Creationist in Kansas Governor’s Race

IN the Joplin Globe of Joplin, Missouri (on the Kansas border) we read U.S. senator seeking GOP nod in Kansas gubernatorial bid. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Kansas Democrats and Republicans will tab candidates for contested statewide races when they go to the polls Aug. 3.

“Tab”? That must be Joplin talk for “vote in a party primary.” Let’s read on:

Two Republicans, Sam Brownback and Joan Heffington, are seeking their party’s nomination for governor.

We’ve heard of Brownback. Solid GOP material. You probably know this:

Brownback was appointed to fill former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole’s seat in 1996 and was elected to the seat in 1998 and 2004. Prior to serving in the Senate, Brownback served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 1996 and prior to that Brownback served as the Kansas secretary of agriculture.

He said his decision to run for governor and leave the U.S. Senate was made in part because he pledged that he would serve only two full terms in the Senate. Brownback said supporting economic growth is the key to solving the state’s current budget woes.

No surprises there. What about his opponent? Here you go:

Heffington, a home builder, has lived in Derby for more than 45 years. She received a master’s degree in administration from Wichita State University and is currently the president of Heffington Homes Inc.

We know what you’re thinking: That’s nice, but boring. We know that. And so, dear reader, as a reward for staying with this Kansas stuff as long as you have, here it comes:

Heffington said she would insist that a “biblical and constitutional reason exist for the passage of any new law.” She also calls for the teaching of Christianity versus evolution in public schools.

Kansas is a blogger’s dream come true. We love that place! It’s flat, but it’s never dull. In 2005 they gave us Kathy Martin and the Kansas evolution hearings. Now we have this Heffington woman.

This is her campaign website: Heffington for Governor. Most impressive!

But wait — there’s more. Here’s one last excerpt from the Joplin Globe:

Heffington’s running mate is Mark Holick, who currently is the pastor of Spirit One Christian Center in Wichita.

Smart move! It’s always good to have a preacher as one’s running mate. Here’s his church’s website.

You know your Curmudgeon will be watching this one. Mark your calendar: Aug. 3 is primary election day.

Come on, Heffington! We’re counting on you.

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18 responses to “Creationist in Kansas Governor’s Race

  1. “In the Republican primary race for governor, 76 percent of those polled preferred Brownback and lieutenant governor running-mate Jeff Colyer. The next closest in the race is Joan Heffinton [sic] and Mark Holick, at 17 percent.”

    ( )

  2. The full name is Spirit One Christian Tire Repair and Hair Care Center. [Pet grooming on request! We specialize in sculpting attack poodle uni-brows!]

  3. Doc Bill, I keep laughing at “attack poodle uni-brows.”

  4. ICC Underwriter’s poll show Brownback has a 50 % chance of winning the primary based on recent polls taken from over 5, 000 Kansans. Kansas voters were unaware of Joan Heffington was running for Kansas Governor and voters only thought Brownback was the presumptive winner. The newspapers had a lot to do with it. Our poll show the republicans have a choice and do not have to support there parties loyalty, since there are two republicans running for Governorship. What is interesting, the women and the veterans are voting for Joan Heffington as well as the senior citizens. One voter conveyed, when I am in the voting booth, the word Brownback comes to mind because of name recognition, but, I am a women and I will vote for a women over a man anytime. A veteran mentioned he would not vote for Brownback because Brownback is not a veteran. The unemployed stated Brownback can not create jobs for Kansas. Senior citizens favor no property tax over age 65 on their homes. If I were Brownback, I would be worried. A 50 /50 chance to win the primary is anyone’s game.

  5. smartvoter seems to be a shill for the Heffington campaign. I find little mention on the internet about that poll except for comments from her (I guess her: “I am a women”), here and on a couple other web sites. I did find “ICC Underwriters”, insurance claims consultants, located in Wichita, whose websites says they “endorse Joan Heffington for Kansas governor ” and they do mention “ICC’s phone polls show Joan Heffington will win with voters because she champions abolishing personal property tax for Kansans over the age of 65.” They don’t say anything about having polled “over 5, 000 Kansans”, nor do they say anything about women and veterans.

    ( )

  6. We’ve heard of Brownback. Solid GOP material.

    But apparently, you had not heard that he’s also a Creationist. Unless the world turns upside and Kansas suddenly turns blue, Kansas will elect an unabashed Creationist for governor.

  7. rubble says: “… he’s also a Creationist.”

    He’s certainly a first rate fence-sitter and BS artist.

  8. smartvoter

    Thanks, Roger E, for brings this to my attention. As CEO of ICC Underwriter, I will make sure it is posted so that the voters can hold me responsible for the poll taking. Check our website tomorrow.

  9. Smart Voter

    Thanks, Roger E, for brings this to my attention. As CEO of ICC Underwriter, I will make sure it is posted so that the voters can hold me responsible for the poll taking.

  10. @smartvoter/Smart Voter
    Hi Dan! Sorry for calling you a women. I just skimmed through that part of your comment that said “One voter conveyed…”

    Anyway, it seems like all you did was transfer your comments from here to your web site. Why should anyone take your poll seriously? How much experience does your company have doing political polls? How representative was your sampling? You throw out all sorts of statements without showing any of the data to support them.

    The one thing new you added was “The Wichita Eagle came out with a candidates guide June 18, 2010. Brownback’s answers were evasive compared to Joan Heffington answers.” I found the guide ( ) and don’t see it. If anything, Heffington’s answers were shorter and less complete than Brownback’s but, I don’t hold that against her as this guide was limited to short answers. It was more to give the voters a feel for the candidates than to be comprehensive about their positions.

  11. smartvoter

    It is always smart to be correct and not make assumptions. I accept your apology for assuming I was a woman. Your other comments will be answered August 3rd, 2010 by the voters and not you or myself.

  12. “I am a women and I will vote for a women over a man anytime” is hardly “Smart Voting.” Just as stupid as voting for a candidate because they have blonde instead of brown hair.

    Hey, even the loony candidates have their following.

  13. The president & CEO of Insurance Claims Consultants is one Dan Martinez of Wichita, KS.

    Joan Heffington’s campaign manager is also named Dan Martinez.

    Bizarrely, a Daniel Martinez of Kansas d/b/a Insurance Claims Consultants, Inc., was found guilty of practicing law without a license in 2000. Martinez appealed the decision, which was upheld.

    But according to Heffington’s own site, her campaign manager is Mike Combs.

    Forget the fact that Heffington is nuts. Who runs a campaign like this?

  14. Actually, nunyer, we’re not interested in any of that. And more than enough links to that insurance claims outfit have been posted here. This is starting to look like spam.

  15. Maybe it isn’t spam but, it sure has gone to nonsense.

  16. retiredsciguy

    “Smartvoter” may be your name, but after reading your first post, I think “dumbwriter” would be a better choice.

    If you want people to take what you have to say seriously, you would be smart to learn the difference between “women/woman”; “republicans/Republicans”; “there parties/their party’s”; “Governorship/governor”; “One voter conveyed, when I am in the voting booth…/One voter conveyed, “When I am in the voting booth…”; etc. If you don’t know the problem, you’d better have someone proofread whatever you put out.

  17. Heck yeah she is a mental case. She sued Bush
    saying he tried to murder her. That is just one of her wacky suits.
    She is being sued now by the AG for practicing law without a license.
    One of her board members is listed as God.
    Nuts. Kansas perfect!

  18. Charley Horse says:

    One of her board members is listed as God.

    If God’s on her board, I’m not going to criticize her.