Alabama Creationism: Byrne & Bentley Vote Today

OUR last post on this was Alabama Madness: A Teachable Moment. You recall the video of a TV ad that was everywhere on the blogosphere — the one where Bradley Byrne’s opponent in the Republican primary accused him of — gasp! — believing in evolution, and Byrne fought back by denying it.

That TV ad ranked number six in this MSNBC article: First Read’s Top 10 TV ads.

Well, dear reader, this creationist drama is reaching a climax today. Alabama voters are going to to the polls to select between Robert Bentley and Bradley Byrne, in a primary runoff election to determine which of those two creationists will be the Republican candidate for Governor in November. Do we care which one wins? Not really, but it’s fun to watch.

At the website Alabama Live, which seems to be the online presence of the Birmingham News, and the Huntsville Times, and also the Mobile Press-Register, we read Campaign 2010: Bentley, Byrne make final appeals to voters. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

The GOP family fight ends today, with Robert Bentley facing Bradley Byrne for a place on the November general election opposite Democrat Ron Sparks.

How exciting! Let’s read on:

The runoff between Bentley, a Tuscaloosa dermatologist and member of the Legislature, and Byrne, a former state school board and state senator and chancellor of the two-year college system, has been heated. Both men claim the other is the candidate of special interests. Both claim to be the “true Republican conservative” in the race, and both claim that they, and not the other guy, would clean up corruption in state government.

Wow! A creationist dermatologist running against a creationist who was formerly a state school board politician. We continue:

Byrne, in a stop in Birmingham later in the day, said his race against Bentley is a battle for the heart of the Republican Party.

A heady prize! Here’s more:

While Byrne predicted he will win today, he painted a loss by him in stark terms. “I think the Democrats win if I lose,”

Stark terms indeed. There are other issues, but they don’t concern us here. Regarding The Controversy between evolution and creationism, there doesn’t seem to be one in Alabama.

Creationism isn’t being discussed by the Alabama press today. We’ve looked at several articles and it’s just not mentioned. In Alabama, creationism seems to be as uncontroversial as mom and apple pie. Under these circumstances your Curmudgeon, like the Oracle at Delphi, will predict the outcome of today’s election:

A genuine idiot will win the Alabama GOP nomination.

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2 responses to “Alabama Creationism: Byrne & Bentley Vote Today

  1. retiredsciguy

    Curmy predicts,
    “A genuine idiot will win the Alabama GOP nomination.”

    Unless no one votes.

  2. “Unless no one votes.”

    Then they just have a coin toss and you still get an idiot nominee,