiG’s YEC makes testable claims that much of that audience simply won’t find convincing. But being alerted to those claims they would not likely be satisfied with the DI’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach, so they’d either follow OEC, or give up and concede evolution.

    Klinghoffer – and yes I’m probably giving him too much credit even as a politician – might be tasked with persuading AiG to cool it on the testable (and easily falsified) YEC claims, and concentrate more on the “evils” of “Darwinism.”

  7. He recently wrote a six post series about conservativism and ‘darwinism’.

    For some reason its posted on the discovery institute’s blog, rather than his own. Perhaps he got tired of people ripping his arguments to shreds in the comments.