Creationist in Wyoming Governor’s Race

EXCEPT for a couple of letters-to-the-editor by creationists in Casper, the state of Wyoming hasn’t been mentioned in our humble blog. We’re about to change that. At the website of CBS4 in Denver, Colorado we read Micheli Says He’s ‘Real Conservative’ In Guv Race. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Ron Micheli portrays himself as the reluctant outsider who was compelled to seek Wyoming’s GOP nomination for governor so he can fight for the state he loves against a federal government that’s slipped its moorings.

These guys are always telling us how reluctant they are. Let’s read on:

Micheli describes himself as the “real conservative” among the Republican candidates and a tea party member. He served as director of Agriculture Department under Republican Gov. Jim Geringer. Before that, Micheli served 16 years in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

For a reluctant candidate, he seems to have spent a big chunk of his life in politics. We continue:

On social issues, Micheli is extremely conservative. He said he’s against abortion in all cases except when it’s a medical certainty that going forward with a pregnancy would result in the mother’s death. While he said rape and incest are despicable crimes, he said aborting a pregnancy caused by those crimes wouldn’t make them any less despicable.

The basic question of abortion is, is that unborn baby a life, or is it not, and if you believe it is a life, as I do, then there should not be exceptions,” Micheli said.

In Micheli’s favor, it can be said that he’s not one to hang out in the middle of the road.

Okay, dear reader, you’ve been patiently waiting for the creationism. Here it comes:

Micheli also said he believes Wyoming teachers should be required to teach creationism — the belief that the Earth and its creatures were created by a deity — as an alternative to the theory of evolution. “I think it’s as viable a theory as any of the other theories,” he said.

Teachers should be required to teach creationism. This man is an idiot! And here’s how the news story ends:

Micheli said he doesn’t believe teachers should present creationism from the perspective of any particular religion.

He probably thinks that’s an open-minded approach to the issue.

We’ve looked around, and it appears that the primary is on 17 August 2010. We don’t know who else is running for Governor, but there’s one thing we do know — Ron Micheli is a world-class dunderhead.

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5 responses to “Creationist in Wyoming Governor’s Race

  1. Has he expressed his views on stoning?

  2. Sort of. He expressed his views while stoned.

  3. “reluctant outsider”? Reluctant maybe, outsider in what way? 16 years in the Wyoming House of Representatives, 8 years as the Director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Republican Precinct Committeeman for over 20 years and served on the Republican State Central Committee, also served in the Governor’s natural resource sub-cabinet. If that is an outsider, what the heck does it take to be an insider in Wyoming? Oh, I see, he’s running 4th in the latest polls. So it isn’t that he’s an outsider, it’s that he has an outside chance of winning the nomination.

  4. Curmudgeon: “Micheli said he doesn’t believe teachers should present creationism from the perspective of any particular religion.”

    More heartburn for Bruce Chapman!

  5. Though Wyoming is extremely* conservative it currently has a very popular Democratic Governor, and a long history of popular Democratic Governors (like Ed Hershler). It’s almost like the (very small) population knows it need to balance things out. With any luck this clown won’t make it past the primary.

    * an unfair oversimplification of the people in my old home state.