New Contest: Name a Discoveroid Success in 2010

We usually publish a year-end summary of the accomplishments and failures of the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

In our humble opinion, 2010 wasn’t a good year for the Discoveroids. Not only have they produced no scientific breakthroughs — which is hardly surprising — they’ve also had no legislative successes with their Academic Freedom Act. The one state that actually passed such a law back in 2008 — Louisiana — hasn’t yet managed to do anything with it.

Discoveroid fellow-travelers did manage to generate some chaos in the science education standards for Texas, but a new Board of Education may reverse some of the most egregious actions of the McLeroy board. The situation in that state remains an open question.

Although a large number of newly-elected state legislators and education officials are incurably ignorant, that’s probably always been true, and the Discoveroids can’t claim much credit for that. Except for the governor of Maine, we’re not aware that high-profile creationists have achieved any major election triumphs (see our Post-Election Wrap-up: Creationism’s Impact).

The Discoveroids have been promoting books written by their own “fellows,” but no one takes such things seriously. And as you’ve noticed, the two court cases they’ve been promoting — the David Coppedge employment dispute and the suit against the California Science Center — don’t seem to be going well.

We think the Discoveroids have failed at everything they’ve attempted this year, but it’s possible that we’ve missed something, and for that reason we’re going to handle the subject differently than we have in the past. We’re throwing open the comments section so that you, dear reader, may describe what you think may have been a Discoveroid accomplishment in 2010. We invite you to complete this expression, using our wording or your own:

In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in _____.

You know the rules: Offer as many suggestions as you wish, but avoid profanity, vulgarity, childish anatomical analogies, etc. Also, avoid slanderous statements about individuals. This contest won’t have a winner, but your Curmudgeon will be grateful for your contributions. If the Discoveroids have actually accomplished anything, we’d like to know about it.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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17 responses to “New Contest: Name a Discoveroid Success in 2010

  1. Personally I think the statement is already perfect the way it is:

    In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in _____.

    Yeah, that seems about right.

  2. …flushing Howard Ahmanon’s money down the toilet.

    Now that I think about it, this may be a worthy purpose.

  3. Sorry to spoil your Lenny Flank pizza party*, but:

    In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in tricking several of their critics into claiming that Dembski was a YEC, just because he tells YECs what they want to hear (e.g. encouraging them to think that a global flood must be true even in the absence of evidence because the Bible says so). Dembski clearly admits that the evidence supports an old Earth and old life. He has not even denied common descent.

    Discoveroids can afford to get egg on their face. We can’t.

    *Googing “Lenny Flank” and “pizza” might help if you don’t get the joke.

  4. The DI seems to have birthed a similar cabal of crackpots in the UK, with the founding of the “Centre for Intelligent Design”. I’m sure they consider that a success.

    The Centre’s website, though, does not offer the daily dose of random insanity that is so entertaining on the DI website. Clearly they are a work in progress. Most of the newsy items are reports on Behe’s stand-up comedy tour recently completed.

  5. Ed says: “Behe’s stand-up comedy tour”

    Getting Behe out of the country for a while could be considered a success.

  6. In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in preventing all of their personnel from getting on the witness stand.

    In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in not getting any of their personnel thrown in jail for contempt.

    In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in disrupting the Amazon book rating system (well, partly in 09, but just a few weeks).

  7. In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in doing exactly as much science as they did in 2009 … 2008 … 2007 …

  8. After wracking my brain for something, anything, to add to this list and coming up empty, to me this is a vote for Poolio’s suggestion.

  9. Benjamin Franklin

    In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in

    finally getting Casey Luskin a date.

  10. Benjamin Franklin

    Signor Curmudgeon,

    How did this success pass under your radar?

    In 2010, IDEA Center Board Member, Dr. H. Wayne House, the editor of Intelligent Design 101 created the Intelligent Design iPhone Applet –

    According to the Intelligent Design Applet’s website, the App includes links to pro-ID websites, pro-ID blog updates, and FAQs on intelligent design.

    So where is the Curmudgeon app? Waiting for it to evolve?

  11. Benjamin Franklin asks: “So where is the Curmudgeon app?”

    I’m completely outclassed.

  12. … giving me a good laugh.

  13. In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in proving you CAN make something out of nothing…….they came up with nothing new and made a whole s*** load of money doing it.

  14. The British Centre for Science Education have been looking into the UK’s shiny new Centre for Intelligent Design. Some interesting background information and how it relates to education legislation in Scotland (which differs from the rest of the UK).


  15. They doubled their theoretical and experimental output in 2010. We now have twice as much knowledge of what happens when intelligent design takes place.

  16. Benjamin Franklin: ” In 2010, the Discoveroids succeeded in…finally getting Casey Luskin a date.”

    I heard that Denyse O’Leary rejected his request for a second date. 😉

  17. Actually, they did have one. Behe got his article accepted upon which the creationists can make create hay.