Kent Hovind Seeks Prison Release

You know who Kent Hovind is. The last time we discussed Hovind’s legal situation was in this post, WorldNetDaily: Kent Hovind Is A Martyr.

Hovind’s “science” is cited in Jack Chick’s Big Daddy? and his “doctorate” is from a diploma mill named Patriot University (they were so proud of Hovind they used to have a page about him at their website, but it’s been taken down). Alas, this courageous creationist crusader is currently incarcerated in a federal prison for tax evasion.

Now that you’re up-to-date on Hovind, we present some excerpts from ‘Dr. Dino’ wants sentence tossed, which appears in the Pensacola News Journal of Pensacola, Florida, where Hovind’s dinosaur theme park had been located.

That newspaper doesn’t object to links, but they don’t want people copying their material. No problem; we’ll paraphrase what’s going on.

Hovind has filed some kind of motion in the U.S. District Court Northern District of Florida (the court which convicted him) seeking to have his sentence vacated. He claims that both the prosecution and his court-appointed attorney committed errors at his trial.

We haven’t seen the motion, but we’d be surprised if he’s raising any issues that weren’t already considered and shot down in his failed appeal. You can read that opinion here: Appellate decision of 30 December 2008 (18-page pdf file).

What else do we find in the Pensacola News Journal? There’s no hearing date set yet for Hovind’s motion. And we’re reminded that the great creationist is languishing in the Jesup Federal Correction Institution in south Georgia.

Hovind’s wife — who had been his bookkeeper — was also convicted of tax evasion (or conspiracy, or something), but she was sentenced to only one year and she’s already been released. Poor ol’ Kent was sentenced to 10 years — and all he ever did was preach creationism and refuse to pay taxes. It’s a cruel world!

That’s all we know at the moment. But there will undoubtedly be more news about Hovind. Even in the slammer, he’s still good blogging material.

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4 responses to “Kent Hovind Seeks Prison Release

  1. He [Hovind] claims that both the prosecution and his court-appointed attorney committed errors at his trial.

    My understanding is that Hovind declined to present a defense at trial. Instead he just claimed that he didn’t have to pay taxes because he worked for God. That was a very stupid tack to take…but that was his error, not his attorney’s.

  2. retiredsciguy

    Hmm. I wonder if Ken Ham pays his taxes religiously.

  3. Look…this is simple deduction.

    Hovind is a creationist

    Creationists believe God Did It is an answer to every question….Grand Canyon = God Did It. Fossils = God Did It. Bacterial Flagellum = God Did It.

    Insurance companies go along with this. Tree crushes your car…Act of God. Lightning blows your roof off and burns your house down…Act of God. So God must be real as the Insurance Companies say so.

    see where Im going with Kents appeal here?

    Failing to fill in the tax return?

    God Did It your honour…not my fault.

    works for me!

  4. retiredsciguy

    Sandman says, “Insurance companies go along with this.”

    But they’re not restricted by the First Amendment.