Answers in Genesis in the Table of Contents

THIS is another housekeeping note. Skip it if such things bore you. No problem, we’ll understand.

We’re creating a new section of our Table of Contents for links to our posts about Ken Ham, the creationist entrepreneur responsible for the infamous Creation Museum, and his young-earth creationist website Answers in Genesis (AIG), and also their connection to the Fox News Network.

Why are we doing this? We’ve decided that, unlike the typical young-earth creationist operation, Ham, AIG, and the Creation Museum should be regarded as an important feature of The Controversy. The reason for our increased attention to them was discussed here: Funding the Creationism Industry, where we said:

[R]egarding creationist organizations, our approach has been to focus only on those with political ambitions and influence, because they represent a danger to all of us. For that reason, we’ve always concentrated on the Discoveroids. …

AIG is worthy of greater attention than we’ve been giving them, but only because they now advertise on the Fox network. … Because of Fox, AIG’s potential influence is far greater than their mindless creation museum could ever be otherwise.

That’s why we decided to gather the links to many of our posts about them into one new location. Those links had been scattered throughout several of our article lists. While copying them for the new section, we’ve also left the original links where they were, as duplicates, in case you’ve grown accustomed to finding them where they have been.

The new section doesn’t include links to every post we’ve ever made about Ken Ham or an article at AIG. Some of those are merely discussions of some silly creationist claim, so we’ve left them where they belong — mostly in the sections on “Creationist Wisdom” and “Creationist Foolishness.” That’s the pattern we’ll follow from now on. We’ll use the new section only for links to our posts about Ham, AIG, and the museum that we think are important to The Controversy.

Gathering up the links was the easy part of our task. The hard part was deciding where to put the new section. We won’t bother you with the alternatives we considered and rejected. We took the easy path. To avoid any major restructuring of our contents pages, the new section will be another sub-page of the main Table of Contents, from which it can be accessed with a clickable topic link. In this way it’s like a few of our original topics that grew too big for the Table of Contents and had to be moved into sub-pages.

Now, when you visit the main Table of Contents, you’ll see a new topic link for “Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, & Creation Museum.” When you click on it you’ll jump to the links you want, and you probably won’t even realize that you’ve ended up in a sub-page To see what we’ve done, here’s a direct link: Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis, & Creation Museum.

That’s the story. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog.

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