Have a Jack Chick Halloween

Yes, dear reader, this holiday weekend is the ideal opportunity for you to spend some time with Jack Chick.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Creationist Comic Books from Jack Chick, you ought to be. That’s where at least 25% of the American population get their science education.

But there’s more to Chick’s lifetime work than creationism. Much more! He’s an expert on geology, astronomy, biology, and theology. Who could forget the thrill of reading about Jack Chick on Dinosaur Extinction?

For your weekend pleasure, we’re reminding you about Chick’s comics on Halloween. We recently told you about one New Jack Chick Comic for Halloween. But there are others. Here’s the whole list so you to enjoy them online.

Happy Halloween
The Little Ghost
Stinky (We wrote about this one before.)

If that’s too grim, how about one on Sodom and Gomorrah: Doom Town. It’s certain to lift your spirits.

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2 responses to “Have a Jack Chick Halloween

  1. Curmudgeon: “That’s where at least 25% of the American population get their science education.”

    Maybe 25% get their science “education” from there directly, but at least 75% get their science “education” at least indirectly from that and other sources that are full of misleading but feel-good sound bites. And that ~75% inludes many who claim to accept evolution, have no problem giving anti-evolution activists “equal time” with science education. Actually it may be closer to 95% that forgets what little evolution they learned in school within a few years and replaces it with a common false caricature.

  2. I know many, many witches. Halloween is not a ‘sacred night’.

    It is one of the eight major celebrations (though which it is depends on which hemisphere you are in).

    Of course, the Christians pretty much stole all the pagan holidays, renamed them, and changed the dates slightly… but that’s OK.

    I don’t know any satanists.