Ken Ham Gets a Quick $1K

This is about a blog article by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the genius who brought you the website Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

The title of this delightful piece is Another Caleb. We’ll be brief here, as there’s not much to say after we’ve told you what happened The bold font was added by us:

The Caleb described in the Bible (in the books of Joshua and Deuteronomy) was one of the great warriors of the faith who “wholly followed the Lord God.” Oh that there would be more Calebs in the world today!

Where is this thing going? Let’s read on:

I did meet another Caleb recently: a young Caleb who is zealous for following the Lord.

We can’t wait to hear more. Let’s continue:

Caleb Elliott is a remarkable young man. Only at 13 years of age, he spent 2–3 years mowing lawns, pulling weeds, mulching, etc. to earn enough money ($1,000) —

We interrupt to say that Caleb sounds like a good kid. Now let’s get back to that sentence to find out what happened to Caleb’s earnings:

to get a lifetime pass to our Creation Museum.

What? Here’s more:

Now, Caleb could have used a guest museum pass that belongs to his parents (they are museum charter members and thus have a lifetime pass with guest passes) to visit the museum as many times as he wanted, but he wanted to have his own lifetime pass (and its associated guest passes, for his friends to use).

There’s more, if you want to learn about Caleb’s family. But you’ve already read the important part. Ol’ Hambo scored a fast $1K, and he got it from a kid’s lawn-mowing money. Truly, this is a story with a happy ending.

Isn’t creationism grand?

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12 responses to “Ken Ham Gets a Quick $1K

  1. Well, I guess my son will still be fighting this battle when he’s 38.

  2. Just when you may of thought Ham could not go any lower.

    Definitely a sociopath……bet he abused koala bears in his youth
    Begging and conning 13 year olds to pay his bills. Stinks

  3. Charley Horse says:

    Just when you may of thought Ham could not go any lower.

    I’m sure he can go lower. But he may not blog about it.

  4. Well, it fits right in with the “concept” that children should be the ones deciding what science is, by learning rot along with good science, with no biasing toward the good science. Because, of course, uneducated youngsters are as well-equipped to understand the differences between pseudoscience and real science as Hammy cares for anyone to be.

    So why not take $1000 from a minor? It’s no worse than a drug dealer would do, although creationism is more likely to damage good thinking than are most drugs.

  5. Makes you wonder where little Caleb’s parents are, but, lo and behold, we do know! They have Lifetime Passes themselves.

    What Caleb will learn out of this (well, nothing, he’s too young to remember after he becomes an adult) is that he can buy his way into Heaven. Yes, doing the “Lord’s work” by giving $1000 to a con man. Nice.

    Not that I’m griping about the money, mind you. At that age I would have spent it on comic books.

  6. I had a paper route at about that age… I did spend my money on comic books (not to mention science-fiction paperbacks, records, model kits…). I think I made no better investment in enjoyment and entertainment — not to mention the fact that in later life when times were tuff I made some much-needed extra money with some professional work at the fringes of the comic-book and science-fiction fields. These days, a kid might opt for an Xbox instead. A look at Ham’s posting, though, shows that the kid’s parents are themsleves deeply immersed in that subculture, and poor Caleb probably knows nothing else. I think it’s shameless and despicable for Ham to take a kid’s money like that. The parents *already* have lifetime passes — the kid isn’t getting anything he doesn’t already have for the dough!

  7. Wait… didn’t you see “Can’t Buy Me Love”? That kid spent $1000 to buy a new leather outfit for a popular girl in exchange for her making him popular. He earned the $$$$ by mowing lawns.

    This kid probably has a girl-angle somewhere. Teenage boys are like that.

    😀 LOL!

  8. There’s one born every minute.

  9. Ah, to be that young and foolish again.

  10. You’re blaming creationism for this? Wow. Maybe watch out for this kid…He might be your boss someday.

  11. Right. Goodbye, R. Fernhout.

  12. techreseller

    As much as I do not like it, I blame the parents. They could have, and should have dissuaded the boy from spending his money that way. There may even be a silver lining in all of this. If the kid figures out what a scam Ham is running, that kid will be pissed. One pissed off customer spreading the word offsets 50 happy customers.