Kitzmas News from Dover

You all know that Kitzmas is only three days away. That’s when we celebrate the decision on 20 December 2005 by Judge John E. Jones III in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. Our last post on this topic was The Creationists’ War on Kitzmas.

Today there’s a timely article in the York Dispatch from York, Pennsylvania, near the site of the legal battle. Their article is titled After 5 years, Dover intelligent design ruling’s impact still felt.

We won’t give you any excerpts, because it’s not clear to us whether that newspaper is in some way connected with the York Daily Record. The Daily Record is owned by MediaNews Group, which has recently joined the Righthaven litigation campaign against bloggers (see Massive Legal Problems Threaten Blogosphere).

Nevertheless, the article is worth reading. They have quotes from Tammy Kitzmiller, Judge John E. Jones III, Barbara Forrest, Alan Bonsell, and William Buckingham — who is quite unrepentant. So check it out — but please don’t include any excerpts in your comments.

And in case we don’t get a chance to say it again, Merry Kitzmas!

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8 responses to “Kitzmas News from Dover

  1. Interesting article…. Behe claims he doesn’t hear anyone (on the ID side) talk about the case anymore!? Yeah, right.

  2. Janice in Toronto

    Thanks for remiinding me! I’ll be sending a Happy Kitzmas email to the Discovery Institute.

    You know, just to wish them a happy holiday…

  3. Gabriel Hanna

    [The Discovery Institute wasn’t available for comment.]

    Yeah, they bailed at the actual trial too.

  4. [Jennifer Miller said the impact of the case is evident in her classroom. Now she emphasizes evolution.]


    [Behe claims the evidence for ID keeps getting better.]

    We have doubled our evidence! 2 x 0 = ….

    Buckingham is such a clown. Right, it was allllll about the Constitution. Your lying under oath about never mentioning creationism and using church donations to buy OPAP had absolutely nothing to do with the outcome.

  5. I regret that I must go back and clean up some of your comments. I don’t want any excerpts from the article, as this newspaper may be one of those that likes to sue bloggers for violating their copyright.

  6. Benjamin Franklin

    My favorite comment-

    I love the smell of fried fundies in court

  7. Behe observed that “his side” doesn’t talk much about the decision. Hmmmm, for a Fellow of the Discovery Institute, Behe wears his Behe Blinders 24/7! Several times a year the DI, especially Casey Luskin drags out Kitzmiller and whines about how unfair it was, how ignorant the judge was and how the judge simply copied the plaintiff’s argument.

    Wow, in addition to not reading the scientific literature Behe doesn’t read creationist literature, either!

  8. Behe is incredible; he’s the Baghdad Bob of ID – no matter how badly he’s getting his @ss kicked, he claims to be winning. That’s his entire schtick, in a nutshell. Deny reality and assert his own alternative reality.