Contest #3: Discovery Institute, Dregs of ___?

Is it possible that Casey and your Curmudgeon are somehow supernaturally synchronized? Yesterday we posted Premature Climax?, about what we’ve been calling the Darwin’s Dilemma Exhibition Case.

And today there’s an article about that same litigation at the blog of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

We therefore feel compelled to present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from An Enclave of Intolerance: Anti-Intelligent Design Pressure from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. It’s by Casey Luskin, our favorite creationist. We have so much admiration for the lad that we recently announced Casey Luskin Is Named a Curmudgeon Fellow.

In his latest posting, Casey describes some more email he obtained as a result of some Records Act litigation. See: Discovery Institute Finds “Viewpoint Discrimination”. This material has given him an inside look at how rational people think about the activities of Discoveroids. Such information must be very disquieting for someone with Casey’s well-known sensitivity, which we’ve previously documented — see Hey Casey!

In his latest blog article, Casey reveals that he’s uncovered what he calls “An Enclave of Intolerance.” He says, with bold font added by us:

A major reason that the California Science Center (CSC) ultimately cancelled its contract with the American Freedom Alliance (AFA) to show a pro-intelligent design film was pressure from museums — both nearby and far away — to distance itself from anything associated with intelligent design (ID).

He then describes some email chit-chat among the personnel of various science museums concerning the scheduled creationist movie, including one from someone he identifies as “Jody Martin, an evolutionary biologist who studies crustaceans at NHMLAC [Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County]”. Let’s read on:

Obviously Martin himself is intolerant of ID. But it’s important to understand what’s going on here at a deeper level. What we see in this enclave in Los Angeles encompassing CSC and NHMLAC is a culture of intolerance. Not only are individual science museum staff opposed to ID, but they are committed to enforcing a rule preventing others in the community from doing anything that would lend support to ID.

How horrible! Casey now realizes that although he and his Discoveroid colleagues are leading society to a wondrous new world of creationist brilliance, they’re threatened by an enclave — a veritable viper’s nest — of intolerance. Casey’s article continues:

More importantly, Martin is not alone in his mindset; it reflects the culture in this enclave. He undoubtedly expresses the sentiments that many local evolutionists, including those at CSC [California Science Center], would have if AFA’s event [the creationist movie exhibition] had gone forward. They would view it as causing “damage” to the “reputation” of the CSC. These are the same fears the CSC cited in ultimately canceling AFA’s event.

Casey’s post goes on and on, as the evil in the “enclave” of evolutionists becomes almost more than his sensitive nature can endure. He finishes with this:

No doubt CSC was under immense pressure to cancel [the creationist movie]. In this case, the pressure stemmed from a culture of intolerance that cared nothing for First Amendment protections of freedom of speech and prohibitions of government discrimination against certain viewpoints.

Having read Casey’s article, your Curmudgeon is inspired. According to Casey, the science museums constitute “an enclave of intolerance” that exists in a world where everyone else accepts the “science” of creationism. That seems just a little bit upside-down to us. Which worldview is really the oddity here?

Your Curmudgeon sees this as an opportunity. Accordingly, we throw open the comments section so that you, dear reader, may describe things from a different perspective. We invite you to complete this expression:

The Discoveroids are the dregs of _____.
(You can substitute something else instead of “dregs.”)

You know the rules: Enter the contest as many times as you wish, but you must avoid profanity, vulgarity, childish anatomical analogies, etc. Also, avoid slanderous statements about individuals. Your Curmudgeon will decide if there’s a winner, and if we end this thing we’ll announce who the winner is.

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15 responses to “Contest #3: Discovery Institute, Dregs of ___?

  1. I was just reading Casey’s latest whine. Let’s summarize:

    ID is science. Didn’t work.
    Balanced treatment. Didn’t work.
    Teach the controversy. Didn’t work.
    Academic freedom. Didn’t work.
    Viewpoint discrimination. A didn’t work in progress.

    So, they’ve gone from ID being science to ID being an opinion. Actually, I think they’re finally on to something. ID is an opinion. Kinda catchy.

  2. The Discoveroids are the dregs of creation, surely?

  3. cnocspeireag, that’s the spirit!

  4. Casey just has to quote from emails illustrating how the scientific community in LA was concerned about the CSC’s reputation, and even quoting scientists as calling ID religion in disguise. What does he think he’s accomplishing? He’s demonstrating to his readers just how little the experts in the field think of DI, and how universal that opinion seems to be….

    Controversy? What controversy? There sure doesn’t seem to be one in LA, at least according to Casey.

    I can’t come up with a witty entry in your contest, but I have often noticed that Discoveroid and Hemorrhoid rhyme very nicely, and both are a real pain in the a$$.

  5. Ed says:

    Controversy? What controversy? There sure doesn’t seem to be one in LA, at least according to Casey.

    You don’t understand! That’s not how it is at all. Don’t be confused by a Darwinist enclave!

  6. If the CSC represents an “enclave of intolerance” then the Discoveroids must be an “autoclave of ignorance”. Step inside, press the button, and you will be sterilized of all traces of intelligence, common sense, and objectivity.

  7. The Discoveroids are the dregs of the cdesign proponentsists.

  8. Dese guys ain’t interested in convincing us or anyone else who has a clue about Evolution. We won’t be the one’s buying the books, tapes and DVD’s

  9. The Discoveroids are the dregs of all Design processes.

    The Discoveroids are the dregs of reaction.

    The Discoveroids are the dregs of primate evolution.

    The Dicoveroids are the dregs of the sediment filtering down the left side of the IQ bell curve.

    The Discoveroids are the dregs of a cheap table (or revival) whine.

    The Discoveroids are the dregs of Godwinesque projecting opinion now masquerading as pseudoscience (thx Doc Bill).

  10. … but you must avoid profanity, vulgarity, childish anatomical analogies, etc.

    Oh sure, make me work without my best material.
    Here goes …

    In the courtroom the le-gal-ese begs
    ‘Cause ID is a lie that’s got legs
    Casey says “In-tol-er-ance End!”
    Court: “Sorry, no leave to amend.”
    The Dis-cov-roids are everthing’s dregs!

    Terrible meter, and the whole thing is a bit forced – which is sort of like ID – so maybe it works after all?

  11. Ed, Absolutely I was thinking along the same lines. How quick the DI is to throw their own reputation under the bus to make a point and win just one court case. They are practically saying that they have such a bad reputation, and that scientific community wants nothing to do with them, and this is why they get discriminated against. Oh boo hoo hoo. Poor DI.
    Casey never seems to want to talk about the real issue here and that is that the DI conspired with the AFA to break the contract. Does anyone think they will settle the case before trial?

  12. Marcus asks:

    Does anyone think they will settle the case before trial?

    If this were a normal piece of commercial litigation, and things were looking bad, sure they’d settle. But this isn’t normal commercial litigation. The creationists are on a mission. They’ll probably go to trial, and if they lose — especially on their “viewpoint discrimination” claims, I think they’ll appeal.

  13. The Discoveroids are the dregs of all breathtakingly inane pseudoscience.

    Compared to the DI, the Old-Earth Biblical Creationist organization “Reasons to Believe” is downright respectable. RTB is no fan of the trash propaganda in “Expelled.” Granted, they backpedaled a bit, but they still held their ground by refusing to pathetically whine about being “expelled” by the big, bad “Darwinists.” Even the YEC outfits command more respect about (1) being honest about their motives and (2) daring to make testable hypotheses about their own “theory.” The DI, in contrast, is the very bottom of not just anti-evolution propaganda, but stiving to be the “central pseudoscience.”

    Before anyone celebrates, however, they have what I think is potentially the most successful strategy to mislead the “masses” in this age where information is readily available, but most people lack the time, interest ot both to seek it out. Any wonder why they are so obsessed with peddling their nonsense to a captive audience of young people, where there will be little chance of a true critical analysis?

  14. Let me try:

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the sedimentary deposit of anti-scientific unreason.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the special creation of Christian fundamentalism.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the sorry story of Christian apologetics.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are an inferior complex of Science Enviers.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the ongoing Freudian slip of the Marx-Darwin-&-Freud-will-destroy-civilisation brigade.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the tell-tale heart of Poe’s Law.

    The Disco ‘Tuties are the God-‘Winners’ of Nazi accusations.

  15. The Discoveroids are the dregs … end of.

    The Discoveroids are the Axis of Stupidity.

    The Dicoveroids are a shower of … sorry it just breaks down there….Im English and we use swearing as punctuation. Every word that follows that opening line involves bodily functions and private parts…. cant help it Im afraid.