Nigerian Spam? No, It’s Jack Chick!

Jack Chick: Things to Come?

IF you don’t yet know who Jack Chick is, here’s our last post about him and his works: Jack Chick on Dinosaur Extinction.

Chick usually updates his website at the start of the month, so we took a look to see what might be new. We found this link: Message from Jack Chick. Eagerly we clicked, in order to see what the master of all creationists wanted to tell us.

To our shock, the message starts out and ends up almost exactly like one of those spam scams we all get via email. It’s difficult to know if Chick is adopting the style of the Nigerians, or if they’ve been imitating him. See for yourself:

Dear Ones in Christ,


People are relying on political change instead of the Lord to help them, and that’s very dangerous. The political leaders we rely on will often turn and surprise us, even betray our trust. We need to show the world that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only One we can really depend on.

The Lord once gave us a tract to counter this! But we pulled it back because it was ahead of the times. Now, we are releasing it again: The Poor Revolutionist! Forces are pushing for the fall of our nation, but this tract, if put in the hands of our youth, will push back this evil.

Read it carefully; The Poor Revolutionist is very effective.

Your brother in Christ,
/s/ Jack Chick

Here’s Chick’s re-released tract, which you can read online: The Poor Revolutionist. It’s not about The Controversy between evolution and creationism but it’s by Chick, so if you’re a fan, check it out.

But wait, there’s more! Here’s a truly new Chick tract being released this month: Things to Come? That one isn’t about The Controversy either, but it’s so crazy you’ll want to see it. The graphic at the top of this post comes from there. Surely you’re intrigued.

Go ahead, read it. It may change your life.

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6 responses to “Nigerian Spam? No, It’s Jack Chick!

  1. I loved the dude with the comb-over who sentenced Paul. Best Chick Character Ever.

    Interesting that when it comes to the main themes (2nd Amendment rights, property rights, free enterprise), Chick and I (and presumably TC) are on the same side. Funny, ain’t it?

  2. Jack Chick needs a little “time off” in a quiet sanitarium somewhere.

  3. Curmy,
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Olivia Judson’s taking a year off from writing NYT op-eds. Link.

  4. eric says: “Olivia Judson’s taking a year off”


  5. retiredsciguy

    “Olivia Judson’s taking a year off”

    That’s ok, Curmy. I heard she’s fallen in love with you after reading your blog faithfully, and she’s taken the year off to search for you!

  6. techreseller

    These comics are the best ever. They are ironic on purpose yes? You mean Jack is serious? Nah, that cannot be, nobody is that dumb. He is? Well they are funny anyway.