Oklahoma’s Josh Brecheen Creeps into Position

The year is young, but so far the flamingest wacko to make a debut in the political arena is Oklahoma’s newly-elected state Senator, Josh Brecheen. Our last post about this hard-core, full-blown creationist was Josh Brecheen: Totally Crazed.

He’s in the news again. In the Durant Daily Democrat of Durant, Oklahoma we read Senator Brecheen Gets Nod for Key Appointments. It’s a brief article, and if you click over there you can read it all in a minute or so. The part that interests us is this:

[Senator Josh] Brecheen will serve on the Education, Judiciary, Retirement and Insurance, and Rules Committees as well as the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education.

That’s thrilling news for creationists, and also for bloggers such as your Curmudgeon. Brecheen is not only on the Education Committee, but he’s also on the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education. That means he’s in a position to both make education policy and to deliver money to the schools. It’s also of interest that the Senate leadership, who had to know what Brecheen is all about, decided to place him on those committees.

It’s not yet very informative, but for completeness we’ll give you a link to Brecheen’s page at the Senate website.

Why are we writing about this tractor salesman? You may recall our first post on Brecheen, Creationist Cretin, in which we quoted him saying this:

One of the bills I will file this year may be dismissed as inferior by “intellectuals” … . I’m talking about the religion of evolution. Yes, it is a religion. … I will be introducing legislation this session to ensure our school children have all the facts.

We’ve been watching for his promised legislative wonder. Presumably, it will appear at this page of the Oklahoma legislature’s website: Introduced – Bills for the 53rd Legislature (2011-2012) . (That’s a clumsy website; hit “Search” with the scroll bar on “Introduced.”) The bills are listed in numerical order, which is useless for our purposes, but by searching on “Brecheen” we see that he’s the author of three bills so far. None is what we’re looking for.

Thinking that it might have been introduced by some other Senator, we also searched on “Education.” There are several bills dealing with that topic, but we didn’t find anything about creationism. No problem, it’ll show up. We have confidence in Brecheen. He’s on a mission.

The Oklahoma legislative session begins on 07 February and ends on 27 May. For those three and a half months, we’re looking forward to a wild time.

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4 responses to “Oklahoma’s Josh Brecheen Creeps into Position

  1. Just out of curiosity I was looking over the Oklahoma Senate list of bills introduced, and found one proposing a “State Gospel Song”:

    SB73 2/7/2011 State gospel song; declaring Swing Low, Sweet Chariot as the official state gospel song.Effective date. Eason McIntyre(S).

    I guess that that’s what OK senators think is what’s really important to spend time on. While not seeing any glaring education issue bills, I noticed that Sen. Brecheen is sponsoring a bill to repeal an “Art in public places” bill and its funding. The long arm of Puritanism reaches far.


  2. I’m going to have to move to Europe eventually, aren’t I???

  3. Europe? The place is full of foreigners.

  4. Curmudgeon: “He’s on a mission.”

    From God. Just like the Blues Brothers.