Casey Luskin Is Named a Curmudgeon Fellow

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YOUR Curmudgeon is, as you know, a non-judgmental, sensitive, compassionate, caring-sharing evolutionist, with ooey-gooey feelings and a touchy-feely attitude. We embrace diversity and practice togetherness. We care for the planet. We feel your pain. We are a citizen of the world, and we’re At One with all things. Our fondest hope is that we’ll all get along and everything will be nicey-nicey and fuzzy-wuzzy.

Our humble blog seeks to present all sides, including not only the strengths but also the weaknesses of the theory of evolution. We’re not afraid to teach the controversy. That is our Curmudgeonly statement of principle, to which we courageously adhere — except when it might give offense.

Therefore, it grieves us to see how Casey Luskin has been treated by the science side of The Controversy between evolution and creationism. There are, perhaps, thousands of blog posts that ridicule the lad. There are entire internet forums devoted to doing so. As if that weren’t enough, even the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids) disrespect Casey.

The Discoveroids have Senior Fellows and plain old Fellows — they have Fellows all over the place and up the wazoo, but Casey isn’t one of them. They have highly-compensated Officers, Directors, Trustees, and Key Employees, as disclosed in their 2007 Tax Return. But despite his dedication, Casey has been excluded — Expelled! — from their upper ranks.

So we’ve been thinking about what we can do to give Casey the recognition he deserves. He doesn’t qualify for our coveted Buffoon Award, because that’s rarely given; when it is, it’s only for creationist accomplishment at the highest level. But surely, we told ourselves, there must be something we could do for a dedicated but low-level creationist campaigner like Casey.

And then we remembered something from an old post: Earn a Degree in Creationism Today! There it was revealed that we are the Supreme Chancellor of the prestigious and world-famous Curmudgeon University. With the powers that our exalted position provides us, we are uniquely positioned to bestow upon Casey the accolades he deserves, but which a cruel, Darwinian world has thus far denied him.

Accordingly, as Supreme Chancellor, we proudly announce that in appreciation of his sincere and tireless efforts in the cause of creationism, Casey Luskin is hereby awarded the title of Curmudgeon University Fellow, with all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining.

Congratulations, Casey!

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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23 responses to “Casey Luskin Is Named a Curmudgeon Fellow

  1. Gabriel Hanna

    Do you have any open faculty positions? I think I would be ideally suited for the Departments of Potiosection, Tetrapiloctomia, or Omphaloskepsis.

  2. You know, I think there’s some justice to this appointment. I’ve long had the half-formed thought that if Luskin were paid in accordance to his contribution to the ID Creationist cause, then it is us ‘evil evolutionists’ who should be the ones footing the bill for his salary.

  3. For a minute, reading that first paragraph, I thought The Curmudgeon was about to announce his candidacy for public office. I think I’m a bit disappointed he isn’t, except his work here is much more important.

    Anyway, it is nice to have a way to recognize the contributions of people like Casey. Sort of like having a wanted poster displayed at the Post Office instead of making the FBI’s top 10 list.

  4. Gabriel Hanna

    @Hrafn: I’ve been reading the articles about Di you edited on wikipedia. Sadly, there is no place for you in the Curmudgeon’s university.

  5. Here’s my question: I have friends who are Fellows of one sort or another. In fact, thinking back down the decades, I was a Research Fellow and a Teaching Fellow. So… what title do females get?

  6. SY asks: “So… what title do females get?”

    I’m confident that Olivia Judson is female, and she’s a research fellow.

  7. I have trouble thinking of the indeed-highly-evolved Judson as a Fellow. Call me a sexist pig.

    This being the Berkeley of Texas, I was at a concert a few weeks ago and witnessed the female MC upbraid the male opening act for asking, “Where’s the sound guy?” He got a two minute onstage lecture in lieu of Re-education Camp, all delivered in perfect uptalk. I could not have created a better stereotype.

    Sorry to go OT, but Casey Lufkin is pretty marginal.

  8. Benjamin Franklin

    Good Curmudgeon,

    As thoroughly researched as your posts usually are (for which we thank you), I fear that you have missed an important distinction bestowed upon young Luskin by the DI.

    He is, after all, their semi-official tour guide.

  9. Benjamin Franklin says: “He is, after all, their semi-official tour guide.”

    A household service position of low rank. The post you describe is well below the duties of a butler. More like a footman. It’s almost as if he were being kept in bondage. The award we’ve given him was long overdue.

  10. Gabriel Hanna asks:

    Do you have any open faculty positions? I think I would be ideally suited for the Departments of Potiosection, Tetrapiloctomia, or Omphaloskepsis.

    We have not yet created colleges for those disciplines, so you’ll have to be patient. In fact, you forced me to look those words up. Potiosection = the art of cutting broth. Tetrapiloctomia = the art of splitting a hair four ways. Your third discipline is one I recognize.

    But we may have an opening for a specialist in macroscopic particle physics. Our one faculty member who teaches that subject has been senile for decades, and he may be leaving us soon. We’ll keep your application on file.

  11. Do you need a librarian?

    I can ook with the best of them.

  12. Tundra Boy asks: “Do you need a librarian?”

    Not now. We have no books. If we ever need a librarian, we’ll want one who can read.

  13. longshadow

    But we may have an opening for a specialist in macroscopic particle physics.

    Ahhh, a pool hustler by any other name!

  14. Gabriel Hanna

    Ahhh, a pool hustler by any other name!

    I’ve wondered about this–Eco isn’t a scientist. he thinks “macroscopic particle” is a contradiction in terms, but since a “particle” has zero dimension it can’t be “microscopic” either.

    I let it slide.

  15. I would like to apply for the STFU Chair Professor of Snark. (I hear it’s “well endowed” if you get my drift, nudge nudge, wink wink!)

    Alas, poor Casey, I know him, Curmudgeon. A man of infinite duplicity; a dupe by any other name would sling the s**t just as well. What light through yonder orifice doth shine? It is the Truth ™ that Casey doth farteth forth, as if a rainbow from a unicorn.

    You mock poor Casey but he’s worked hard ™ to get where he is today. Let’s see, he has a BS in something and a MS in “Earth Science” which we all know is a Very Useful Degree (why, you could teach 5th Grade Science with that kind of degree!) and he has a JD AND passed the Bar ™ in California, although he’s never worked as an attorney. Sort of like getting qualified as a brain surgeon and working at Burger King the rest of your life.

    OK, let’s get serious, now. What’s the “career” path at the Disco Tute? Oh, simple! None!

    Nice job, Casey, you’re the perfect lapdog, attack gerbil and Luskito. Play your cards right and you’ll get your picture in Conservapedia.

  16. “since a “particle” has zero dimension it can’t be “microscopic” either.”

    I think you mean “point,” not “particle.” One can meaningfully talk about the diameter of a proton, for example.

  17. Gabriel Hanna

    I think you mean “point,” not “particle.”

    Now that you mention it, people do say “point particle” when referring to electrons or models.

    A particle is indivisble and without structure; in that sense it could be of any size.

  18. Gabriel Hanna says: “… it could be of any size.”

    You’re really after that macro particle physics job, aren’t you?

  19. OH, hang on a minute! Wasn’t our Casey in charge of the IDEA clubs at one time?

    Yeah, WHAT IDEA clubs you may ask. Like, none.

    Also, the DI hired Caroline Crocker to run IDEA but she got fired within a couple of months.

    So, what happened to IDEA? Bad IDEA?

  20. Gabriel Hanna

    So, what happened to IDEA? Bad IDEA?

  21. Doc Bill says:

    Wasn’t our Casey in charge of the IDEA clubs at one time?

    We wrote about that failure last year: Discovery Institute: IDEA Clubs Flopped?

  22. This thread is getting a lot of views for a weekend. I checked Google. A search on “Casey Luskin” (in quotes) gives an amazing 133,000 hits. This article is at the top of page 3. I love Google.

    If you restrict that to a blog search you’ll get 7,480 hits, and this thread is number one. Maybe you’ll get a different result; we’ve heard that Google tailors searches based on your cookies or something. Anyway, if Casey searches for himself, as he probably does, he’ll find us.

    Hi, Casey!

  23. I would like to apply for the STFU Chair Professor of Snark. (I hear it’s “well endowed” if you get my drift, nudge nudge, wink wink!)

    Doc Bill,

    That was some of the most awesome snark I’ve seen in a very long time.


    First Class.