Food Fight: Ray Comfort v. Stephen Hawking

YOU have probably heard the news about the new, soon to be released book by Stephen Hawking. Here’s an article about it from Fox News: Stephen Hawking Picks Physics Over God for Big Bang, which says:

Physics was the reason for the Big Bang, not God, according to scientist Stephen Hawking.


The book, co-written by American physicist Leonard Mlodinow and published next week, sets out to contest Sir Isaac Newton’s belief that the universe must have been designed by God as it could not have created out of chaos.

Well, one great mind is colliding with another. You remember Ray Comfort, whom we’ve called a one-man festival of foolishness. We’ve written about him several times, most recently here: Ray Comfort on Ben Franklin, Darwin, & Einstein.

We weren’t expecting this, but — brace yourself — Ray Comfort is challenging Hawking. This is truly a clash of equally-matched combatants. The Christian Newswire, which says it is “the most used and most recognized distributor of religious content press releases in the nation,” has this press release at its website: Stephen Hawking Breaks Atheist Rules. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

According to professor Stephen Hawking, God didn’t create the universe. Instead, nothing created everything. However, according to the author of the book, Nothing Created Everything — the scientific impossibility of atheistic evolution, Stephen Hawking has violated the basic laws of science.

Wow! Has Comfort caught Hawking in a colossal blunder? Let’s read on:

Comfort said, “It is embarrassingly unscientific to speak of anything creating itself from nothing. Common sense says that if something possessed the ability to create itself from nothing, then that something wasn’t nothing, it was something — a very intelligent creative power of some sort.”

We’ll give you one last excerpt, and as we do so, it is painfully obvious that this press release was put out by Comfort himself:

The best-selling author and TV co-host, added, “Hawking has violated the unspoken rules of atheism. He isn’t supposed to use words like ‘create’ or even ‘made.’ They necessitate a Creator and a Maker. Neither are you supposed to let out that the essence of atheism is to believe that nothing created everything, because it’s unthinking.


Nor should an atheist speak of gravity as being a ‘law,’ because that also denotes the axiom of a Law-giver. Laws don’t happen by themselves. But look at how careless the professor was, with his, ‘The Big Bang was the result of the inevitable laws of physics and did not need God to spark the creation of the Universe.'”

Hey, that’s right! A scientific “law” requires a law-giver. How could Hawking have missed that?

Faced with such awesome opposition, we predict that Hawking will soon be retracting his book and issuing an apology to the world. It’s the only way he can salvage what little remains of his reputation.

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13 responses to “Food Fight: Ray Comfort v. Stephen Hawking

  1. “A scientific “law” requires a law-giver.”

    Law Givers, Law Givers! I submit myself to the will of Comfort! Help! Law Givers!

  2. Gabriel Hanna

    Self-refuting, adj.. Any statement by Ray Comfort.

    If Ray Comfort ever says “I refute myself”, the universe will collapse.

  3. Common sense tells me that the banana was designed by God to fit my hand.

    There you have it. The perfect package. The lunch box, so to speak.

  4. Not only we have to believe that Comfort’s version of what Hawking said is what Hawking said, we also have to believe that Comfort knows what science is supposed to be better than Hawking.

  5. “Hawking has violated the unspoken rules of atheism.” Really? And he knows that how?

    FYI, I note that Hawking’s book is due out next Tuesday, September 7.
    Amazon is selling it and has A short note about the book from Hawking and 7 reviews by people who have read pre-release copies of the book.

  6. retiredsciguy

    Comfort said, “It is embarrassingly unscientific to speak of anything creating itself from nothing. ”

    So, Ray Comfort, in your opinion, what did God create the universe from? For that matter, what was God created from, and who created Him/Her/It?
    Or was God allowed to create Himself from nothing, because He’s, well, God?

  7. My common sense tells me that Comfort will be attempting to
    make a buck off of Hawkins’ book. His motivation has always
    been obvious…
    Look for his for sale rebuttal. Hawkins should not be tempted to
    respond to such obvious baiting.

  8. And if you violate the unspoken rules of atheism, you must return your key to the atheist washroom and will no longer receive free copies of Unte Reader.

  9. The only debate that Comfort could possibly win with Hawkins is one in which they allow arm wrestling. He refutation of scientific reasoning is childish word play and an appeal to “common sense”.

    If common sense was a legitimate scientific tool, we would have thrown out quantum physics long ago.

  10. Not strictly on point I guess, but does anyone but me think that Comfort and Kirk Cameron are the creepiest gay couple since Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint in Diamonds are Forever?

  11. If common sense was a legitimate scientific tool, we would have thrown out quantum physics long ago.

    “Common sense” is calcified prejudice. Sometimes prejudices are wrong, and sometimes not. It’s science that tells the difference, in the physical world.

  12. Benjamin Franklin

    Ray Comfort is to Stephen Hawking as a candle is to a laser.

  13. Benny,

    No, candles still give light. Comfort tries mischievously to cover the light so nobody can see. But his trying to cover Hawking is like trying to cover the sun with a single thread of a spider’s web, while his followers, the only ones trying to hide under the thread, cheer imagining that the thread is a 500 feet radius steel shield.

    Shorter, Comfort is nothing to Hawking.