Louisiana Creationism: Barbara Forrest Strikes Again

A couple of weeks ago we spotted a letter in Town Talk (formerly Daily Town Talk) of Alexandria, Louisiana The letter was written by Darrell White, founder of the Louisiana Family Forum (the “LFF”).

The LFF is the activist creationist group which coordinated with their puppet-masters in Seattle — the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids). Together, these two theocratic creationist advocacy lobbies persuaded the Louisiana legislature to pass that state’s infamous creationism bill in 2008 — the Louisiana Science Education Act (the “LSEA”).

White’s letter appeared on 23 July, and it’s titled Parents be aware. We didn’t blog about it for two very good reasons. First, we found a much funnier letter-to-the-editor about the same issue of citizen textbook inspections, so we wrote about that one instead: Dumber Every Day.

The other reason was that the writer of the 23 July letter was Darrell White, so we assumed that Barbara Forrest would be responding to it. We know how well she does such things, so we sat back waiting for the Magistra. We were wise to do so.

Today’s edition of Town Talk has Barbara’s response to White’s letter. Like all of her work, it’s industrial-strength, fact-filled, and totally crushing. We wouldn’t want to be her opponent. Her letter is titled Stop the assault.

Barbara takes White’s letter apart almost clause-by-clause, from his misrepresentation of the “declaration” of Congress, to his citing of dubious polling data, to his quoting of unqualified experts. It’s an excellent example of why we should always check everything said by creationists.

However, we find that it’s almost impossible to excerpt anything from Barbara’s letter. Each paragraph is good, and there are vital facts in every sentence. That makes her letter an all-or-nothing deal — except that we can give you her conclusion:

The LSEA was only the beginning. The LFF’s attack on science textbooks is next. And now the Livingston Parish School Board has announced its intention to consider teaching creationism. This is what the legislature, BESE [the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education], and Bobby Jindal have enabled the LFF to do. Louisiana citizens have remained almost completely silent. With a few exceptions, so has the scientific community. Will they finally act now to stop the assault on science and public education?

Okay, now click over to Town Talk and read Barbara’s entire letter.

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5 responses to “Louisiana Creationism: Barbara Forrest Strikes Again

  1. Once again Barbara Forrest slices and dices the creationists. She should have her license as a sushi chef. As far as the lack of outspoken science faculty in Louisiana is concerned, I think most are preoccupied and worried about having a job in the next year or two given the wholesale cuts to the university budgets and the layoffs that have already taken place. Yes, Louisiana is marching gloriously backward into the “Dark Ages.”

  2. Way to go Barbara. P.S. I finally found a pic of her.

    Almost as good looking as our Olivia.

  3. Have you guys over there completely lost the frickin plot?

    Look…If my car breaks down I dont call out a plumber or an electrician, and I dont ask Joe shmo passing in the street to fix it. No, I take it to a garage and let a qualified mechanic take a look and fix it.

    If I have heart problems and require an operation, I dont go to the hospital to find the operation room staffed with electricians, plumbers and Joe Shmo who runs the hardware shop on the corner. I expect a frickin heart surgeon to do the work.


    When it comes to teaching, a highly skilled job that requires both intelligence and a lot of training, and commentary on what kids should be learning, WHY do you yanks think that turning the decisions over to people who havent a frickin clue what they are on about is a GOOD idea? Why do you think that the uninformed opinion of Joe from the Gulp N Go is equally valid as that of Professor Brains, dean of Biology at the local university? Are you all f*** nuts?

    And here it just gets better and better….. you allow people to sit on these boards who HOME SCHOOL their kids. They dont even have kids in the public school system, yet THEY determine what your kids learn. That makes sense…. in a frickin madhouse maybe.

    Science and education are NOT democratic, and the uninformed opinions of Joe Public are worthless. Your kids educations should NOT be political footballs. You have sat on your complacent arses and allowed this stupidity to go on and on for so long now half your country thinks the earth was magic’d into existance by their invisible mate upstairs and willfully ignore 150 years of solid evidence.

    That also explains the shocked expressions on Americans faces when they travel to Europe and are laughed at and publicly ridiculed for their stupid beliefs. You either dont get the fact that the rest of the west thinks you are madass cranks, or you just dont care…..

    If you want this stupidity to stop scrap this stupid local school board system and put the decision process back in the hands of experts. Stow away that paranoia about “big government”….this aint Big Brother… it is, as Mr P once wrote, COMMON SENSE. You dont ask a plumber to conduct a heart op, and you dont ask a plumber to decide what your kids learn in science class, (maybe in plumbing/shop class he gets a say).

    The NCSE is the body that should determine what science is taught and how it is taught, not Mr and Mrs Faithhead from Buttfuk Alabama who got their education off the back of a cerial packet.

    Democracy and free speech are great on paper….but can be a major problem in real life eh? So why doesnt Britain suffer from these problems? We have democracy, we have free speech…. but we leave important decisions in the hads of experts not the public. They get to vote on who the experts are, not what they decide.

    Make the change, or carry on p*ssing your kids educations up the wall and providing belly laughs for us across the pond.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. You went to the moon, you showed us (the world) the way to the stars

    ….. now you have lost the plot.

  4. sorry mate, I was impolite and forgot to thank you for your sterling efforts to explain a strange land to a stanger.

    Your stuff is excellent reading, and please carry on shaking the pillars of heaven.


  5. Sandman says:

    sorry mate, I was impolite …

    No problem. We appreciate vigorous commentary. The few words that caused the software to choke have been tidied up. Please carry on.