Creationists on the Ballot: August 2010

WE suspect there are many more, but here are some primary elections from all around the U.S. that are coming up soon in which creationist candidates are offering their talents to the voters. We’ve written about these before, but it’s time for a reminder.


There’s a primary vote in Kansas on 03 August. In the GOP primary to determine that party’s candidate for Governor, the deeply crazed Joan Heffington is running against Sam Brownback. See: Creationist in Kansas Governor’s Race.

While we’re looking at Kansas, there are two creationists on the ballot for seats on the Kansas State Board of Education — John Bacon, who represents District 3, and Kenneth Willard of District 7. See Kansas Creationist School Board Update. That’s also set for 03 August.


In Tennessee, 05 August is the date for the Republican gubernatorial primary. All the candidates are creationists — how wonderful! — so you can vote for one of them based on other issues. See Tennessee Governor’s Race: They’re All Creationists.


In Florida, Terry Kemple is on the ballot for the Hillsborough County School Board. He may have a good chance, because that county is the power base of Rapturous Ronda Storms. See: Tampa Creationist Running for School Board. Early voting begins 09 August, and the election date is on 24 August.

Also in Florida, in nearby nearby Polk County, creationist Terry Pittman is running for their school board. See: New Creationist School Board Candidate. That election is also set for 24 August.


The Oklahoma primary featuring creationist Randy Brogdon was just decided. Brogdon lost. We’ll post about that one separately.

Addendum: Colorado

There’s also a Republican primary for a seat on the Colorado Board of Education, District 6. One of the candidates is Barry Arrington, We had posted about him and his creationism here, but we didn’t realize he was in a primary contest. We can’t find any news stories on this, but the Colorado Secretary of State’s web site says that the primary is on 10 August.

That’s all for now

We’ve discussed other races with creationist candidates, but those won’t be decided until November. If you’re aware of any we’ve missed — and there are certain to be some — please let us know.

Update: Creationist in Wyoming Governor’s Race.

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4 responses to “Creationists on the Ballot: August 2010

  1. Cheryl Shepherd-Adams

    Kansas voters probably already realize this, but gubernatorial candidate Brownback is also a creationist.

    Thankfully the voting instructions read, “Select one or fewer.”

  2. You might want to keep your eye on the Republican Primary for Board of Education in Colorado District 6. One of the contestants is Barry Arrington, head cheese over at Uncommon Descent.

  3. carlsonjok says: “One of the contestants is Barry Arrington,”

    Darn, I missed that. I had posted about him once before, here.

  4. carlsonjok, I added an addendum to the post about the Colorado primary. Thanks.