Editorial Opposes Gov. Beshear & Noah’s Ark

You already know about the recently-announced Noah’s Ark theme park — to be built in Kentucky and named Ark Encounter. It’s the latest scheme being promoted by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian creationist who brought you Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

As we recently posted here: Kentucky’s Governor Is a Flaming Idiot, Governor Steve Beshear not only appeared with ol’ Hambo at the official announcement of the new amusement park, but he’s also trying to get the project some special tax incentives.

With that kind of state-supported creationism, we assumed that Kentucky was hopelessly lost, but this morning we were delighted to find some opposition being voiced. There’s an editorial in today’s Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky. It’s titled Creationist tourism.

We want you to click over there to read it all for yourself, so here are just a few excerpts to give you a hint of what the Courier-Journal says. The bold font was added by us:

Gov. Steve Beshear needs a vacation. Indeed, he should have taken it this week.

Other than extreme fatigue, how else can one explain his embrace of a project to build a creationism theme park in Northern Kentucky (near the Creation Museum) and the apparent willingness of his administration to offer tourism-development tax incentives to developers of the park?

The editorial is far too kind when it asks how Beshear’s behavior could be explained other than by extreme fatigue. But they have to put up with the guy and your Curmudgeon doesn’t. Therefore, we herewith offer a suggestion or two that might explain the governor’s behavior: (1) Beshear is in Ken Ham’s pocket; (2) Beshear is an imbecile; and (3) all of the above. There are more possibilities, but those come immediately to mind. Let’s read on:

[I]n a state that already suffers from low educational attainment in science, one of the last things Kentucky officials should encourage, even if only implicitly, is for students and young people to regard creationism as scientifically valid.

Hey, why should Louisiana and Texas have all the fun? Kentuckians don’t want to be left out — they can be as creationist as any other state. One more excerpt:

But if the Beshear administration is determined that Kentucky should cash in on its stereotypes — and wants to fight Indiana to snare the theme park — why stop with creationism? How about a Flat-Earth Museum?

Great idea! Go for it, Hambo! Kentucky’s governor will support you.

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5 responses to “Editorial Opposes Gov. Beshear & Noah’s Ark

  1. Did you read any of the comments? One said, “We build mosques…”
    BTW, the answer would be c. all of the above.

  2. Ellie, I didn’t realize there were comments. Some are pretty good.

  3. According to the Courier-Journal the state intends to kick in tax credits amounting to around $37m of the total cost of the park. I have not been able to ascertain if the park is to be part of Ham’s (tax exempt) ministry or is a stand-alone for-profit tax-paying venture. It’s called “a collaboration between Ark Encounters LLC, a for-profit company in Springfield, Mo., and Answers in Genesis, a non-profit organization that runs the Creation Museum in Boone County.” What “collaboration” means in that context isn’t clear.

    I don’t know his creationism museum’s status in that regard, either. Anyone else know?

  4. RBH asks:

    I don’t know his creationism museum’s status in that regard, either. Anyone else know?

    I don’t know either. As for the “collaboration” on Ark Encounters, it looks like an outside group is putting up a lot of money (and maybe political connections), while AIG is supplying “scientific expertise” and maybe park management. But that’s just a guess.

    Addendum: This post at AIG, Ark Attraction Attracts Major Media, says:

    The for-profit Ark Encounter project will be privately funded, with an estimated cost of $149.5 million. Noah’s Ark itself will be built at a cost of $24.5 million, which will come from donations through Answers in Genesis and its “Ark Pegs, Planks & Beams” program. The additional $125 million for the rest of the complex will be contributed by the for-profit LLC.

  5. Why is it that displays , speaches, and discussions of most all religions are not even blinked at by most people,,, but talk about Jesus and Chritianity and many people jump to shut it out. My conclusion is that it is because it must be the only True God and therefore makes many people uncomfotable .