Colorado Creationist Congressional Candidate

WE can’t possibly catch all the creationists who are running for Congress, but we found one today. In the Grand Junction Free Press of Grand Junction, Colorado we read Interview reveals Tipton wants economic liberty, social controls. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Now that Scott Tipton has won the Republican primary for the Third Congressional race, we expect he’ll offer a tough challenge to incumbent John Salazar. Obviously many voters are sick of the Democrats impeding economic recovery with wealth transfers, takeovers, and controls.

But the real question is whether Tipton deserves to win, and mostly that comes down to the ideas and policies he advocates. That’s why we gave him a call.

Hang on, the good stuff is coming:

Tipton emphasized economics: “We need to be dealing with economic issues; we need to be focused on creating jobs.” Tipton said, “Right now the issues that I think Congress needs to be addressing (concern) getting Americans back to work. We’ve got to be reducing the size and the expenditures of government. We simply cannot afford the spending coming out of Washington right now.”

That’s very nice. We expect that from Republicans, and we agree with Tipton on those issues. But we’ll skip over those things in order to see what else he thinks:

Unfortunately, like many Colorado Republicans these days, Tipton wants to reduce liberty in the personal sphere.

It’s just as we feared — good economics and bad craziness otherwise. Brace yourself, dear reader:

Tipton expressed an overly narrow view of the significance of the separation of church and state, saying it “keeps the state from anointing one particular religion or one particular church.”


I do support faith-based initiatives,” Tipton said of welfare programs involving churches.

That’s bad enough, but there’s more. Here comes the creationism:

What about the teaching of “intelligent design” in tax-funded schools? “I’m a faith-based person. Faith plays a very important part in my life, and I don’t think that should be excluded from the school.”

Clearly, the man’s an idiot. Let’s see how far his “family values” take him:

Tipton opposes gay marriage, though he added: “I think if somebody wants to have a contractual relationship, we have that opportunity already.” However, Tipton does not support adoption by gay couples: “I would not be supportive of adoption outside a traditional family.”

How about abortion?

On his web page, Tipton states, “Abortion should be limited to cases that involve rape, incest, or threat to the life of the mother.”

That’s not as restrictive as some others we’ve seen. Here’s more:

On his web page, Tipton says he wants “a 24-hour waiting period for women seeking an abortion.” That prompted us to ask whether he also favors a waiting period for women seeking to buy a gun. While Tipton claimed that’s “not a fair comparison,” we think it’s as ludicrous to require a waiting period for either one.

That was cute. There’s more, but you get the general idea. The article concludes with this libertarian sentiment:

We like Tipton’s pro-liberty stance on economics. We only ask that he more carefully consider why liberty is the right answer when it comes to personal decisions, too.

So there you are. As is all too common these days, the voters are stuck with a choice between two extremes. We know nothing about Tipton’s Democratic opponent — but Dems are all pretty much the same these says. The voters will have to decide between a socialist, who promises to thrust both hands into the citizens’ pockets, or a creationist theocrat, who can’t wait to get both hands into their pants.

Isn’t there anyone out there who will promise to keep his hands to himself?

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3 responses to “Colorado Creationist Congressional Candidate

  1. Well, doesn’t he sound just like the sort of idiot you guys love to vote for – scream about your freedoms whilst voting in scum who openly state they dont reguard them as fact and then take them away…but he is a good man of faith……that makes sense.

    Please, as Ive asked before, stop doing yourself the dis-service of falling into the Beckism of using the s word – socialism. You are an American, so have NO idea what it actually means in practice, and seem to think its some form of swear word. You are better and smarter than Beck, so dont make his stupid mistakes.

    An “Im alright Jack” “Dog eat dog” why pay taxes attitude isnt a virtue. It makes you a selfish money grubbing idiot like Palin, Beck and all the rest of the tea bagger loons. Mind you – when your taxes get pissed up the wall on stupid unwinnable wars, highway crosses, and paying the legal fees for stupid School Board decisions I can see why youd be pissed off.

    Of course, if you had a life threatening debilitating illness that meant your job, bank accounts and house were under threat I expect you’d be singing a much different tune.

  2. Sandman says:

    Please, as Ive asked before, stop doing yourself the dis-service of falling into the Beckism of using the s word – socialism. You are an American, so have NO idea what it actually means in practice …

    Thanks for the advice, but I’ve somehow survived without it, and I plan to continue. If you think things over here are really all that dreadful, why do you soil yourself reading blogs like this one?

  3. Curmudgeon: “Clearly, the man’s an idiot.”

    Possibly, but he didn’t answer the question. Rather he changed the subject from ID to saying that “faith” shouldn’t be excluded from schools. If he’s in on the scam he might follow that up with the DI nonsense that ID is scientific, not faith-based. Or he might show himself to be another “rube who didn’t read the memo.” But the interviewer did not ask any more questions, so once again, an opportunity to make a politician squirm was squandered.