Ken Ham Is Proud To Teach “The Truth”

We can always find entertainment by checking in with Ken Ham (ol’ Hambo), the creationist Australian entrepreneur who brought you Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the infamous, mind-boggling Creation Museum.

At ol’ Hambo’s personal blog at the AIG website we find More and More Kids Learning the Truth about Creation, Dinosaurs, and Genesis. Here are some excerpts, with bold added by us:

Over the years, the secularists have become very angry at the fact that Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum are influencing more and more children. As I said in a blog post recently, many people accuse us of conducting “child abuse” because we teach children the truth about the Bible beginning in Genesis.

That’s outrageous! Who could find fault with Hambo’s creationism? Let’s read on:

There are many angry statements on the internet by secularists who just can’t stand the fact that AiG is influencing more and more children — from a very young age. For instance …

We’ll skip the quote, and although Hambo doesn’t provide links to his critics, we found the post he’s quoting at a blog we’ve never seen before: Intellectual child abuse Christmas gift ideas. We continue with Hambo’s words of wisdom:

Actually, that is one of the more tame statements! Their reaction is very emotional, usually containing considerable vile language and without logical arguments. Of course, that is the only way they can argue anyway — how else do you combat the truth but to use emotional and vile language and lots of name calling!

Right. There are no logical arguments on our side. All we’ve got to counter Hambo’s “Truth” is vile language and name-calling. Here’s more:

Well, AiG is thrilled we are reaching more and more kids, and we continue to produce resources and conduct special programs to do so. It was such a blessing to see literally thousands of young people at the meetings in Lenexa, Kansas, this past weekend at Lenexa Baptist Church where Dr. Gary Parker and I spoke.

Ol’ Hambo is thrilled. Isn’t that nice? We’ll skip over the description of that creationist revival in Kansas and also the photos Hambo provides. That brings us to Hambo’s final paragraph. Let’s take it one sentence at a time:

Interesting how the secularists have control of the education system where 90 percent of kids attend—most zoos and museums are controlled by evolutionists — and yet those opposed to Christianity are so worried and upset by the small number of creationist organizations like AiG.

If only Hambo were in charge of things! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? This is the last of it:

But secularists know that once the “cat is out of the bag” and the real truth about evolution is known, kids can easily understand that the Bible really is true and it is God’s Word — and the history is true right from Genesis 1:1.

Evolution is doomed, dear reader. Hambo is letting the cat out of the bag. Soon, everyone will know The Truth.

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5 responses to “Ken Ham Is Proud To Teach “The Truth”

  1. Hammy’s proud of teaching childish ideas to children. I guess if it was taught like the Grimm fairy tales are read to children I’d be fine with that, but if the Grimm fairy tales were taught as history and/or science, I’d not be fine with that. Same with tales of diluvial genocide, even though they’re far from teaching any decent morality.

    Say Hammy, why aren’t you teaching biologically knowledgeable adults instead of ignorant children? Surely the adults would be masterful at getting your ideas across to children–if they had the slightest bit of evidence for them.

    Oh yeah, it’s that last bit that makes him target children, trying to poison the well of science knowledge by misrepresenting both science and scientists (whether he believes these caricatures is of little practical importance).

  2. I’m curious as to who else is commenting on his little book. As far as I know, the link SC found is the only one. (Shame on you for missing such an opportunity, SC!) Of course, Ken would lie about that too – it must inflate his sense of importance to pretend that secularists take him seriously enough to be angry with him….instead of just laughing at him.

    Of course, it IS a form of intellectual child abuse.

  3. It was either Lenin or Stalin who said “Give me your children … and the seeds I plant will never wither.”

    Creationists only proactively the teaching of their dogma to our public grade school students. Sure they make token efforts at public institutions, colleges and universities, but their primary focus has always been at our kids.

  4. Mr. Ham, I believe the Bible contains truth.

    I also believe that you picked an illustrator for your book with the most appropriate name you could possibly find.

    For those who haven’t bothered to look, and I recommend a gander at the innards over on Amazon, the illustrator’s name is Bill Looney.

  5. If by “teach the truth” he means “indoctrinate little kids who don’t know any better,” then yes–he is teaching the truth.