The Top Rated Intelligent Design Website

WE have some genuinely exciting news today, dear reader. During one of our Google searches we came across this press release: The Intelligent Design Facts Institute Launches Top Rated New Website To Defend Intelligent Design Through New Scientific Research.

The outfit chosen to provide publicity for this “Top Rated New Website” is something called Here’s their About Us page. They claim to be “a free press release distribution center” that doesn’t engage in “Press Release Spam.” Lovely. But a review of their website indicates that they not only issue free press releases (at their discretion), but they also have a “premium” service that must be paid for. Make of that what you will.

We can’t tell if this particular press release was paid for or if it’s a freebie. Either way, you can judge its contents for yourself. We’ll give you some excerpts, with bold added by us. But first, in spite of the release’s lengthy title, there’s also a sub-title:

New site is designed to be the leading portal for newly published research in peer reviewed science journals which uphold the theories behind intelligent design.

This new “Top Rated” website shouldn’t require much bandwidth or maintenance, as there’s no material in existence which meets their criteria. Anyway, let’s get into the meat of the matter:

Santa Monica, California — The Intelligent Design Facts Institute, a leading proponent of the intelligent design concept of evolutionary theory today announced the launch of its new website specifically designed to provide up-to-date information on the hard, verified, rigorous, peer reviewed published scientific research supporting the hypothesis that evolution is a guided process.

They’ve just launched their website, yet they’re a “leading proponent of the intelligent design concept”? Perhaps they are, but so far they’ve escaped our notice. We Googled their name and found their website, but all the other hits on their name were generated by today’s press release.

The press release mentions only one individual: “Anthony Pappi, Intelligent Design Facts Institute Chairman.” Who is Tony Pappi? We Googled for his name, not knowing what to expect — but he is, after all, the chairman of the “leading proponent” of ID. We got a total of 23 hits. Tony likes to keep a low profile.

There’s really no other information available, so we’ll give you a bit more of what little is said in the press release:

The Intelligent Design Facts Institute ( is The Leading Global Proponent Of Intelligent Design Scientific Research & Information.

The Intelligent Design Facts Institute does not promote or support any theological group or agenda. The sole driving force behind the organization is a desire to promulgate accurate and strictly scientific information and research which supports the evolutionary theory of intelligent design.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, the Intelligent Design Facts Institute is currently seeking to affiliate itself with other rigorously scientific intelligent design organizations.

If Tony really wants another “rigorously scientific” organization with which to affiliate, we recommend The Time Cube. Birds of a feather, you know.

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19 responses to “The Top Rated Intelligent Design Website

  1. cnocspeireag

    I’m sure there are many suitable articles in peer reviewed journals. After all, were one a liar, fool or charlatan, then one’s peers would also be liars, fools or charlatans.
    The problem comes with the word ‘science’, then you realize they simply missed out ‘pseudo’ or ‘fiction’.

  2. In the Comments section (7 so far) is this response to one commenter:
    All of the information currently on this site is derived from the peer reviewed Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington published at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. You will also find that by clicking on Intelligent Design Conclusion & References you will find three full pages of references to the actual scientific journals used as the basis for this originating article.

  3. It is most likely SC that your readers will be the largest group reading the press release.
    I suspect the Institute exists only in the confines of
    the owners computer.

  4. Charley Horse says:

    I suspect the Institute exists only in the confines of
    the owners computer.

    And the computer is next to his bed, in his mother’s basement.

  5. It’s nice to see that no one at the Facts Institute had to read any of those hundreds of references. Just read Stephen Meyer’s paper (which was published without proper review and later retracted by the journal) and copy-paste his citations! Brilliant! Science sure is easy when you don’t care about facts.

  6. carlsonjok

    The website Registry information

    I would note that the address given is a UPS Store.

    And the contact email leads to a rather odd Facebook page.

  7. Is plagiarism an example of “intelligent design”?

  8. SC:
    Note the address tag at the bottom of the press release:
    “Norcross Inc., James Norcross, 2560 Premium Way, ” with Mississauga Ontario postal code L5B 1Y5, Phone : 1-416-279-8353. It’s near Toronto; the phone’s out of service. “Norcross Office Services” nearby seems to offer accounting services.

  9. J. Meyers says:

    the phone’s out of service. “Norcross Office Services” nearby seems to offer accounting services.

    This is so confusing. They’re the “Leading Global Proponent Of Intelligent Design Scientific Research & Information.”

  10. Hmmm… website says, “Website Copyright 2010 Intelligent Design Facts Institute, Santa Monica, California.” but its Terms & Conditions page says, “Intelligent Design Facts administers this Site from its offices in British Columbia.” Huh?

    No indication of who wrote this but, near the end of their “guide” it says:

    “Savvy readers will recognize that this article series is based on The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer, Director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and which appeared in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. This series has been written in such a way that the layman who doesn’t know a nucleotide sequence from a polypeptide chain can understand the concepts discussed.”

  11. P.S. I would note that the referred to Meyer article is the one in 2004 that got the editor of “Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington”, Richard Sternberg, “Expelled”.

  12. I think we have to face facts, gentlemen. We’re dealing with a new and all-powerful colossus. Darwin is doomed!

  13. Gentlemen and Lady (Hello Lady!!!)


  14. Please forgive my thoughtlessness, dear lady.

  15. 😀 No worries!

    Although, am I the only girl here usually? Seems like it sometimes!

  16. LRA asks:

    Although, am I the only girl here usually? Seems like it sometimes!

    I know of several readers of your configuration, some of whom are clandestine operatives. But they rarely post.

  17. They’re not affiliated with the DI? Rogue cdesign proponentsists, incoming!

  18. Yes, I am of the FML configuration. It involves squishiness in certain places and a tendency to cry at sappy kleenex commericals approximately every 28 days. However, against popular media criticism, it does not lack an ability for math or science, nor does it have a psychosis glitch when it comes to ML configuration dumbf*ckery.


  19. LRA says: “Yes, I am of the FML configuration.”

    This place wouldn’t be the same without you. Your “squishiness” is a definite enhancement.