Failed Creationist Predictions: #6,969

IN the tradition of The Imminent Demise of Evolution: The Longest Running Falsehood in Creationism, we were inspired to follow up on the attempted biology book ban in Knox County, Tennessee. We last wrote about it here Tennessee: No Biology Book Ban for Now.

You will recall that the Knox County school board struggled over whether to ban a biology textbook after one parent, Kurt Zimmermann, had complained that the book was disrespectful to creationists. When the board turned down his request, Zimmermann said he would likely bring another appeal, adding, ‘This probably isn’t over.’

We posted that news on 06 May of this year, more than two months ago. So far, the creationist hasn’t made good on his promise. On 12 May the Christian Post wrote an article titled ‘Biased’ Biology Book Controversy Not Over. They said, with bold added by us:

A Knoxville, Tenn., parent who recently lost a six-month battle to remove a “biased” biology textbook from schools has no plans of raising the white flag. “I’m going right back into the well,” Kurt Zimmermann told The Christian Post Wednesday. “I’m not letting them off the hook that easy.”


“People are very upset,” said Zimmermann, who has received dozens of calls from parents around the country.


Zimmermann plans to reissue an appeal, this time including all the relevant policies and detailing all the recommendations and options the board can consider. “We’re not going to exclude anything in the appeal,” he said. “We’re going to load that appeal so much that there’s no possible way they can reject it.”

Brave talk, Mr. Zimmermann. But where’s the action? How can your humble Curmudgeon fulfill his mission if there are no active creationist crusades about which we can write?

Barbara Forrest was one of the last to mention the Knox County situation. On 21 May she wrote Knox County School Board Shows BESE How to Conduct Public Policy, praising the Tennessee school board officials, and contrasting their behavior with that of education officials in Louisiana.

But is that where this ends — all talk and nothing to show for it? Will a once-promising affair just dribble away? This is an outrage! As we said before:

This affair is interesting in its own right, but it also has historical resonance. Knoxville is only 67 miles from Dayton, the site of the infamous Scopes Trial. Dayton is also the home of Bryan College, proudly named after William Jennings Bryan, The Great Populist Blowhard was born 19 March 1860, so the creationist world recently celebrated his 150th birthday.

We are unwilling to let the Knox County Biology Book Battle be abandoned for lack of creationist zeal. Therefore we now address these words of encouragement directly to Kurt Zimmermann:

Sir: We urge you to persevere. Stay the course. Fight the good fight. This is no time to go wobbly. File a lawsuit. Run for office. Lead a torchlight demonstration. Your Curmudgeon is counting on you.

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3 responses to “Failed Creationist Predictions: #6,969

  1. retiredsciguy

    SC: “Sir: We urge you to persevere. Stay the course. Fight the good fight. This is no time to go wobbly. File a lawsuit. Run for office. Lead a torchlight demonstration. Your Curmudgeon is counting on you.”


  2. It’s only been a couple of months. It takes time to read all those relevant policies and think up all those recommendations. Besides, the board probably doesn’t meet in the summer. Have a little patience.

    Meanwhile, perhaps we should help him out. I could think of a few recommendations he could pitch to the board. One example, the school district could develop a course covering ancient creation stories, along with astrology, mayan calendar predictions, homeopathy, roswell aliens, the moon landing hoax, truthers and other woo. The course would be designed to teach critical thinking and give students some tools to spot crackpots and frauds. A resourceful teacher might even invite Kurt to speak to the class, as a kind of real-world demonstration.

    I’m sure he would be proud.

  3. Your first line disconcerted me. Guys, you have to tell me: is evolution still around?

    If so I have to rewrite a lot of manuscripts. I don’t know if a search/replace will do. Well, let us look at the positive side of evolution being still around. Phases like “these predictions increase in quality with the intelligent-designary distance between organisms” do not sound very well.