Creationism & the Ohio State School Board

In The Blade, a daily newspaper in Toledo, Ohio we read an editorial, the headline of which announces State education board: Walter. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Four years ago, Ohio’s State Board of Education was divided by a contentious debate between proponents of evolution and supporters of “intelligent design.” Board members eventually voted to end attempts to reinstate “critical analysis” of evolution, which was seen by many observers as an opening to teach creationism in the state’s science curriculum.

That’s a good reminder of the role Ohio once played in The Controversy between evolution and creationism. Their 2006 state school board elections corrected the situation, just as happened that same year in Kansas after the more famous Kansas evolution hearings. As Wikipedia reminds us in this article: Critical Analysis of Evolution:

In 2002 as Ohio reviewed its science curriculum it was intensively lobbied by the Discovery Institute, including Johnson and Dembski, to include “intelligent design theory”. … Intelligent design proponents then adopted a new “Teach the Controversy” strategy, and a model lesson plan was prepared including links to Discovery Institute websites and a reference to the book Icons of Evolution by Jonathan Wells, an advocate of intelligent design.

That’s the historical background. Now back to The Blade:

That debate should remind voters to choose carefully who will represent them on the 19-member board. District 2, which includes Lucas, Wood, Erie, Huron, and Lorain counties and parts of Ottawa and Seneca counties, has two credible candidates in the nonpartisan election, Pam Haynam and Joe Walter.

Kathleen McGervey, a civil engineer from Avon who supported the controversial science mandate [that is, the Discoveroids’ proposal], is making her second attempt to win the seat.

Aha! McGervey wants to bring back the old “Teach the Controversy!” days. Let’s read on:

The Blade recommends the election of JOE WALTER.

They go on to say that Walter is a fireman who is currently a member of the state legislature. He has limited experience in education, but The Blade thinks he’s okay.

We don’t know about Walter, but Kathleen McGervey seems to be a throwback from the bad old days. That’s all we can say about this one.

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One response to “Creationism & the Ohio State School Board

  1. That’s a good reminder of the role Ohio once played in The Controversy between evolution and creationism.

    Still plays – Ohio is home to the seemingly unending