Everything You Know Is Wrong!

We won’t offer an opinion on this, dear reader. We’re leaving that to you. In our endless search for news of interest, we encountered this press release: A second Copernican revolution? New theoretical physics result suggests the universe isn’t objectively “real”.

The press release was issued by Mass Media Distribution LLC. Their About Us page says:

We are the oldest and most respected company that sends press releases directly to journalists. … When we distribute your press release, we will be using the same techniques and technology that we use to get customers on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and New York Times.

Hey, here’s their price list. World-wide distribution costs only $399. Looks like a great deal.

With that for background, here are a few excerpts from the press release that has totally captured our attention. The bold font was added by us:

Senior research scientist Daegene Song of Handong Global University in South Korea has come up with a model of the universe – and reality – that may be at least as paradigm-shattering as Copernicus’ (and later Galileo’s) pronouncement that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of vice-versa.

You must admit, this is really exciting! According to Wikipedia, that university exists. See Handong Global University. Wikipedia says:

Faculty who teach at Handong are all professing Christians who have signed their adherence to the University’s Statement of Faith, which can be found on the university’s website

This is the university’s website (click on “English”). To find their Statement of Faith, click on “About HGU” and then click on “Faith & Spirit.” Also, this is Daegene Song’s Homepage. Let’s read on from the press release:

Actually, in Dr. Song’s view, that heliocentric (sun-centered) model is passe, being a product of the millennia-old “objective universe” model. Dr. Song posits instead a “subjective universe,” arguing that the planets, stars, and other heavenly bodies are not a collection of physical objects that would be there even if we didn’t exist to observe them. The universe, he asserts, can only be a subjective phenomenon of our experience. And he says he has done the math – literally – to support his assertions.

Uh huh. Okay. As we promised, no Curmudgeonly opinion will be provided. We continue:

“Not only does my research offer a mathematical resolution for a subjective universe,” he explains, “it also suggests that humans are not mere machines but a unique creation. Furthermore – and I know this will make my work controversial if nothing else does – I believe my findings rebuke the theory of evolution.

That is just the start of this thrilling press release. There’s much more awaiting you at the link we provided, but we don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering it for yourself. So if you think you’re mentally strong enough to handle it, click over there and get with the new scientific revolution. Hurry!

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2 responses to “Everything You Know Is Wrong!

  1. Funny, it only bothers orgins science, not the rest. You just have to “make the right choices,” apparently to get rid of those sciences that offend your subjective existence, then you can use the rest to propagate bizarre junk.

    There’s nothing new about the problem of not being able to objectively show that the universe exists apart from the subject, which causes no difficulty for “intersubjectively” doing science (one need not suppose that the universe is “real” to do science phenomenologically, that is, the same way every other legitimate scientist operates). The trouble comes only when you’re cherry-picking “intersubjective” agreement to fit your religious agenda, which clearly this guy is doing.

  2. The Aztecs invented the vacation.