Creationist Wisdom #166: From Alaska

This one is a special delight because we found it in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, located in Wasilla, Alaska. You’ve heard of that town — Sarah Palin was once mayor.

The article is by Ron Hamman, pastor of the Independent Baptist Church of Wasilla, and it appears in the Frontiersman‘s “Religion Views” section. Its titled Everything you need to know about evolution, but were afraid to ask. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

As 2010 was drawing to an end, the results of a recent Gallup poll began spreading showing a decline in the number of Americans who believe that God created humans in their present form.

Yes, and we wrote about that poll here: Aaaargh!! New Gallup Poll on Creationism. Let’s read on:

While 40 percent of Americans continue to believe in creationism and 16 percent are decided for evolution, 38 percent of Americans are stuck in the middle, clinging to their belief in God, yet believing that he somehow used evolution as his method of creative genius. If you find yourself in this 38 percent, perhaps not willingly but because you feel unable to defend a creationist position against the onslaught of what is called “modern science,” I have a book for you – The Evolution Handbook. … It is in support of the Biblical model of creation that you will find The Evolution Handbook invaluable.

Isn’t that wonderful? The article gives a link, but it doesn’t work for us. However, because we’re told that the book’s author is Vance Ferrell, we found this information about the book at Amazon. Let us continue:

After having read the book, two things stand out in my mind of the many which could be cited. The first being with regard to the fossil record. … [T]oday we have “over 200,000,000 catalogued specimens of about 250,000 fossil species,” enough to be considered complete. And their conclusion? Life sprang up suddenly and completely formed: No evolution.

Stunning! Here’s more:

Secondly, there are honest evolutionists out there. While evolution is paraded as fact before America’s school children, there are real scientists out there who recognize that not only is evolution a faulty theory, but adherence to evolutionary theory has actually hindered scientific progression as evidence contrary to evolution has been discarded.

That’s even more stunning. We’re shocked — shocked!

Okay, that’s enough excerpts. Click over to the Frontiersman and read it all. You’ll find it comforting to know that everything’s cool in Alaska.

[Addendum: According to Wikipedia, Sarah Palin “joined the Wasilla Assembly of God, a Pentecostal church, which she attended until 2002. Palin then switched to the Wasilla Bible Church” so it appears that Ron Hamman isn’t her preacher.]

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5 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #166: From Alaska

  1. The first being with regard to the fossil record. It is the author’s contention that “fossil remains provide evolutionists with their only real hope of finding evidence that evolution might have occurred in the past.”

    Too ignorant of evolution even to recognize the evidence that Darwin used to demonstrate evolution? Wow.

    Besides which, Darwin did use the fossil record as well, since it always had transitional forms in it. We just don’t normally think of lobe-finned fishes as transitionals because they exist today and they were already known in the fossil record. But they’re still full of transitional organs, and the “progression of life” (not “upward” progression, just the continual “progression” of evolutionary processes) always had been obvious in the fossil record.

    Darwin, himself, hoped that after his demise that scientists would find the necessary “intermediate” forms between species that his theory required.

    What a bozo. He apparently doesn’t realize that Archaeopteryx was found during Darwin’s lifetime, which was rather pleasing to Darwin.

    To this end science has labored over the past 100 years, and to date, none have been found.

    Except for all of the ones that we have in addition to the ones that actually did exist prior even to Archaeopteryx, but which were classified as “known types” (as if they can’t be both known and transitional in the greater sense). Go ahead and deny them, it’s all you can do. You can’t make them go away, even though there have been many attempts to regard Archaeopteryx as a fake.

    I wonder why creationists have typically leaped at the chance to deny Archaeopteryx whenever someone (like Hoyle) suggested it might be? After all, it’s “just a bird” and there’s “no evidence that it’s transitional” because deities can make animals as they wish, including in a way that strongly suggests evolution (a test?).

  2. [T]oday we have “over 200,000,000 catalogued specimens of about 250,000 fossil species,” enough to be considered complete. And their conclusion? Life sprang up suddenly and completely formed: No evolution.

    And as Gould pointed out, the sheer number of fossil species is evidence of an ancient earth. Trying to fit all the past species into a 6k timespan leads to ridiculous conclusions, like multiple dinosaurs per square meter for the first 4,000 years.

  3. Ron Hamman: “It is in support of the Biblical model of creation that you will find The Evolution Handbook invaluable.”

    Which of the mutually contradictory “Biblical models of creation” – Young earth, old-earth-young-life, old-earth-old-life, flat earth…? Is the focus on “evidences” against evolution instead of “evidences” for your own “theory” an indication that you are not confident of your “theory,” or just a cheap attempt to fool other “kinds” of evolution-denier into your big tent (and yes, I know it’s both). And what about those Discoveroids who don’t think that God created humans in their present form? Surely you have come across that inconvenient fact in your “research”?

  4. It appears that much of the book is accessible online. It’s written with much bold, underlined font, like an excited kid yelling. The chapters are collections of quote mining and info probably drawn from the worst of the creationist websites.

  5. Benjamin Franklin

    Mr Curmudgeon, we must not allow a moon-dust gap!