Discovery Institute Incurs the Wrath of Zeus

NOT long ago we posted Discovery Institute Creationist Revival at SMU, about a pseudo-science indoctrination event sponsored by a church group at Southern Methodist University. There was no press interest in what promised to be a festival of creationism, but according to a paid press release the scheduled date for it was yesterday — 23 September.

Today there are two posts about the event at the blog of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

One of the Discoveroid articles is pretty much the fluff-and-puff piece we would expect: Standing Room Only Crowd Treated to Serious Discussion of the Scientific Demise of Darwinism. The movie was wonderful, the audience was thrilled, the creationist speakers were brilliant, etc.

The other Discoveroid article is more interesting: Cyber Attacks Attempt to Shut Down Discovery Institute’s Websites on Day of Event Challenging Darwinism. It’s by John West (whom we affectionately call “Westie”). He’s not only a “Senior Fellow,” he’s also Associate Director of the Discoveroids’ Center for Science and Culture, which consumes almost half of the Discoveroids’ $4 million budget (see Their 2007 Tax Return). That makes Westie one of the chief Keepers of their notorious wedge strategy.

Also — and this is very important — Westie is a winner of the Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award. One of our recent posts about Westie’s creationist efforts describes how he’s been Workin’ in the Quote Mine. With that introduction, we present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from Westie’s newest blog article, with bold added by us:

Since early this morning, the pro-intelligent design Discovery Institute has faced repeated denial-of-service attacks on its server in an effort to shut down the Institute’s various websites. The attacks coincided with the scheduled appearance tonight of Institute-supported scientists at the “4 Nails in Darwin’s Coffin” event at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas. Want to bet there is a connection?

Wowie — a cyber attack! We wonder who Westie suspects is responsible. Let’s read on:

Because of the cyber attacks, the web page providing information about tonight’s event was unavailable several times today.

No problem. They can always pay for some more press releases. With the press’s lack of interest in the Discoveroids’ creation “science,” that seems to be the way they get the word out these days. We continue:

Last fall, Darwinist cyber bullies similarly attempted to close down the website for a conference on intelligent design in Colorado in order to prevent people from registering for the event. Fortunately, more than a thousand people showed up anyway.

We reported about that twice — here: Brave Struggle Against All Odds, and then here: Fools Flock to Creationist Revival Meeting. This is how Westie’s article ends:

The more Darwinists resort to these sort of thuggish tactics to close down free discussion, the more fair-minded people are going to wonder why some Darwinists are so insecure that they don’t think they can prevail unless they shut down anyone who disagrees with them.

Westie blames the Discoveroids’ website problems on “Darwinist cyber bullies” who are both “thuggish” and “insecure.” There’s as much evidence for that as there is for their magical mystery Designer.

Your Curmudgeon, however, knows better. Those cyber attacks are clearly a warning from mighty Zeus, ruler of the gods on Mount Olympus. It is Zeus alone who wields the thunder and lightning, and that is the principal cause of internet downtime.

Take heed, Westie — the immortal gods don’t approve of your heretical creationism.

Update: SMU Reacts to Creationist Revival Meeting.

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3 responses to “Discovery Institute Incurs the Wrath of Zeus

  1. Of course they were Darwinian cyber hackers who threw the DOS smackdown on the DI.

    Their hit counter went from 10 hits/day to 5. Cyber Attack!!!!!

    What West doesn’t know about biology he more than makes up for his lack of knowledge about technology.

    I wonder why his headline didn’t read, “Christian Cyber Hackers Shut Down DI Website!” My uninformed opinion is that the “hackers,” if there were any, came from the flaming liberal nest-of-atheists university SMU.

    Hacking for Jesus, oh yeah!

  2. It IS a remarkable coincidence that these problems occur at the same time as numerous people are seeking information at an event that day. One would almost think that perhaps all those enquiries exceeded their bandwidth…nah, it must be insecure Darwinist hackers – yeah, that’s it…

  3. How do they know that the Designer isn’t responsible? Lord knows, the designer works in mysterious ways, and that any idiocy that fits evolution and not “design” can be fobbed off as a “theological concern” (gee, I wonder where they get the “theology” aspect, since our actual point is that life doesn’t appear to be designed like humans would do, and they think it’s about theology, which makes me wonder if possibly it is–for them).

    So of course it’s as likely to be the Designer messing with their website as designing P. falciparum to cause pain, suffering, and death for little children. I know that if I incompetently designed those jerks I wouldn’t be pleased with them.