Oklahoma’s Senator Josh Brecheen: Totally Crazed

It was only yesterday that we posted Oklahoma’s Josh Brecheen: Creationist Cretin. Now he’s back in the news again.

In the Durant Daily Democrat of Durant, Oklahoma we read Senator Brecheen says those who believe in evolution have been persuaded by an experiment plagued with falsehoods. It’s another article written by Josh himself.

He begins with some amazingly outdated and thoroughly debunked creationist arguments, starting with the Miller–Urey experiment. Josh fails to grasp that Miller-Urey is irrelevant to evolution, and besides that, it’s still respectable work. Next he rants about Java Man, a fossil now regarded as a specimen of Homo Erectus. Creationist websites don’t bother with Java Man any more. Josh must be using some old creationist tracts from the 1950s.

After that he really starts babbling. You’ll definitely want to read the original article, so we’ll just give you a few excerpts, with bold added by us:

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling painting of God reaching out with a pointed finger is no less worthy of being placed alongside Darwin’s drawing of monkeys morphing into humans. In an attempt to explain our existence the teaching of evolution is ironically working against its own theory. For the blind followers, it is making monkeys out of them as they ignore the full gamut of scientific facts.

Darwin drew monkeys morphing into humans? Okay, Josh. Whatever you say. You da man! Let’s read on:

Let me speculate for a minute why the attempt to ignore relevant facts is ongoing despite what the scientific community has learned in the last 30 years. If I admit the possibility of a loving God then I entertain biblical teaching whereas [sic] I am responsible for immoral behavior. In a world that has no desire for accountability for right and wrong, this is unacceptable.

Right, Josh. That’s why biologists are so often found to be rapists, mass-murderers, and cannibals. No accountability — whoopee! We continue:

There are other consequences to this misinformation. If Darwin is right then I am free to be the strongest by eating all in my way (forget “love thy neighbor”).

Yes! Al Capone, Darwinist! One last excerpt:

In wrapping this up, I have introduced legislation requiring every publically funded Oklahoma school to teach the debate of creation vs. evolution using the known science, even that which conflicts with Darwin’s religion. The state of Texas has given their children access to this information and so should our Oklahoma schools.

People of Oklahoma, listen to your Curmudgeon: State Senator Josh Brecheen is completely insane. We don’t know how you elected him, but it’s not too late to recognize your error.

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12 responses to “Oklahoma’s Senator Josh Brecheen: Totally Crazed

  1. Joshy, Joshy, Josh. Don’t you know why the DI exists? It’s because ignorant BS so often sounds like ignorant BS, as does yours. They have worked hard to make ignorant BS sound sciency, and here you’re totally blowing it by dredging up the usual YEC cant, misunderstandings, and outdated attacks on science.

    Granted, David Klinghoffer only sounds slightly more sciency than you do, and is every bit as reliant upon ignorant attacks on more intelligent and far more knowledgeable people than himself. Nonetheless, this frothing at the mouth makes creationism look especially bad, while the DI’s ignorant attacks just make creationism look bad.

  2. It’s rather devilish of the Durant Daily Democrat to run Josh’s articles.

  3. I think I understand why Oklahoma is concerned about Sharia law. This guy would implement a Christian version of it in an instant.

  4. This is so awesome. I have to agree with Glen, DI is probably trying to call this guy up daily and say “STFU, you’re running it for everyone.”

    I hope these are all being saved, this will look great in the next court case.

  5. OgreMkV says:

    I have to agree with Glen, DI is probably trying to call this guy up daily and say “STFU, you’re running it for everyone.”

    Too late. His legislation — even if it becomes law — is already dead in court. Oklahoma’s Josh Brecheen is Dover’s Bill Buckingham on steroids.

  6. The only comment on the actual article is brilliant.

  7. Hey, Zack. Yeah, that was good.

  8. SC – You were fast on this one! It is good to see that most comments (and one letter to the editor so far) on both of the idiot Senator’s articles are pro-evolution and anti-Brecheen and many are from his district, including one of his former professors. I am checking on Oklahoma bills as they are filed and will send you the citation when it appears. There will also be an upcoming and opposing op-ed in the Durant Daily Democrat. The more flak we can provide this idiot the better for Oklahoma.

  9. Victor: I looked for the bill when I was posting. Josh has pre-filed two items that show up, but not this creationism thing. It’ll probably show up when the staffers get back to work at the legislature. If you spot it, please let me know.

  10. why are we still fighting about this? is it really going to matter in the end who’s right or wrong?

  11. The stupid is strong in this one Obi-Wan.

    The Francis Crick quote mine is explained here:


  12. John Pieret says: “The stupid is strong in this one Obi-Wan.”

    That’s nothing. Brace yourself, because I’m about to post another quote-mining example. And your name gets mentioned.