Discovery Institute: El Estúpido, Se Quema

CAN you guess who’s going bi-lingual? No, it’s not your Curmudgeon. Today’s big news is that having triumphed throughout the English-speaking world, the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids) are going multi-cultural.

The Discoveroid blog has this thrilling new post by Casey Luskin: Promoting Intelligent Design to the Spanish-Speaking World. Casey says, with his links omitted and the bold font added by us:

In the latest ID the Future Podcast, I interview Mario Lopez, founder of the Organización Internacional para el Avance Científico del Diseño Inteligente (OIACDI), a group dedicated to promoting awareness about intelligent design (ID) to the Spanish speaking community.

Did you get that? It’s Diseño Inteligente. Make a note, because you’ll be seeing a lot of it. Let’s read on:

The group’s website,, contains a variety of online resources in Spanish, including articles, news updates, and an ID FAQ in Spanish. OIACDI also recently published a book, Diseño Inteligente: Hacia Un Nuevo Paradigma Científico,” which contains articles by leading ID thinkers like William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Michael Behe, and Stephen Meyer translated into Spanish.

Yes, the “leading ID thinkers.” Some day, perhaps if it’s encoded in the Designer’s plan, Casey’s name will be included in that illustrious list. One more excerpt:

As discussed in the podcast interview with Mr. Lopez, a large part of OIACDI’s goal is to network with Spanish-speaking scientists, assisting them in making contributions to ID research and thinking.

An admirable goal. The world could certainly use some ID research — especially considering how bare that cupboard is at the moment.

Okay now, can we detect any benefit in this latest Discoveroid maneuver? Once again we quote Edward I (Longshanks) in Braveheart: You see, as king, you must find the good in any situation. So here it comes:

Were it up to your Curmudgeon, we’d give those new Spanish-language ID materials to every illegal sneaking across the Mexican border. Then, if the feds ever get around to enforcing the immigration laws, the aliens can complain that their arrests were due to “viewpoint discrimination.” At that point, the judge will deport them because they’re insane.

At last, there would be a real-world use for intelligent design — or at least for Diseño Inteligente.

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11 responses to “Discovery Institute: El Estúpido, Se Quema

  1. ¿En Español? Y tan estupido como siempre. ¿Como se dice “irreducible complexity?”

  2. James F asks:

    ¿Como se dice “irreducible complexity?”

    You’re asking the wrong hombre.

  3. I will, however, give you a pronunciation tip. Diseño Inteligente is pronounced: de-SANE-yo een-telley-HEN-te.

  4. This is the best I can do in Spanish. My restaurant experiences have been HORRIBLE thanks to creationism and the DI in particular!


    Dos osos, por favor, y una canasta de papas fritas.

  5. ¡Demonios!

    The good thing is that if they approach Mexican scientist they will get a very good kick in their traseritos. Specially if they try and approach their multiple-times misquoted (read quote-mined) Toño Lazcano.

    James F:
    “Complejidad irreductible.”

    The pronunciation, don’t ask me, I can’t write Spanish into English phonetics. English is not my first language.


    You have to learn much better vocabulary, such basic survival phrases as: “una cervezota bien fría, por favor.” or “es urgente, denme ese tequila por transfusión.”

  6. Sorry, mistyping, there it should read “transfusión.”

  7. Can the Ebonics version be far behind? In fact it was over 10 years ago that I noticed the similarity of teaching ID in science class is and teaching Ebonics in english class – “fairness” nonsense and all.

  8. Bob Carroll

    Now we need to know the Spanish for “disingenuous.”

  9. Gabriel Hanna

    Can the Ebonics version be far behind?

    Progressives now make fun of “Teabonics”, the signs that less educated tea partiers make. Even liberals no longer take Ebonics seriously; but remember how holier-than-thou they used to get about it?