Jack Chick’s Creepiest Comic Ever

"Uninvited" by Jack Chick

How can your Curmudgeon fulfill his obligation to entertain you on this festive weekend? No problem. We turn to good old Jack Chick, purveyor extraordinaire of primitive young-earth creationism. He just keeps cranking out new comics for us, and today he’s done it again.

You already know about Jack Chick, because we’ve previously posted about his Creationist Comic Books. If you haven’t yet seen them, you really should. That’s where at least 25% of the American population get their science education.

At Chick’s colossally stupid website we found something that is certain to give his followers the spiritual nourishment they require. His newest comic book, which you can read online, is Uninvited. It is, as the title of our post suggests, perhaps the sickest, creepiest, and most deranged of all Chick’s works — but there’s a lot of competition for that honor.

Anyway, this one nicely illustrates what goes on in the minds of creationists. It’s about sin, devils, sodomy, AIDS, and divine justice for some pain-ridden, dying old men. The heroine who tells them The Truth is a self-righteous nurse on a mission. In her words:

If Jesus hadn’t saved me and cast out that devil with its nasty thoughts, I could have become a lesbian — or worse — and dying from AIDS just like you are now.

The saving virtue — so to speak — that connects this garbage to our blog is the creationist reference to Noah’s Flood. In that way this wretched comic is relevant to The Controversy between evolution and creationism. In Chick’s words from the panel which adorns this post:

At the time of Noah, around 2400 BC, mankind was totally depraved. Satan’s spirits had turned them into a violent, sex-crazed mob who cursed God.

So click over to Chick and read about how a few sick old guys will be spending their last days on earth. And then, if you can, ponder what goes on in the minds of creationists. This is how they think; it gives them a warm and cozy feeling. Now you know.

When you’re done, try to put it all aside and enjoy the holiday weekend.

Copyright © 2010. The Sensuous Curmudgeon. All rights reserved.

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19 responses to “Jack Chick’s Creepiest Comic Ever

  1. I don’t recall anything in the Bible about the reason for the Flood being:
    Satan’s spirits had turned them into a violent, sex-crazed mob who cursed God.

    I realize that no one would dare to make up something like that, so I’m asking your correspondents to help me find that in the Bible.

  2. Well, I hope he is not churning out any more, since he’s dead, but then again in Chick comics everyone is always rising out of graves and flying up to judgement. 🙂 They are a wonderful lens into a world and people most of us never see on a daily basis.

    Chick comics are like a bad car wreck, you don’t want to stare, but……

  3. I don’t know, but Wikipedia doesn’t say he’s dead.

  4. That rubbish is so chock full of hateful lies, I’m tempted to say that Chick’s got his own demons.

    Lucky for me, I don’t believe in such tripe.

  5. Only Ham will try to make amusement out of the Blessed Genocide, however.

    It’ll be amusing in a way, of course. Which doesn’t make a monument to genocide all right regardless, even if it is a fiction.

  6. I couldn’t get to the Chick website, but I venture to say that this is not the creepiest Chick tract ever. The creepiest Chick tract ever was about a little girl who was being raped by her father, who also passed her around to his pervert friends. This was not his fault, of course. You see, he’d lost his job and his wife (sinful woman!) went out and got a job so they could eat. When Daddy took the little girl to the doctor, the doctor discovered she had a venereal disease. Daddy confessed, and the doctor and he prayed about it. Afterwards, everything was all better. Mommy didn’t go out to work, and Daddy developed a halo. No word on whether any legal action was taken, or whether the doctor reported the rape of a small child, or whether she was cured of the disease, because none of that was important. I believe Jack Chick eventually removed that one from circulation.

    At any rate, no matter how creepy this one is, it can’t possibly beat — IIRC, “Lisa.”

  7. Everything died – except Noah, his family, and the animals inside the ark

    And, apparently, STDs. God missed at least one harlot.

  8. Ellie says: “I couldn’t get to the Chick website …”

    It seems to be down. It’s not my fault. We’ve generated some hits for him, but nothing to cause his site to crash. It must be the devil.

  9. Does anyone think “Jack Chick” is a real name? It sounds a bit transgender to me…and do you think his initials are coincidental?

    Jack has an uncanny ability to take christian beliefs and by putting them into these little illustrated stories make them appear extremely weird and hateful. Of course, perhaps they are extremely weird and hateful …

  10. Ed, I’m not hateful…I won’t say anything about the weird part.

    Jack Chick has had to withdraw from at least one (if not more) Christian organizations before they threw him out. Even Christianity Today doesn’t like him. He has, in addition to his bizarre ideas about science (Jesus holding atoms together, for example), no sense of the history of the world. He claims that the Vatican started both Communism and Islam. He may hide his racial and ethnic prejudices, but they do peep out, even so. One tract that was aimed at Native Americans portrayed them as dirty, until they heard Jack Chick’s version of Christianity.

    Jack Chick hates women (pretty ones are tools of Satan), so I do really think transgenderism is right out.

  11. I realize that no one would dare to make up something like that, so I’m asking your correspondents to help me find that in the Bible.

    The Nephelim in Genesis 6 are what he is alluding to. I’d quote it but SC’s filters don’t let it through.

  12. This is how they think; it gives them a warm and cozy feeling.

    It’s an ancient strain of Christian thought, endorsed by Tertullian, who lived from 160 – 220:

    At that greatest of all spectacles, that last and eternal judgment how shall I admire, how laugh, how rejoice, how exult, when I behold so many proud monarchs groaning in the lowest abyss of darkness; so many magistrates liquefying in fiercer flames than they ever kindled against the Christians; so many sages philosophers blushing in red-hot fires with their deluded pupils; so many tragedians more tuneful in the expression of their own sufferings; so many dancers tripping more nimbly from anguish then ever before from applause.

    What a spectacle. . .when the world. . .and its many products, shall be consumed in one great flame! How vast a spectacle then bursts upon the eye! What there excites my admiration? What my derision? Which sight gives me joy? As I see. . .illustrious monarchs. . . groaning in the lowest darkness, Philosophers. . .as fire consumes them! Poets trembling before the judgment-seat of. . .Christ! I shall hear the tragedians, louder-voiced in their own calamity; view play-actors. . .in the dissolving flame; behold wrestlers, not in their gymnasia, but tossing in the fiery billows. . .What inquisitor or priest in his munificence will bestow on you the favor of seeing and exulting in such things as these? Yet even now we in a measure have them by faith in the picturings of imagination.

  13. Most of the bible would not get past your profanity sensor…. What does it says about it ? Is Jack Chick nuts ? Perhaps he is, he might even be in league with the Westboro nutcases… Them, their Bible and their stupidity are a dark spot on humanity. Let us turn to science, knowledge, (things they abhor) so that we might one day say to them that knowledge conquers everything, even their ignorance.

    P.S. : All kids should learn to learn… or else we have robots that parrot evolution, instead of learning it.

  14. @Gabriel Hanna (and Counter) –

    OK. I know better than to try to argue over Biblical interpretations advanced by a literalist. I’ll believe that they can get all that out of the reference to the Nephillim. But allow me to express amazement that they can go to that extreme.

  15. Gabriel Hanna says: “…Tertullian, who lived from 160 – 220”

    The word is that he wasn’t much in demand as a dinner guest.

  16. The story about the abuse of Lisa is pulled from the Chick website.

    You can find a scan of it here:

  17. Tomato Addict says: “Pray to be eaten first!”

    That has always been my most ardent desire.

  18. His latest tract, so far, really bashes Catholics. Why he hates them so much really boggles the mind. I’m surprised he hasn’t started his own cult. “The Chickian Faith”. His propaganda of hate is bound to backfire on himself. Think of the paper that would have been saved if it weren’t for those ridiculous tracts.