New York Senate Primary Election Results: 14 Sep ’10

New York Republican Primary Election Results
For United States Senate

Candidates: Joe DioGuardi, Bruce Blakeman, and David Malpass

The Winner Is: DioGuardi (95% of the vote is in)

Official results NOT reported here: 2010 Primary Election Results

[Update: the polls close in an hour, and the official site hasn’t been set up to provide results. Your best source is probably the Times.]

Results from the New York Times: Primary Results

[Update: Try Fox News: New York Primary.]

THE link in the red box is to the website of the New York State Board of Elections where returns will be posted for the Republican primary election being held on 14 September 2010. The results shown at that link should be dynamically updated, so you can stay up-to-date by keeping the race results open in a separate browser tab.

(As we post this, the Board of Elections page for this primary isn’t set up yet. We’ll fix our link later in the day, as necessary. As a fallback, we added a link to the New York Times where they’ll be posting results.)

This is the primary in which New York Republicans will choose their candidate for the US Senate in November. The winner will run against the current office-holder, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed last year to fill the vacancy left by Hillary Clinton.

The three GOP contenders are: (1) Joe DioGuardi, a former congressman from Westchester County; (2) Bruce Blakeman, a local politician from Long Island; and (3) David Malpass, a former Bear Stearns chief economist.

All three are conservative, but as we posted last month, Blakeman is a flaming ignoramus who says that creationism should be taught in public schools. That’s why we’re watching this election.

Polls open at 6 AM and close at 9 PM. There are no election results available yet, but we wanted to post early so you’d have a place to check for news. When the results are known, we’ll indicate the winner in the red box.

The website of the New York State Board of Elections has a place where all election returns are posted. Go here 2010 Election Results to begin your search if you’re interested in other election contests. (We’ll fix that link if the elections board revises their setup during the day.)

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10 responses to “New York Senate Primary Election Results: 14 Sep ’10

  1. Once again I must admit that, had I been running for office in the ’90s I too – then a mid-career chemist – would have advocated teaching “creationism” along side evolution. Had anyone asked me why, I would have said that, when taught side-by-side, the fatal weaknesses of “creationism” would leave all but the most hopeless ~10% of students accepting evolution, at least as the “better of the two.” But few if any reporters would have asked me that important “why” question, so I likely would have inadvertently misled almost everyone as to my intentions.

    But that was before I learned how intent anti-evolution activists were on misrepresenting evolution and exploiting every misconception of science. All the while not daring to support their own mutually contradictory, long-falsified “theories.”

    Judging from their replies to the “global warming” question, all 3 candidates are much weaker in science than I was in the 90s. Sure it’s possible that the “creationist” candidate is a hopeless Biblical literalist or a new-agey “jury’s still out” type. But he may just be honeslty misled, having learned his “science” from feel-good sound bites instead of the actual literature. New Yorkers owe it to themselves to find out, and not just ass-u-me.

  2. I’ve received multiple robo-calls from all of them and Carl Paladino — and I’m not a registered Republican! Unfortunately, there have been no calls from human beings. If there had been, I would have used this blog for some of the reasons I have, for not voting for them any time in my life. I found that screaming into the phone, “Blakeman is a ______ creationist,” does me no good whatsoever when there is only a recording on the other end.

  3. Ellie: I am a Republican, and I refuse to listen to a sales pitch from a politician of any party. As I often say about elections, it’s when 2 or more salesmen compete for the job of serviceman, and the best salesman wins. If everyone would just look at their records and ignore sales pitches, there’d be no need for campaign finance reform.

  4. What an idiot you are.
    It is not even debatable that creationism is correct.
    Everything has a creator.

  5. Polls just closed. The NY Times link shows that very early returns are starting to come in.

  6. The Fox site shows that 4% of the results are in:

    DioGuardi has 41%
    Malpass has 39%
    Blakeman has 20%

  7. The latest according to Fox site shows that 6% of the results are in. We like the trend:

    DioGuardi has 42%
    Malpass has 39%
    Blakeman has 19%

  8. Now 10% of the vote is in. It’s looking good:

    DioGuardi and Malpass are close, 42% to 38%
    Blakeman, the creationist, has 20%

  9. S, there’s a moon out tonight. Go howl.

  10. It’s just about over. 95% of the vote is in. Same percentages. I’m declaring that Blakeman, the flaming creationist, has flamed out.