Creation Museum Challenges The Time Cube!

Cubic Competitors

FOR years we thought there was nothing on the internet that could compete with The Time Cube. But then we posted Competition for the Time Cube, about a website promoting “The First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentricism.” But that wasn’t serious competition.

Shortly thereafter, a particularly egregious article at a creationist website inspired us to post Answers in Genesis: The Slime Cube.

Little did we know then that Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the creationist genius who brought you the website Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum — was actually engaged in serious competition to supersede the Time Cube’s legendary status on the internet.

We are happy to present to you, dear reader, ol’ Hambo’s cubic challenge: The Creation Museum Cube. The information at that link says:

Use this clever “puzzle” to remember your visit! Both you and your friends will have fun turning the faces of this unique cube to reveal various scenes from throughout the Creation Museum. Colorful, sturdy, and perfect for nearly all ages.

There’s been no decision yet. It takes time for hundreds of millions of internet viewers to reach a consensus. You should carefully examine the strengths and weaknesses (ahem!) of both competitors and reach your own conclusion.

Regardless of how the competition turns out, Hambo’s Cube would be a perfect gift for that special someone this Kitzmas. There’s still time to do your shopping before 20 December.

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6 responses to “Creation Museum Challenges The Time Cube!

  1. What about the “7 C’s Creation Evangelism Cube”? (The 7 C’s being: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.)

  2. Yes, TomS, Hambo’s Creation Evangelism Cube is yet another Cubic Competitor.

  3. 2×2 puzzle cubes? Why bother making that a “puzzle”? Or, is that indicative of the degree of intelligence needed to accept AIG’s line of BS?

  4. It occurs to me that there are six portraits in the blog’s header pic. I could make a Curmudgeon Cube! But I don’t want to compete in that league.

  5. I think they should sell “magic eight balls” (maybe you’re too young to remember them) that had little pithy all-purpose creationist responses that would fit almost any science question. Those would be very popular, even the museum staff could use them. I’m not sure they could be called “magic” balls, though. Maybe “Bible Balls”.

  6. That wouldn’t be too difficult, the Bible Ball would only need one answer – “GODDIDIT”