WorldNetDaily: Darwin, Marx, Kinsey & Obama

Buffoon Award

We didn’t expect to find anything to post about today, but then we looked at WorldNetDaily (WND), the flamingly creationist journalistic organ that believes in and enthusiastically promotes every conspiracy theory that ever existed. WND is an absolutely execrable, moronic, and incurably crazed publication, an instrument of idiocy, a wretched rag, a deep pool of theocratic throw-up, a sinkhole of stupid, a fountain of feculence, and most importantly, an early winner of your Curmudgeon’s Buffoon Award.

Check out this towering monument of foolishness: From Darwin to Marx to Kinsey to Obama. The author is Dave Welch, a Houston preacher. We’ve written about him before (see: Still Promoting Theocracy). Here are some excerpts from preacher Dave’s latest, with bold added by us:

According to the Los Angeles Times, President Obama is “evolving” in his views on the definition of marriage. Vice President Joe Biden shilled for that position on “Good Morning America” by declaring same-sex marriage as “inevitable.”

We don’t care about Biden’s views on anything, and we’re not interested in that form of marriage. Let’s read on:

Biden boldly quotes the president in his first meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he declared, “Gentlemen, I want you to prepare now; I want to end ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’

Your Curmudgeon has doubts about the wisdom of ending that policy, but our humble blog isn’t about such things. We continue:

The militant commitment of the Marxist/Democratic Party of 2011 America to radical sexual diversity is at its core driven by a hate for God’s created order. Why do you suppose that earth worshipers (aka environmentalists), abortion “rights” advocates, GLBTQI activists, Darwinian evolutionists and atheists are uniformly standing side by side?

Ah yes — environmentalists, abortionists, gays, atheists, and Darwinists — of course Darwinists!– all standing side by side. The craziness begins to emerge from preacher Dave’s article. But it gets worse — far worse. Behold:

The truth is that Obama and Biden are coming out of the closet on what is and has been their agenda. Critical elements of the dialectic Marxist strategy are to overturn traditional morals, create chaos and then serve as “savior.”


The direct linkage between Marx and Darwin is indisputable


As that jihad progressed through the 1900s, the assaults on free markets, private property and traditional morality were completed by Alfred Kinsey as he helped launch the sexual revolution of the ’60’s


In case you think I have wandered from my topic, here is the trail of tears: Darwin to Marx to Kinsey to Obama.

That enough! We’ve seen the maniacal spew about a Darwin-Marx connection before, and it’s been thoroughly debunked. See: Marx, Stalin, and Darwin.

But we’ve never seen Kinsey and Obama thrown into that mix. The magnitude of this absurdity can only be described as Klinghofferian. [That’s pronounced: Kling-hof-FER-i-an.]

Hey, we may as well give you preacher Dave’s closing line:

In 2011 and beyond, let’s evolve back to the God of our fathers and restore His righteousness to our land, starting with His pastors and His people.

Okay, Dave. Whatever you say.

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11 responses to “WorldNetDaily: Darwin, Marx, Kinsey & Obama

  1. Well it’s just like a Darwinist to leave out the crucial evidence behind the truths printed in WND’s article. To wit:

    The direct linkage between Marx and Darwin is indisputable, and authors Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon reference this in “Darwin’s Leap of Faith”:

    Marx and Engels based their communistic philosophy squarely on the foundation of evolutionism. … Marx and Engels were doctrinaire evolutionists, and so have all Communists been ever since. Since atheism is a basic tenet of Marxism in general, and Soviet Communism in particular, it is obvious that evolution must be the No. 1 tenet of communism.

    Try to dispute that reasoning! And don’t bring up Lysenkoism, because evilutionists/communists will always try to disguise their doctrinaire beliefs and try to deceive the very elect!

  2. Jesus was a Marxist. He was all about wealth re-distribution and he despised the rich. He was all about the down-trodden in society. Blessed are the meek…

  3. Gabriel Hanna


    He was all about wealth re-distribution and he despised the rich.

    Who can forget when he said, “Form ye political action committees to lobby Caesar to raise taxes to spend inefficiently on poor people?”

    I seem to remember that charity was to be voluntary, and that he said to the rich man,”Give all that YOU have to the poor”, not vote for a Caesar who promises to take away things that belong to other people.

    “Jesus was a Marxist” is really dumb, because Marxism has a lot more to it than redistributing wealth. What you said says a great deal about your prejudices, and very little about anything Marx or Jesus thought.

  4. Gabriel Hanna said to LRA:

    What you said says a great deal about your prejudices, and very little about anything Marx or Jesus thought.

    Having another grumpy day, Gabe? I don’t think she was being serious.

  5. Heh heh heh!!!!


  6. Gabriel Hanna


    I had the suspicion you were trolling. But I don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to distorting history to score political points. Dead people can’t defend themselves. I don’t like seeing Thomas Jefferson or Maimonides dragooned into supporting creationism either.

    Well, at the very least, Jesus is a liberal democrat:

    I don’t think he’d find much to praise in any of today’s politics and politicians. I’m pretty sure he’d be telling us to quit our jobs, repent, await the end of the world, and convince others to do the same, just as he did in the first century.

  7. Just jokes, Gabe! Just jokes…


  8. If Jesus was here today, I think he would appear to be a gay, middle eastern hippie with socialist leanings. Unless he could do some serious miracles, he would be lucky just to gather a small cult following.

    As they say, timing is everything.

  9. Gabriel Hanna

    @Ed:If Jesus was here today, I think he would appear to be a gay, middle eastern hippie with socialist leanings.

    I think you have him mixed up with John Lennon.

  10. You’re all wrong. If Jesus were alive today he’d be a grumpy old man, mostly conservative, but more outspoken against those pseudosconservative authoritarian theocrats who want taxpayers to fund their radical agenda than against liberals who want taxpayers to pay for everything else. He’d be fiercely pro-science, and effectively pro-religion by being fiercely opposed to those who “love religion to death.” He would of course have a blog. 🙂