Kansas Creationist School Board Update 27 Oct ’10

We thought we had already said what needed to be said about the pending elections for the Kansas State Board of Education. See Kansas Drops Out of the Evolution Controversy. And as a reminder of what’s at stake, see Kansas Flashback: The Crazy Days.

We’ve previously noted that one of the candidates for re-election, Janet Waugh, had voted to toss out the creationist science standards that had been adopted in the crazy days, and that was good enough for us. But we didn’t pay any attention to Waugh’s opposition. We have some news about that today.

At the website of the Kansas City Star we read Two vie for post on Kansas Education Board. They don’t like people copying their content, so we’ll just give you a summary of what they have to say.

Waugh’s election race is in the 1st District. You can read a little bit about her (and good ol’ Kathy Martin) at the website of the Kansas State Board of Education. This is Janet’s campaign website.

Janet’s opponent is someone named Willie Dove — a delightful name. Here’s Willie’s campaign website. The page of biographical information is interesting. His wife’s name is Sunday Dove. Politics is often like theater, but this is beyond Hollywood.

Okay, so what’s the creationism news here? We already decided that we like Janet, but we didn’t have any information about her opponent. Now we do.

According to the Kansas City Star, Janet believes that evolution should be taught in science class, and creationism could have a place elsewhere, for example, in a class on comparative religion. Fair enough. What does Willie Dove think?

Willie supports teaching alternatives to evolution, but he wouldn’t be specific as to whether those alternatives belong in science class. What he did say on that subject was this — and at the risk upsetting the Kansas City Star, we’ll quote Willie:

“It’s a very hot potato right now, and for me to have a real definite answer, I would have to go back and look at some information.”

That’s all the news we have on Willie Dove and creationism, dear reader. Perhaps he’ll figure it out before the election — or maybe he never will. Anyway, we still recommend Janet Waugh.

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3 responses to “Kansas Creationist School Board Update 27 Oct ’10

  1. An elected official having to look at some information? Someone being elected to an education policy-making body being required to bone up on educational policy?

    Perish the thought!

  2. retiredsciguy

    Willie Dove says,
    “It’s a very hot potato right now, and for me to have a real definite answer, I would have to go back and look at some information.”

    What a politician! Translation — “Before I express my personal views, I need to see what percentage of the electorate is pro-creationist.”

  3. Gabriel Hanna

    Sunday Dove is a delightful name. The nicest I’ve heard since Picabo Street.