Creationist US Senate Candidate from New York?

WE ran across this story yesterday, but it was so incompetently reported that we had no idea what office was being sought. We assumed it was just another school board election so we ignored it. That journalist will probably be a science reporter one day.

Today we’ve learned a bit more. The race is for the New York Republican primary to determine who will run for the US Senate in November. The current office-holder, Kirsten Gillibrand, was appointed last year to fill the vacancy left by Hillary Clinton. Now Gillibrand will have to earn that position the hard way, by winning an election in November.

The Republicans will choose their candidate to run against Gillibrand in a primary election on 14 September. The three GOP contenders for that nomination are: (1) Joe DioGuardi, a former congressman from Westchester County; (2) Bruce Blakeman, a local politician from Long Island; and (3) David Malpass, a former Bear Stearns chief economist.

You’ve probably guessed why your Curmudgeon is writing about this. That’s right — one of the Republicans is a creationist. Let’s look on the bright side — it’s only one of them.

In the New York Times we read In Debate, 3 Republicans Vie for Chance to Oust Gillibrand. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — The three Republicans competing for Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand’s seat promoted their credentials as fiscal conservatives, praised the Tea Party movement and attacked the incumbent in a televised debate on Tuesday night.

Exciting, huh? We’re going to skip over most of the story because we already know where the candidates stand on the usual issues. For example:

The candidates spent much of the hour criticizing Washington for profligate spending and promising to rein it in if elected.


All three said military commanders should weigh in before a decision is made on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military. They supported the death penalty. They each said the Tea Party was constructive.

We told you — nothing surprising there. Now let’s get to the creationism:

Mr. Blakeman differed from the other candidates in saying that creationism should be taught in public schools.

Truly, the man is a fool. Wikipedia has an article on him: Bruce Blakeman. This is his campaign website — but be warned: It starts with a sound track. He’s not only a fool, he’s a boorish fool.

That’s all the Times says on the subject. Oh, wait — there’s also this:

On global warming, Mr. DioGuardi said he believed in it, Mr. Blakeman said the jury was still out, and Mr. Malpass said he did not believe carbon dioxide created from human activity was warming the planet.

They have three different positions on that one, and Blakeman — the creationist — sounds almost reasonable by saying the jury is still out; but he doesn’t explain what he thinks is in doubt — the fact of warming or the issue of human causation. The slightly more hard-core positions are held by the other two — one believes in global warming (with no mention of whether it’s caused by human activity), and the other doesn’t think humans are causing it (presumably he doesn’t doubt that warming is going on).

So there you are, dear reader. New York may have a full-blown creationist running for the US Senate this November. We’ll be watching that Republican primary on 14 September.

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One response to “Creationist US Senate Candidate from New York?

  1. Thank you for causing me even more depression about the political situation in my state. I had been ignoring what was going on with the Republicans, other than Carl Paladino. Obviously, that was a mistake. Just what we need on top of all the other rottenness: Creationism. Blech!