Illinois Governor’s Race: Brady Is Still Crazy

Illinois gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady

“Give thanks to God, Brighton, that when he made you a fool, he gave you a fool’s face.”

We used that picture and caption once before. The red text comes from Lawrence of Arabia, in the scene where those memorable words were spoken by the sheikh of the Huwaytat Bedouin warriors, Auda abu Tayi (Anthony Quinn) to Colonel Harry Brighton (Anthony Quayle).

Brady, a flaming creationist, is the Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois. His opponent, current Democrat Governor Pat Quinn, is also a fool — but he’s a left-wing fool. Such are the choices voters are being given these days. Because both candidates are ridiculous, we’ll limit our discussion to Brady’s creationism. At least that’s entertaining.

In the Chicago Sun-Times we read Brady OK with schools opting to teach creationism instead of evolution . Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill Brady said Tuesday he would not stand in the way of a public school board should it want to teach creationism instead of evolution.

I believe knowledge is power, and I believe local school districts should establish the curriculum when it comes to those things,” Brady told the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board in a wide-ranging interview session with running mate Jason Plummer.

Yes, knowledge is power. But stupid with power is too terrible to contemplate. Let’s read on:

Brady was asked repeatedly about his personal views on intelligent design.

My knowledge and my faith leads me to believe in both evolution and creationism,” he said. “I believe God created the earth, and it evolved.”

Brady isn’t the only ignoramus in the race. Let’s hear from his far-left Democrat opponent:

Gov. Quinn’s campaign said Brady’s position on evolution and his comfort in allowing local school districts to decide whether to teach it or creationism is not favored by a majority of Illinoisans. “I think it’s way out of step with Illinois voters,” Quinn running mate Sheila Simon said.

Hey, it doesn’t matter what the voters think about Noah’s Ark. Reality isn’t decided in political contests.

Well, that’s the news about the Illinois Governor’s race. It really isn’t news that Brady is still a creationist and Quinn is still a far-left Dem, but it’s good to be reminded that both candidates continue to be absurd. Remember — we’re talking about Illinois, so no one should be surprised.

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4 responses to “Illinois Governor’s Race: Brady Is Still Crazy

  1. cnocspeireag

    Writing that Brady and Quinn are fools is equivalent to saying that I and Tiger Woods are both golfers.
    While Quinn may or may not have uttered snippets of minor foolishness, Brady is undoubtedly world class.

  2. Brady: “My knowledge and my faith leads me to believe in both evolution and creationism,” he said. “I believe God created the earth, and it evolved.”

    In all fairness, no one who is in-on-the-scam would use those words, so he might not be beyond hope. I too may have said something like that before I learned how anti-science activists operate. And I did once advocate teaching “creationism and evolution,” back when I naively thought that those activits would fairly compare a well-supported explanation with one that has failed all the tests, instead of just misrepresenting the well-supported one.

    We pro-science conservatives could either attempt to educate these people who learn their “science” from feel-good sound bites, or just find more science-literate conservative candidates. Unfortunatunately I see far too little of either. Neither job is easy, but both pro-science people and conservatives like a challenge, and believe in personal responsibility. What are we waiting for? A socialist state or a theocracy?

  3. ““My knowledge and my faith leads me to believe in both evolution and creationism,” he [Brady] said.”

    This just in: politician panders to all sides. News at 11.

  4. its time for a real change, lets give the green party guy a chance. l have been a republican all my life i have been working for the state of illinois for 20 years and in that time my job has been threatened several times because of the corrupt government of this state by both the republicans and democrats. i am a father and husband, i work in public safety. if you work for the state you know what i mean. for thoughs who don’t you can’t understand or know the amount of mental stress this states government put’s on their staff. when i took my job i had no idea of the amount of political garbage i would be facing. the constant threats of being lay’d off, no pention, dealing with an incompetent administration, the list goes on. working for the state is not like what most think. the political machine always try’s to use the back of the state worker to meet their own adgenda, and fool the general public. well, i also am apart of the general public. illinois politics as we know it, suck’s. and it has for years.