Jack Chick on Louisiana’s Creationism Law

FOR your weekend pleasure, we have a flashback to an oldie-goldie from the website of Jack Chick. This one is a 2008 article from that year’s September/October issue of their newsletter: Battle Cry. It’s titled New Louisiana Law Allows ‘Open Discussion’ on Creation.

But first we need to put this creationist relic in its chronological setting. At the end of June in 2008 we wrote: Jindal Signs Louisiana Anti-Evolution Bill. After giving the news we said:

A fool, governing a state of fools, who are determined to remain fools in the generations to come.

A few days earlier, just before Jindal signed the bill, we wrote: Discovery Institute –Spinning Louisiana’s Anti-Evolution Law. The neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids) were babbling about the law’s goofball “fail-safe” provision, which says that it:

“shall not be construed to promote any religious doctrine, promote discrimination for or against a particular set of religious beliefs, or promote discrimination for or against religion or non-religion.”

Commenting on that language, which is virtually the same as section 7 of the Discoveroids’ Academic Freedom Act (from which the Louisiana law was copied), we said:

If a freak is molesting children, will anyone be impressed if he insists that he’s not a pedophile? What if he actually told his victims that his actions “shall not be construed” to be pedophilia? Well, we may be impressed by the absurdity of his legalistic gyrations, but that wouldn’t matter — he did what he did. It’s not up to him to tell us how to construe his actions.

So Louisiana had distinguished itself by enacting a creationism law copied from the “model” that the Discoveroids were actively promoting all over the country. The moment was one of the creationists’ brief triumphs, the likes of which they have rarely enjoyed in the 150 years since Darwin first published Origin of Species.

That’s the historical setting for Jack Chick’s 2008 “Battle Cry” article. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Evolutionists are up in arms over a bill signed into law by Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. Called the Louisiana Science Education Bill, it passed the state legislature unanimously and creates a level playing field in the discussion of the origin of life and other controversial subjects in the state school system.

Yes, the bill creates a level playing field, giving Oogity Boogity equal billing with science. Let’s read on:

Prior to Jindal’s signing the law, the [New York] Times tried ridicule, insults, and untruths to pressure the governor. It even belittled his education: “As a biology major at Brown University, Mr. Jindal must know that evolution is the unchallenged central organizing principle of modern biology.” On the contrary, this background probably went a long way in helping him understand how little evidence supports the evolutionary theory.

Jindal’s biology background merely emphasized his complete lack of integrity and the enormity of his political sellout to the forces of ignorance. We continue with Jack Chick’s article:

No longer is evolution an “unchallenged” principle. The Creation Research Society is just one organization with over 600 members with at least a master’s degree in a recognized area of science. … Even the Korean Association of Creation Research has 150 Ph.D. scientist members and 300 other scientists with master’s degrees.

It’s true, the creationists have several hundred supporters with science degrees of one sort or another — although many are proctologists and dentists. That’s to be contrasted with what must be millions of scientists worldwide with university degrees who think the creationists are crazy. Here’s more:

Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, has been one of the most successful organizations promoting intelligent design theory in opposition to evolution’s random mutation idea. It is only one example of many organizations pressing for open discussion on evolution’s weaknesses. A Google search for “intelligent design” delivers over six million hits.

Chick mentions the Discoveroids, but he’s too much of an embarrassment for the Discoveroids to ever return the favor. The reason is that Chick doesn’t have the discipline to maintain the Discoveroids’ false facade of science. Indeed, in the very article we’re discussing, Chick then lapses into disclosing the true motivation for Louisiana’s law:

Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2 that “…for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth.” Can there be any question that evolution is one “strong delusion?” The “natural man” would rather believe this lie than admit there is a God he would have to obey.

Actually, the title of Chick’s article (“New Louisiana Law Allows ‘Open Discussion’ on Creation”) gives the game away. That must have infuriated the bill’s sponsors, who insisted that it wasn’t about creationism at all. See: Louisiana’s Ben Nevers: Creationist Doublethink.

So there’s your nostalgia for the weekend — a flashback to when the dumbest state legislature and the most unscrupulous governor conspired to enact the nation’s worst law for science education.

Now that we’ve given you a taste of Chick’s thinking, for those who may not have seen this material we”ll repeat our list of Chick’s creationist comics which you can read online: In The Beginning, followed by There Go The Dinosaurs, and you must see the very influential Big Daddy? Here’s another one about teaching evolution: Apes, Lies and Ms. Henn.

Click over there and take a look at what informs millions of people about evolution. Then you’ll know why The Controversy between evolution and creationism continues to rage.

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2 responses to “Jack Chick on Louisiana’s Creationism Law

  1. You can always count on Jack Chick to provide a little humor on a slow news day. The guy is amazing.

  2. Can there be a clearer indication that creationism is dead than Jack Chick running for cover in the DI’s big tent?

    If I thought that “Oogity Boogity” (or YEC, or “saltation” etc.) was the better theory, the last thing I’d want is mere “equal time” with what I considered a “failed” theory. Unless I had no confidence that Oogity Boogity could stand up to scrutiny.