Ken Ham Says Heaven Is Only for Creationists

We have another winning essay from Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the Australian creationist who brought you Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the mind-boggling Creation Museum.

This one is provocatively titled Do All Creationists Go to Heaven? Here are some excerpts, omitting scripture quotes and links, with bold added by us:

In Romans 1:20, Paul makes it clear that, from what we observe around us, a Creator obviously exists. If someone doesn’t believe this, they are without excuse.

No excuses! Let’s read on:

The Bible also plainly says in Romans 10:9 that we need to do more than recognize our Creator … . So even if a person believes in a Creator and is a creationist, he will be separated from God forever, just as an atheist will, unless he receives the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Everyone already knows about salvation, but we didn’t know that we also had to be creationists. Hambo continues:

So, from a biblical perspective, it is not good enough for us just to see a person converted from evolutionism to creationism!

Sorry to disappoint you, dear reader, but creationism alone won’t get you there. Here’s more:

Certainly, in a world where evolutionary naturalism pervades the culture, we need to show people the evidence for the intelligent Creator. In the public schools, students are indoctrinated in the Darwinian view of the origin of life and man — they’re taught that everything arose by natural processes with no supernatural activity involved. These people need to see how obvious it is that life could not have arisen through naturalism.

Yes, we certainly need to show people the evidence. Moving along:

But it would be disastrous simply to show people the evidence for an intelligent Designer and not to pursue the topic any further. When we talk to people about an intelligent Designer, we must recognize the ultimate need of each human. If we leave the Creator’s identity a mystery, we invite people to consider all sorts of gods as this possible intelligence, instead of the one true Creator God.

That’s important! Intelligent design isn’t enough, because according to that the Designer could be any deity. Clearly, ol’ Hambo is talking about the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute (a/k/a the Discoveroids). Another excerpt:

It’s not enough just to convert someone to be a creationist. As the Great Commission of Matthew 28 tells us, we need to preach the gospel … .

Hambo is repeating himself. He’s already said that mere creationism won’t get us through those pearly gates. We’ve got the message. This is how Hambo’s essay ends:

No, not all creationists will go to heaven, but heaven awaits all creationists who place their trust in Jesus Christ, the Creator and Redeemer!

Here’s how we understand what Hambo is telling us. First, creationism is definitely required for entry into heaven. That means all those deeply religious people at BioLogos who accept theistic evolution aren’t going to make it. Second, believing in creationism alone, although it is surely wonderful, isn’t sufficient. Third, believing in the Intelligent Designer isn’t enough either. Those Discoveroids are going to end up in the Lake of Fire.

The fourth and most important thing we learn from ol’ Hambo is that there’s no one in heaven who isn’t a creationist. It must be a wonderful place indeed!

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11 responses to “Ken Ham Says Heaven Is Only for Creationists

  1. He’s Mad! Warped even! That’s what’s the matter with him. Everything Ham claims about Heaven is completely unfounded Biblical-wise, and he knows it!

  2. I’m guessing that Hambo and his ilk are the only ones dull enough to think that the Designer could be anyone other than Yahweh (could be faking, though). Seems that the Designer tends to be identified with some figure in John chapter 1, who I’d guess isn’t Vishnu.

    Not that I mind his taking on the DI. Even if he really does understand their wink wink nudge nudge, he knows very well that it’s essentially a deistic notion that they’re pushing officially, and it just won’t do. Practically all of the DI fellows abandon the pretense when they can, too, and it’s pretty clear that they don’t like the official–basically deistic–position either.

    So go ahead Hammy, there’s no reason not to take the DI’s dissatisfied creationists away from them.

  3. SO if I live a good life and be a good little Creationist, then my reward is to spend an eternity with the likes of ol’ Hambo? When you put it that way, Hell doesn’t seem so bad.

  4. Good, heaven can have him. He’ll probably spend eternity annoying God to say yes to “You like me best don’t you?”

  5. Hambo continues to astound both scientists and Christians with how utterly clueless he is on every possible topic. Every time he opens his pie-hole, I am bewildered at what confusion of ideas could lead to such statements.

    Has he not read his Bible? How can he be such an “expert” on two chapters of Genesis yet not realize that the Bible does not anywhere teach that people go to Heaven when they die? Whenever the hope of eternal life is mentioned, it is physical resurrection that real Christians look forward to, not a disembodied afterlife sitting on clouds playing harps.

    My question would have to be what religion Hambo thinks he belongs to in the first place. Maybe he’s a Muslim.

  6. Curmudgeon: “Here’s how we understand what Hambo is telling us. First, creationism is definitely required for entry into heaven. That means all those deeply religious people at BioLogos who accept theistic evolution aren’t going to make it.”

    Of course, “BioLogos” ia a bunch of “atheist Darwinists” pretending to be religious. What is far more significant is that the Discoveroids will be “expelled” from heaven. Ham does specifically address them, right? I don’t mean just Klinghoffer and Medved who don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, but those like Dembski and Behe, who do, but dare to favor an old earth. As for the DI’s Paul “the YEC” Nelson: Limbo perhaps?

    Just as TE is the biggest thorn in the side of ID, ID must be the biggest thorn in the side of “real creationism.” If not we can still make it so.

  7. Ham didn’t let me down!:

    “But it would be disastrous simply to show people the evidence for an intelligent Designer and not to pursue the topic any further.”

    Ham said as little as possible so not to offend his fans who like both YEC and ID, but I’m glad to help. Yes, Ken, it is disastrous that IDers refuse to say what the designer did, when or how. After all, that’s the only thing that would give them any hope of competing with science. If you can spell out the details, so can they.

    But in fairness, they have pursued the topic a bit further. Remember that Behe admitted at Dover that the designer might no longer exist. But fear not, ID has no need for God or Jesus, they have Klinghoffer, who warns us of evil and how belief in “Darwinism” is its ultimate cause. C’mon Ken, pray to King David and you’ll be saved. 😉

  8. I do think it highly amusing that Ham (once again in his chosen role as God) has decided that the Discoveroids are not going to heaven. It is not so amusing that he mentions public schools. I want children in public schools to learn science. That’s because I want them to grow up to be intelligent, reasoning, productive adults.

    It’s also because I think Ham is a heretic (no, I really don’t want to burn him at the stake) and I don’t want him teaching his heretical religion to a captive audience of other people’s children.

  9. As Mark Twain once said, we want heaven for the climate, but hell for the company.

  10. @Greg:

    Too bad that Twain didn’t know that heaven is hotter than hell. 😉

  11. hmmm….lets see…….eternity with Big Red sticking red hot pokers up my arse, or eternity with Hambo and Yee Buckle Hattes in the celestial special needs classroom…..

    guess its an eternity of cherry cheeks for me then.

    As AC/DC so rightly sang

    “Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be!”