Ken Ham v. Jay Leno

It’s a truism in American culture that when the late-night comedians start to mock you, you’re toast. We certainly hope that’s true in this case.

Everyone knows about the proposed Noah’s Ark theme park to be built by a corporate partnership including the creationist empire built by Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian who brought you Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

AIG’s Ark park will be built in Kentucky and named Ark Encounter. It has the enthusiastic support of Kentucky’s Governor, Democrat Steve Beshear. The Governor not only appeared [was scheduled to appear] with ol’ Hambo at the official announcement of the new park, but he is also trying to get the project some special tax incentives.

Hambo may have somehow charmed the Kentucky Governor, but at least one comedian on late-night TV isn’t so easily seduced. We are pleased to give you this link to a video of the Jay Leno show of 10 December. If you zoom to about 7:20 you can see the brief portion of Leno’s monologue where he jokes about the Noah’s Ark park. And here’s another video, this one is Leno’s show from 06 December, where he also jokes about the Ark park. Zoom to 8:36 for the relevant material.

Ol’ Hambo doesn’t like it when almost the whole country is laughing at him and his grandiose plans. Therefore he posted Jay Leno Mocks Kentucky and Ark Project Recently at the AIG blog. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Now I realize that comedian/TV host Jay Leno (from The Tonight Show) probably has all his “comedy” lines written for him. Also, he probably doesn’t talk through the logic of his monologue with his writers, but two times last week he mocked the Ark Encounter project and the state of Kentucky (where it will be located). In fact, Kentucky residents should be highly offended that he twice implied Kentucky education is backward.

Actually, Hambo, Jay wasn’t mocking Kentucky. He was mocking you and what you’re doing to Kentucky’s reputation.

Let’s read some more from Hambo’s angry essay:

But it seems that one thing is lost on Jay Leno: He is mocking the education standard in Kentucky because the Ark Encounter project is to be built in that state, yet secularists are bemoaning the state of education in the whole of the USA compared to other countries.

Hambo isn’t helping the situation. His article continues:

People like Leno try to make out that if something Christian (particularly creationist) is allowed in the state of Kentucky, then the standard of education will fall.

There was plenty of Christianity in Kentucky before Hambo’s arrival. The question is: Will the Ark park improve Kentucky’s education standards? Here’s more:

However, Christianity has all but been thrown out of public education across the nation. Evolution/millions of years is basically taught as fact throughout the public schools and secular colleges. And for all that, guess what has happened? The education standard has decreased! Yet Leno wouldn’t want to associate the secularization of education with lowering standards, but that is precisely the association he needs to make — in a serious way (if he is able).

Hambo is actually claiming that because it will reverse the trend of secular education, his Ark park will improve education in Kentucky. Moving along:

And of course Leno mocks those who believe dinosaurs and people lived at the same time, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to defend his position. Like most people, he would hide behind his comedy lines and point to secular scientists.

Hey, this is serious. Hambo says he could beat Leno in a debate. A bold challenge indeed, but we suspect that Leno is unconcerned. Another excerpt:

He most likely would have no idea how to actually defend his anti-Christian position except say something like, “Well, believe the secular scientists.”

Observe the slime carefully, dear reader. First, Hambo implies that criticizing the Ark park is “anti-Christian.” It’s no stretch to say that he’s also applying that “anti-Christian” term to Jay Leno. Clever move, Hambo! Stay on that track, it’s a winner! Also, he’s saying that scientists who disagree with his creationist fantasies are “secular” scientists. We didn’t fully appreciate it before, but Hambo is openly revealing himself to be a completely tone-deaf cultist on a crusade.

But it doesn’t stop there. Then he starts preaching to Leno:

There is a passage of Scripture that applies to Jay Leno and his writers:

[Scripture quote:] … that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts … [big skip] … until the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

Great article, Hambo! Keep up your attacks on Jay Leno. They’re brilliant!

Your Curmudgeon may be indulging in a fantasy, but we predict that the Ark announcement was Hambo’s high-water mark, and it’s going to be downhill from now on.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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12 responses to “Ken Ham v. Jay Leno

  1. Ol’ Hambo dives off the bow of the SS Hamster, and “Jumps the Shark!”

  2. Leno should get Hambo on his show….he is after all comedy goldmine material

  3. Leno, shemno! Wait until Coco takes on Hambo!

    Or, better yet, Taylor Swifts dumps Hambo for Dawkins! Yeah, that would be cool!

  4. Once again, Ham could have remained silent on an issue which, most probably, almost none of his regular readers were aware of, but noooooo… he calls attention to it and even provides links to the monologue. So now his readers get to weigh, on the one hand, a popular comedian making a humorous quip, and on the other hand, Ham’s defensive whine.

    Keep ’em coming…

  5. Benjamin Franklin

    Leno said;

    “… And Kentucky’s governor says he has no problems giving state tax incentives to a Noah’s ark theme park. They have this creationism theme park down there that has Noah’s ark and dinosaurs all existing at the same time. Noah’s ark and dinosaurs all existing at the same time. He says he’s for this because it will create jobs. I’m not sure what jobs it’s creating. I think we can rule out science teachers. I don’t think there will be any science teachers involved in that.”

    Ken Ham = Fire, Ready, Aim.

  6. Ken Ham has never met Gov. Beshear, much less “charmed” him as you wrote above. Ken was not at the press conference, contrary to your false reporting. M

  7. Mark,

    The Catholic Church declares people saints if it can be shown that they were in two places at the same time! You should get Rev. Ham’s name down to Ratzi pronto!

    Oh, could you answer a question for me? How many animals will your Ark be able to carry? Why was that number picked, rather than any larger or smaller one?

    Looking forward to your reply very much.

  8. Benjamin Franklin

    Once again, Mark Looney takes what is written too literally.

    Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the $5,000 plank in your own eye?

    Hey Mark – How many dinosaurs are you going to put on your ark replica?

    Also, how about if you take a survey of science teachers in Kentucky and see how many support your disproven notion that there was a global flood ~4500 years ago that wiped out all animal and plant life on the planet except for 8 humans and a boat full of animals?

  9. Ah, we found the source of our information. In our post Kentucky’s Governor Is a Flaming Idiot, we quoted a story in the Courier-Journal which flat-out said:

    Joining Beshear [at the plan unveiling] will be Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, and Grant County Judge-Executive Darrell Link.

    It may be that the Governor came to his senses or something and the story got pulled, but not before we saw it and blogged about it. That was the original report, and we relied on it.

  10. Benjamin Franklin

    Oh noes!

    I might have made an error. Please forgive me, Mark Looney.

    “Plank” level donations for that fundamentalist fairytale fun park you’re planning are only $1,000.

    $5,000 is for the “Beam”. Both plank and beam however, get you a piece of junk commemorative wooden ark model. (With a $5,000 donation the model is signed by Ken Spam, himself.)

    In my defense, different versions of the bible translate “dokos” as “log”, “plank”, and “beam”, but that only goes to support the fact that what AIG uses as it’s interpretation of the bible is fully fallible, and frequently fallacious.

  11. I’m sorry Curmie, but I just can’t watch Leno. I’m still mourning the retirement of Carson.

    Plus, I’m with Coco.