Jason Lisle Speaks, Student Freaks

This is a tricky topic, because we’re not exactly clear about what happened. It could be a story with a happy ending, or it could be, as our title suggests, a most distressing occurrence.

You know all about Jason Lisle, Ph.D., the creationist astrophysicist employed by Answers in Genesis. If you need some background on him, see our recent post on Jason Lisle’s “Instant Starlight” Paper.

Well, the distinguished creationist astrophysicist gave a talk recently. It was hosted by a creationist group called “Cross Impact Campus Ministries at Clemson University.” You can read about it at their website: Special Announcement: Answers in Genesis Professor. Excerpt:

Cross Impact Campus Ministries at Clemson University will be hosting Answers in Genesis speaker Dr. Jason Lisle on Wednesday, November 10 as he presents two engaging sessions, “Relevance of Genesis,” and “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” in Tillman Auditorium. …

This presentation is especially powerful in a time when the majority of astronomers and astrophysicists accept the naturalistic “Big Bang” theory of the universe, and few accept the Genesis record. Dr. Jason Lisle is an astrophysicist who has gone against this pattern and believes the secret to the origin of the universe is the supernatural account described in the Bible.

It must have been quite an event! Fortunately we have a report on it, by none other than Lisle’s employer, Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo) — the genius who brought you the website Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

We present to you, dear reader, some excerpts from College Conversion! Conversion? Stay with us, you’ll see. Hambo says, with bold font added by us:

It’s typical for secular universities to close their doors to our PhD scientists for lectures, and 99% of the time, evolutionists refuse to debate them. But every once in a while, a Christian group on campus will secure a room so that we can bring in a speaker.

What arrogance AIG’s creation scientists are forced to endure! Let’s read on:

Our astrophysicist, Dr. Jason Lisle, spoke on the campus of Clemson University in South Carolina recently, and one of the talk’s sponsors sent us this follow-up report:

Hambo shares that glowing report with us. Here it comes:

The Clemson University event with Jason Lisle went well and we are especially thankful for the turnout. By our best estimation we had 750 out that night and as you well know the gospel was clearly presented. The auditorium we secured seated 850 and it was almost full. This is quite a testimony to the Lord working through many people for us to have the turnout we had. Thank you for your part in suggesting Jason and helping to work all of this out. Only when we get to heaven will we understand the significance of this event.

Well, okay; it was a prayerful cosmology lecture. Then the report adds this:

We heard [a] testimony that one student was saved the next day as a direct result of the meeting.

We have no idea what to make of that. It’s unlikely that anyone was saved in the sense of walking out of Lisle’s lecture in disgust and giving up creationism forever. That would have been a happy result.

We don’t know what happened; but it sounds to us as if Lisle’s presentation may have driven some poor student over the edge. Whatever it was, we hope it turns out okay.

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2 responses to “Jason Lisle Speaks, Student Freaks

  1. Saved from the burden of thinking, is what it means. I think.

    Hambo was saved from that horror early on. Heavenly bliss he calls it.

  2. Slightly off-topic, but the AiG post on this subject also has a link at the top to the next post, which is about “Evangelicals Compromising with Evolution”. It’s an interesting letter from a young earth creationist at a large meeting of evangelicals describing how the meeting went. Apparently over 2,500 evangelical pastors and other leaders attended, and the letter writer commented that 35 of them attended the side session on young earth creationism. That’s a little over 1 percent. The writer sold a couple of books, received some favorable comments, but the general tone of the letter is that the evangelical leadership is trying more and more to reconcile their faith to mainstream science, and not taking Genesis 1-11 literally. At the end of the letter, the writer refers to those in the religion who were not embracing young earth creationism as the “tribe of the intellectuals”.

    I suspect many more than 35 of the attendees were YECs who had other things to do than attend the letter writer’s break-out meeting, but the sense of the letter is that young earth creationism is losing ground in the evangelical community. I am surprised.