Another Florida Creationist for Congress

The last one of these we wrote about was here: Creationist in Florida Congressional Race. That creationist was Hernando County Sheriff Richard Nugent, the Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s Fifth District.

Now we’ve found another — this time it’s in Florida’s 24th Congressional District. In the Orlando Sentinel we read Sandy Adams dismisses evolution in favor of ‘the biblical teachings’. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

If elected to Congress, state Rep. Sandy Adams said she would dig deep to find the origins of the federal deficit. Less certain is how far the Oviedo Republican would look to find the origins of the species.

Oh boy! Let’s read on:

During a campaign telephone town hall meeting last week, Adams appeared to discount the theory of evolution, outlined by Charles Darwin about 150 years ago. A caller … asked Adams if she believed in evolution. “I’m Christian. What else do you want to know?” she responded, sounding uncomfortable. When asked again, she replied, “I’m Christian. I believe in the biblical terms of how we came about.”

Isn’t that great? Here’s her campaign website: Sandy Adams for Congress. Strangely, her party affiliation isn’t mentioned, at least we couldn’t see it there; but yeah — she’s a Republican.

The news article mentions that while serving in the state legislature, Adams voted for Florida’s creationism legislation back in 2008, but fortunately it never became law. She’s hard core indeed!

Adams’ opponent is the incumbent now representing that district. She’s Democrat U.S. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach, who reportedly accepts the theory of evolution. Here’s her campaign website: Suzanne Kosmas for Congress. There’s no mention of the Obama legislative agenda at all, so we assume (but don’t know) that she eagerly supported all of it.

Tough choice. They’re all tough choices.

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7 responses to “Another Florida Creationist for Congress

  1. “I’m Christian. I believe in the biblical terms of how we came about.”

    Once again, I doubt that anyone will ask her the good questions. Given how she spun it, I would immediately ask: “So are you saying that Pope John Paul II is not a Christian?”

    A radical fundamentalist Protestant who’s not pandering for votes might say “yes” without hesitating. But without knowing anything about her other than her being a politician, I suspect that she would either say “no” or try to evade the question. If she said “no,” then I’d say “Then you have no problem with a Christian church leader admitting that no other explanation of origins, including the mutually contradictory ‘literal’ interpretations of Genesis, is supported by a ‘convergence, neither sought nor fabricated’ of evidence?”

  2. Our old friend, Andrew Kidd pointed me to the modern Whig party yesterday. Seems more and more like that is the place to go. The RATs are a bunch of fascists and the GOP is really trying to turn into the God Only Party.

  3. satchmodog, I hadn’t heard of the modern Whig party. There’s a wikipedia article on them. Third party voters tend to take votes from one of the two main parties, so they can play the Ross Perot role. Not necessarily a great idea. I donno.

  4. Mudgie, I know the third party thing takes votes away and that is a real conundrum. What really chaps my ass is how the two parties have colluded to destroy all competition and we are left with s*** and manure. Wonderful choices. They set the agenda, not us and that is so antithetical to the vision of our founders.
    The American people have been sold out by two virtually unaccountable parties. Sure, we get all mad and bothered, vote against a party now and then, but the corrupt system is still in place.
    If we have any hope of leaving anything other than a steaming pile of dun to our children, we need to get more parties involved. Right now the American people do not vote, we take sides. Look at how many union members vote for leftist unions when they do not believe in the message. On the other side of the coin, there are huge numbers of republicans who hold their noses and vote for the GOD party.
    I have even witness rational people defending creationism as a knee jerk reaction to leftists attacking a fellow republican on his fairy tale beliefs.
    Like I said, we take sides and that is not how it was supposed to be.
    The consent of the governed needs to be first and foremost.
    It is a terrible situation. I hate being lumped in with anti-intellectuals and bronze age morons.
    What to do?

  5. I agree with the C…splitting voters is dumb.

    If you want to get the Reps back on track you need to work from within, not split the party like the insane Tea Baggers are doing. Get reasoned candidates voted in to run the races, tell the party bigwigs that they play ball and stop with the stupidity or they loose your vote.

    One of the main issues with the Reps tho is the way they are funded. When right wing church groups pay the bills they dictate the platform. How you end their influence is beyond me.

    Good luck taking your party back.

    Im off to fight the buckle hats on my own turf, we have our own seeker scum to stamp out.

  6. Satchmodog: “…the GOP is really trying to turn into the God Only Party.”

    And only that pathetic god of the radical fundamentalists who hides unsucessfully in “gaps” and often gets caught by his/her/its own creation. Not the God of mainstream Judeo-Christian religions. I don’t think the GOP is so much trying to do that as much as allowing it to happen, due to some combination of fear (of losing votes), laziness or indifference.

    It frustrates me to no end that the party that most advocates personal responsibility kowtows to those who demand handouts in the form of having taxpayers pay for students to learn (1) what has not earned the right to be taught, and (2) which they can already learn on their parents’ dime.

  7. Frank, well put. How can one want the schools defunded and demand creationsim be taught all in the same breath? I would also add that a great number of the God squaders are nothing more than southern democrats who fled their party during the Reagan years and more recently over religion. Zero could not have won the election without these people. A large number of the Talibornagain are nothing but grabbers who turned to religion to help soothe some of lifes ills. Many are disabled or life’s losers who went the god route to have some sort of purpose in life. THe unemployed/underemployed lazy populist fundie is a perfect target for a government that wants to give away free goodies. Only the truly strict right wingers are hell bent on their rigid positions. The others talk out of both sides of their rectums.