Texas State School Board Results: Nov 2010

Our last post about the continuing creationist soap opera in Texas was Texas State School Board Choices: Nov 2010. The results are now in, so let’s see what happened.

Here are some excerpts from the San Antonio Express-News in which we read: SBOE Still Slants Republican. The bold font was added by us:

Republicans apparently will keep two key seats on the State Board of Education in Tuesday’s election, but Texans could see a more moderate tone in the makeup of the new board.

We’ve written about those “two key seats” before. In the first of those races, for the seat in District 5, Rebecca Bell-Metereau was challenging Ken “Dog-Cat” Mercer. We previously wrote Beauty & the Beast about that contest. The San Antonio Express-News says:

Incumbent Ken Mercer, R-San Antonio, appeared headed to a decisive victory over Texas State University professor Rebecca Ball Metereau …

Too bad; we like Rebecca. Now that Don McLeroy, the creationist dentist, was defeated in a primary, and Cynthia Dunbar announced her retirement, Mercer is probably the most rabid member of the remaining theocratic creationist bloc.

The other of the “two key seats” won by Republicans was in District 10. About that one we had written: Marsha Farney or Judy Jennings? The San Antonio Express-News says that Republican Marsha Farney appears to be winning. This is the seat currently held by Dunbar, and Farney — although somewhat ambiguous about evolution — will be a definite improvement. Compared to Dunbar, almost anyone would have been an improvement.

The San Antonio Express-News also informs us that Democrat Michael Soto won in District 3. He’s okay on science education. We’re also told:

In a potential upset, veteran Democrat incumbent René Nuñez of El Paso trailed GOP challenger Carlos Garza of El Paso with about half of the votes tallied.

We haven’t followed that one, so we don’t know what it means.

All in all, with McLeroy and Dunbar leaving at the end of the year, the board’s biggest remaining problem will be Mercer. But without enough theocrats and creationists remaining on the board, he may not be all that troublesome.

But then, who knows? The Texas Governor appoints the board chairman, and the Governor just got re-elected. See Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Insane? Maybe Perry will appoint Mercer chairman when the next opportunity arises. Anything can happen in Texas. We’ll be watching.

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5 responses to “Texas State School Board Results: Nov 2010

  1. Texas, alas, is a land of extremes on all ends, not just on the right. If Bell-Merteau and Jennings understood their audiences better and tried talking with them instead coming off as carpetbaggers from the Kos wing of the Democratic party, they may have had a chance. Texas’ only hope is that either a pro-science, pro-evolution Republican beats Mercer and Farney in the next primaries, or that the Modern Whig party becomes a major force by the time they roll by.

  2. Garza beat Nunez, 51% to 49%, with all the precincts counted.

    Marsha Farney may not be too bad, she has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Texas, and her career has been in a variety of education roles in the public schools. Her slogan was that she was a “reasonable republican”.

  3. Beats ibuprofen for certain headaches.

    At least sense isn’t likely to be outlawed in Texas any time soon.

  4. With Little Lord McLeroy and Dunbar out of the way, there may be a testosterone contest between Cat-dog Mercer and David “Babu” Bradley for the fringe leadership. But then again, Babu may not want any attention since he has the ~ $20 billion textbook fund under his control.

  5. Texas’ only hope is that either a pro-science, pro-evolution Republican beats Mercer and Farney in the next primaries….

    I don’t understand Mercer’s appeal, but he defeated Tim Tuggey, who was supported by major business leaders, in the GOP primary. After that, I figured Rebecca didn’t stand a chance (apologies to Dr. Bell-Metereau).

    Farney was actually the spoiler for Cynthia Dunbar’s hand-picked successor, Brian Russell, in the GOP primary. Thomas Ratliff, who defeated Don McLeroy, spoke highly of her on his Facebook page. She’s far, far from a liberal, but has said evolution doesn’t threaten her faith, and is actually a qualified educator. So this gives me hope that she will not be part of the theocrat faction.

    Garza, on the other hand, is endorsed by the anti-evolution side. That was a win for the bad guys.