Committee of Louisiana’s BESE OKs Biology Books

The forces of ignorance in Louisiana received a major setback today.

We last posted about this subject this morning, so you can go here for background information: Slime-Slinging Time. Basically, Louisiana’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) met today to approve some biology books that had been fanatically opposed by creationists — especially Gene Mills, president of the Louisiana Family Forum.

In the Advocate, the major newspaper in Louisiana’s capitol city of Baton Rouge, we find BESE committee OKs controversial textbooks. Here’s one excerpt, with bold added by us:

A committee of Louisiana’s top school board Tuesday afternoon approved a variety of high school science textbooks, despite complaints on how they describe evolution.

The vote was 6-1 and paves the way for final approval on Thursday by the full state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, or BESE.

It isn’t over yet, but things are looking good at the moment.

Addendum: There’s a later story with a bit more detail in the Daily Advertiser of Lafayette: BESE panel approves science textbooks.

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13 responses to “Committee of Louisiana’s BESE OKs Biology Books

  1. 2000 years ago someone died on a Cross, can’t someone take a stand for Him?

  2. Words to live by. Anyway, I’m waiting for a reaction from the Discoveroids. Will it be Casey, or Westie? Either way, it’ll be fun.

  3. Gabriel Hanna

    Losers. Even when they get laws passed in their favor they screw it up.

  4. carlsonjok: “2000 years ago someone died on a Cross, can’t someone take a stand for Him?”

    As I wrote to Bill Buckingham after the Dover decision, someone just did.

  5. The lone “nay” vote was Dale Bayard. He said:

    They don’t even want to put a disclaimer in their textbook.

    No need, Dale. Just as there is no need to put a disclaimer that you are a flaming idiot. It’s obvious.

  6. Hey, even Fox News has the story: Louisiana Moves to Block Creationism Debate From Inclusion in Biology Textbook.

    I love how they subtly frame it as some sort of suppression. Wonder if the Moon is Made of Green Cheese Debate was blocked from inclusion in the astronomy textbooks?

  7. The Fox News story is interesting in that it clearly labels ID as a religious based theory.

  8. Gabriel Hanna


    A Louisiana committee on Tuesday rejected calls by conservatives to include references to the debate over evolution and the religious-based concepts of intelligent design or creationism in state-approved biology textbooks…Oller said the new textbooks are not scientifically up to date and that they don’t include current topics of scientific debate, including the biblical concept of creationism and the ongoing debate over how to teach evolution in public schools.

    Somebody at Fox News likes us.

  9. Gabriel Hanna says: “Somebody at Fox News likes us.”

    The Fox website is usually good on the subject. It’s some of their on-screen commentary types who are all messed up.

  10. Curmudgeon: “The Fox website is usually good on the subject. It’s some of their on-screen commentary types who are all messed up.”

    I too noticed that their website was mostly pro-science (caveat: I did a very quick scan). And I can understand that TV needs to be sensationist to sell, and that pseudoscience by it’s very nature (catering to “wishful thinking” and all) is more sensationalist and “addictive” than anything science can hope to offer. But demanding “equal time” in public school science class, yet denying it where it is legal (e.g. featuring Luskin, without a rebuttal from those who actually do science instead of misrepresenting it) is hypocrisy in the extreme.

    I emailed FOX about that, and received no reply. I’ll grant the possibility that they receive too many to reply to all (& my polite complaint was undoubtedly drowned out by angrier ones), but a reply of “It won’t happen again” would have restored my respect.