Creationist Running for Governor in Maine

OUR last post on this topic was Creationism in Maine Governor’s Race. We reported that Waterville Mayor Paul LePage, a creationist, was one of those in the Republican primary for the Governor’s race.

It escaped our notice until now, but LePage won the primary. On 09 June, the Associated Press reported, with bold added by us:

What was once a field bulging with about two dozen candidates was winnowed to five Tuesday as Waterville Mayor Paul LePage scored a stunning win in the seven-way Republican primary, and state Senate President Libby Mitchell beat three rivals to win the Democratic nomination. The major party candidates join three independents in the race to succeed term-limited Democratic Gov. John Baldacci.

The rest of the AP article discusses the Democrats. But wait, there’s more.

In the Washington Examiner, we read Romney’s PAC funding Maine candidates. Here’s an excerpt, with bold added by us:

In an interesting and very under-reported development, Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has tossed his PAC money into several Maine races. …Romney has backed the two Republican House candidates Levesque and Scontras, as well as giving the maximum donation to LePage for Governor.

That’s all the news we have on this situation. Maine has a creationist running for governor, and Mitt Romney is supporting him. Mitt, we hardly knew ye.

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7 responses to “Creationist Running for Governor in Maine

  1. Time to donate to Libby Mitchell, who among other things is endorsed by the Maine Education Association.

    In other news, a part-time instructor at Oklahoma City Community College was unfairly expelled dismissed for teaching creationism in a biology class.

  2. Mormons get evolution at Brigham Young U. Where did Romney go wrong?

  3. Note: I am in no way pulling a David Klighoffer (equating creationists with terrorists), but GWB’s much misunderstood (caveat, possibly by GWB himself) statement that you’re either “with us or the terrorists” applies here. Many people (Romney?) who do not agree with creationism nevertheless enable anti-evolution activists to mislead students. Not to defend such negligence, but they have many other issues to deal with that they give little or no thought to science education.

    While we need to expose the hopeless “buffoons,” the bulk of the effort ought to be devoted to educating those who “harbor” them, and finding and supporting those conservatives who already would not “harbor” them.

  4. Note: make that a reverse David Klinghoffer. For the benefit of new readers, he links “Darwinism” to every conceivable evil.

  5. Gabriel Hanna

    In my experience Mormons are either YECs or theistic evolutionists, or don’t think about it at all; which is like most religious people I suppose.

    I myself support creationist candidates from time to time. I was a page for a creationist state senator, even–a guy who probably would have won one of SC’s coveted buffoon awards, if SC had ever heard of him. But, living in a blue state, if you want freedom in the Enlightenment sense, you’ve got to pick your battles.

    Creationism taught in science class doesn’t make us less free. It’s stupidity, yes, but it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket. It means just one more damn stupid thing taught in school which I have to help my kids unlearn.

    A creationist governor, or Congressman, or President is no threat, since they have no power to impose creationism. A creationist school board president, or state senator, is another matter, and you have to weight the pros and cons carefully.

    I doubt Mitt Romney knows or cares what other politicians think of creationism.

  6. Gabriel Hanna says:

    I myself support creationist candidates from time to time.

    That’s the choice we may face with increasing frequency. It’s either the hard left candidate (which I could never support), or his opponent, who may be a low-tax free enterprise advocate, AND a creationist too.

  7. Gabriel Hanna: “In my experience Mormons are either YECs or theistic evolutionists, or don’t think about it at all; which is like most religious people I suppose.”

    I have noticed that most evolution-deniers who do give it more than 5 minutes’ thought, but are not committed anti-evolution activists, tend to be mostly OECs or Omphalos creationists.

    But very few politicians fall in that category. Either they are activists (like Don “big tent” McLeroy), or just innocent repeaters of feel-good sound bites (like GWB with his endorsement ot teaching ID).