Creationism & Nebraska State School Board

Nebraska has a State Board of Education with 8 members. District 7 is the entire western half of the state.

According to the North Platte Telegraph of North Platte, Nebraska, two candidates for the Board — Cindi Allen and Molly O’Holleran — were questioned at a meeting of the Western Nebraska Taxpayers Association.

In Education issues debated we are told that, among other issues which don’t concern us, the candidates were asked “Did we descend from monkeys?” The stupidity of the question is equaled, perhaps exceeded, by the candidates’ answers.

“No, we didn’t descend from monkeys,” Cindi Allen responded. “We were created.”

Okay, now we know where Cindi stands on this important issue in Nebraska. What about Molly O’Holleran? Here’s her answer:

Some people believe in Creationism and some in evolution, Give the students facts and let them have those conversations with their family. I’m not going to blame anyone for their opinion because that’s their right as an American.

What did she say? Can you figure it out? We get her point that people have the right to be creationists. Everyone knows that. People also have the right to be witches or to practice voodoo. But what does Molly herself think about human origins, and what should the schools teach? She gives no clue. We must assume that she has no clue.

So there you are, dear reader. Western Nebraska’s next Board of Education member will either be Cindi (a flat-out creationist), or Molly (a clueless woman) who is probably a stealth creationist.

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4 responses to “Creationism & Nebraska State School Board

  1. I believe in Intelligent Falling, that is, objects are pulled to the earth by the great god, Faal. We should teach this to schoolchildren, along with Newton’s Laws of Motion, let them go home and discuss it with their parents.

    After all, Newton’s Laws aren’t real laws. They’re just guidelines.

    USA! USA! We’re Number One!

  2. If you want to bring up a topic that the parents are really interested in, try this:

    We should be open to alternative theories of football. After all, it is only a theory that the team with the most points should be the winner. Etc.

  3. Three cheers for Molly! For once, a politician was asked a question about something of which she has no expertise, and she didn’t try to fake it or render an opinion.

  4. How about scrapping school boards? Or just making a law saying you have to actually be an education expert to be a member? Or even just some form of relevant qualification to do the job?

    See Im a big one for democracy, but democracy and education decisions dont mix…. as you dont seem to have learned yet.

    Carry on pissing budgets up the wall on this demo-crazy system….or change it.

    Its not just your tax dollars you are wasting…its your kids futures.