Wyoming Creationist Election Results: 17 Aug ’10

Wyoming Governor’s Race
GOP Primary Election Results

Candidates: Matt Mead, Rita Meyer, Colin Simpson, and Ron Micheli

The GOP Winner Is: Matt Mead

Results reported here: Primary Election Results

There are four major candidates in Wyoming’s 17 August 2010 primary who are seeking the Republican nomination for the office of Governor. They are: former U.S. attorney Matt Mead; State Auditor Rita Meyer; outgoing House Speaker Colin Simpson; and then there’s the creationist — former legislator and director of the Department of Agriculture Ron Micheli.

Last week we posted Creationist in Wyoming Governor’s Race, in which we wrote about one of those candidates — Ron Micheli. He’s a tea party member who describes himself as the “real conservative” among the Republican contenders. He believes that Wyoming teachers should be required — required! — to teach creationism (but in a non-sectarian way).

Here’s the website of the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office where the Wyoming primary results should be reported, but we can’t yet find the page for the Governor’s race. It’ll turn up during the day, and when it does we’ll fix the link.

Update: They’re getting the page set up: 2010 Unofficial Primary Election Results.

And so, dear reader, we await the judgment of the citizens of Wyoming. Will they — in their wisdom — choose a flaming, flat-out, foaming-at-the-mouth, full-blown creationist maniac to be the GOP’s candidate for Governor? We shall see.

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8 responses to “Wyoming Creationist Election Results: 17 Aug ’10

  1. Come on Cowboys, we can get this right.

  2. Spoiler poll here: http://trib.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/article_f4e6b3d4-3ace-56da-a640-45704786a323.html

    Meyer seems OK, or at least not so awful.
    The Simpson family has been active in Wyoming politics for generations. If the apple is near the tree, then Collin Simpson should be fine too.

  3. I can’t figure out why the Secretary of State’s election website doesn’t seem set up to show the results for the Governor’s race, but that’s how it is. We’ll have to rely on news stories in the morning.

  4. Life and technology move at a slower pace out there. That’s not always a bad thing, but it does mean we have to wait.

    Some recent results here, if Wyoming politics keeps you awake at night. 😉

    As of 10 PM (MST), Mead leads with 29%, Meyer is close with 28% and Micheli is in third place at 26%.

  5. That website is still useless. According to the Denver Post, in Lummis wins easily in Wyoming GOP primary:

    “Three Republicans with glowing political resumes were virtually tied in the governor’s race … Only hundreds of votes separated former U.S. Attorney Matt Mead, state Auditor Rita Meyer and longtime state lawmaker Ron Micheli. Colin Simpson, the state House speaker and scion of a famous Wyoming political family, trailed.”

    So the creationist is still in the running.

  6. And this in the Wall Street Journal reports:

    “Wyoming Democratic Party chairwoman Leslie Petersen has won the party’s nomination in the state governor’s race. … The race for the Republican nomination was close. With nearly 85% of precincts reporting, state auditor Rita Meyer had 28.9% of the vote to former U.S. Attorney Michael Mead’s 28.8%. Ron Micheli, a former director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and longtime member of the state House, [the creationist] had 26.2%.”

  7. The Republican votes total about 100,000 which is roughly 25% of the total voting-age State population (544,270 in 2009, ~74% 18 or older). The Democratic turnout would add another 5.5%, so call it a 30% turnout.
    A Republican vote for Micheli totaled 27,592.

    A little bit of calculator work later, I find that to be about 7.3% of the voting population were willing to vote for a creationist, or at least didn’t know any better. I’ll bet that a lot less that some states (I’m looking at you, LA), so I’m willing to call it a win for the side of enlightenment. GO WYO!

    (It would be nice to get another Dem in the Governors chair again too, but I’ll take what we can get.)

  8. The Secretary of State’s website is still useless, so we’re going with this: APNewsAlert: “CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Former federal prosecutor Matt Mead wins GOP nomination for governor in Wyoming.”