Answers in Genesis: Dawkins’ Weasel, Aliens, etc.

You probably remember our recent post about the work done by Herbert Wilf and and Warren Ewens. They developed a mathematical model showing that There’s Plenty of Time for Evolution.

Discoveroid Michael Behe dismissed their work, raising the objection that it was too much like Richard Dawkins’ weasel program. We discussed all of that here: Behe Rejects Evolution by the Numbers.

This “plenty of time” argument must be driving the creationists crazy, because now we have a reaction from Answers in Genesis (AIG), one of the major sources of young-earth creationist wisdom. It’s the first item in AIG’s News to Note, December 18, 2010 — “A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint.”

They start out discussing the work done by Wilf and Ewens, but you’ll be better off skipping their description. Instead, read the link we gave you to the University of Pennsylvania’s article. Here it is again: There’s Plenty of Time for Evolution.

Then they give the same, tired old objections that have been aimed for years at Dawkins “weasel” program. It’s interesting that Behe and AIG think alike on this. Interesting, but not at all surprising.

Ordinarily, AIG’s insipid and very predictable rejection of the latest work wouldn’t be newsworthy to us, because we had already posted about the identical response from the Discoveroids. But then AIG surprised us by saying something else which was quite unexpected, and that’s why we’re posting about this. Here it comes, with bold added by us:

Besides, we often make the point that even if evolution had no theoretical difficulties — even if it were entirely “plausible” — that does not indicate that it actually occurred and the Bible clearly states in Genesis that God created everything by His Word in 6 days. Simply put, “could have” does not mean “did”!

What? They “often” make that point? No they don’t. If they did we’d have seen it. In fact, we doubt that they’ve ever made that point before.

Until today their entire argument (other than scripture) has been that evolution is flat-out impossible. They claim that what scientists say occurred as a result of evolution must have occurred by miraculous means.

Evolution is impossible, they say, because: “There’s not enough time for evolution, the odds are against it, there are no transitional fossils, design requires a designer, mutations are always destructive, micro-yes, macro-no, etc.” Those are the points they often make.

Did they think no one would notice that they’re moving the goal-posts again? Oh yes, they’re chanting “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia,” but it’s glaringly obvious that they’ve suddenly retreated to fallback position #69, which is this: “Even if evolution really is possible, so what? We deny it anyway!”

Hey, let’s give them credit for being honest — but just this one time. They’re finally admitting what creationism has always been, right from the beginning. There isn’t any science there, folks. It’s pure reality denial.

If you have some more time to kill, the next item in AIG’s “News from the biblical viewpoint” is their discussion of the Fermi paradox. Your Curmudgeon’s brain can only deal with one quantum of AIG-think per day, so we’ll pass on that one — but not without giving you a teaser. They say:

The consequences for the evolutionary worldview of not finding extraterrestrial life are far more severe than the consequences for the creation worldview of finding extraterrestrial life.

Yes, a day without ET is like a day without Darwin. Or so they claim. Go ahead and read it. Then let us know what you think.

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3 responses to “Answers in Genesis: Dawkins’ Weasel, Aliens, etc.

  1. I’m glad you picked up on that, it is pure reality denial. It shows that no matter what the evidence is they’ll never believe it.

  2. You’re right, SC, their literature normally states categorically that scientists are always wrong because they view the evidence with a “atheistic, naturalist” worldview. The idea that what scientists conclude (evolution, old earth) might actually be plausible seems new to AiG. Perhaps this is a nod to the theistic evolution / old earth creationists? Sort of a way of saying “we don’t agree with you, but we don’t think you’re crazy”…

    Maybe we’re reading too much into this, and it’s just the usual AiG dissimulation.

    The comment on extra-terrestrial life is also a reversal of sorts. I believe it was AiG that not long ago stated unequivocally that Gliese 581g would not have life since they knew of no one that could have designed it and put it there. (or words to that effect) Now they seem to be hedging a bit by saying that finding life would not be so much a problem for creationists. They didn’t explain why, of course. Perhaps there will be an upcoming posting on a revised point of view with respect to alien life.

  3. Did they think no one would notice that they’re moving the goal-posts again?

    Excellent analysis, your Curmudgeoniness!

    I might add the reason for the goalpost shifting is simple: the Creationoid default position has always been “Evolution is impossible!, ” and the classic disproof on any “Impossiblity” argument is show a plausible alternative DOES exist. It is never necessary to prove the alternative is strictly true to refute the argument that no such method can exist — one merely demonstrates a hypothetical explanation exists, and that is sufficient to refute the impossibility argument.

    So, now that the mathematicians have demonstrated there is adequate time for evolution to have been the mechanism of the diversity of life, the Creationoids retreat to their fall-back redoubt: “well, that doesn’t PROVE it happened!”

    Well …. “no sh*t , Sherlock.” They don’t have to prove evolution happened to refute the claim that it was IMPOSSIBLE for Evolution to happen.

    So, in effect, the goal-post shift permits the Creationoids to maintain the fiction that they hold an unassailable position regarding Evolution. Unfortunately for them, as they keep moving the goal posts, the breadth of their claims keep shrinking. Soon, their goalposts will converge on themselves, and they will have truly inherited the wind.