Bill O’Reilly — Flaming, Full-Blown Creationist

We’ve never been impressed with Bill O’Reilly’s knowledge of anything, although he’s been a very successful showman on Fox News Network. But we never realized the extent of his ignorance before. This little video, which lasts less than two minutes, will show you what we mean. The man is a complete ignoramus.

See also: Bill O’Reilly and Richard Dawkins — Again.

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24 responses to “Bill O’Reilly — Flaming, Full-Blown Creationist

  1. There’s willfully ignorant and willfully stupid.

    With Bill O the Clown the answer is definitely B.

  2. Tide comes in, tide goes out. Proves God. Yeah. Except the moon actually causes it. Well, how’d the moon get there? Oh, Theia hit Earth (not certain, but the best explanation thus far), the ring coalesced to produce the moon. Well, hotshot, how’d Theia get there? OK, well, it formed out of the nebula like earth and the sun did. Well, where did the nebula come from? See, you all think it’s accident, but what a set of accidents it would take to make things just as they are.

    Five-year-old-questioning-to-exhaustion wins again. Wow, O’Reilly, you just never lose, not so long as you get to make up the rules of engagement, and never bother to learn science and its approach to issues.

    And to be fair, he does sometimes pin other ignoramuses with some decent questions, although too often with the low-grade junk shown there.

  3. CritcalEyes...

    Bill O’reilly………… Full Blown A**hole……………

  4. Thanks to SC that’s nearly two minutes I’ll never get back!

    It’s just amazing that man has a job at all.

  5. Why is anyone surprised? He attended parochial schools, graduated from Marist, and taught briefly at a parochial school in Miami. Parochial, of course, can mean more than just “church-based education.” It can also mean “very limited or narrow in scope or outlook; provincial.”

    And that’s our word of the day. Parochial. As in, “You don’t want to be parochial like Mr O’Reilly when you grow up, boys and girls.”

  6. I’ve gone a year and a half to a Catholic university, and they’d not have put up with O’Reilly’s nonsense at all in the philosophy or biology departments. Lower level Catholic education, I don’t know about, other than that some on forums (mainly Pharyngula) talk about getting good knowledge of evolution from it, while others say they got not much more than creationism.

    O’Reilly may be suffering from lower level Catholic education, for all that I know. But not from the science departments of most US Catholic universities, at least.

  7. I went to a Catholic school and can assure you that Billo would have been failed and held down year after year…he would still be there in fact with this level of ignorance.

    We were taught evolution as fact, and our physics classes covered the rest of the shit he spouts.

    This isnt a factor of his education or lack of it. Its his willful ignorance and a culture that celebrates his right to be ignorant and spread it across the airwaves unaddressed.

    In the UK this clown would be a laughing stock….hes also a cited reason we dont want Faux News infecting our own airwaves, along with the rest of the right wing Buckle Hats Murdoch inflicts on you.

  8. SC, you made me watch Bill Oh Re….O’Reilly. I may have to go back and change my vote.

  9. On the plus side at least he has less time to molest his staff when he pontificates this stupidity. The intellectual slide of American Conservatism continues unabated!

  10. I realize that this is just a matter of showmanship, not meant to be taken seriously. But it is hard to resist pointing out some obvious problems.

    Such as, his claim seems to be that the human body is deliberately designed as it is by God. Which means that God deliberately designed us to be very much like chimps and other apes. More like chimps and other apes than like anything else. Either that, or else God didn’t have any choice in the design.

    So, God wants us to behave like apes? Because that’s how God designed us.

  11. There are a couple of blogs commenting on this that are worth looking at:

    <a href="; Bad Astronomy

    <a href="; Evolving Thoughts

  12. TomS says:

    I realize that this is just a matter of showmanship, not meant to be taken seriously. But it is hard to resist pointing out some obvious problems.

    Sadly, I think O’Reilly takes himself very seriously.

  13. here is what this vid looks like to me

    Bill O’Rilly….the Sideshow Bob of scientific debate

  14. comradebillyboy

    Being an ignorant demagogue is a prerequisite for any Faux News talking head. The Faux crew is the most fact challenged and fundamentally dishonest news organization since Pravda. O’Reilly’s ignorance and bluster is the rule not the exception.

  15. Being an ignorant demagogue is a prerequisite for any TV news talking head.

    ftfy. It’s not like Olbermann, Maddow, or whomever people aren’t watching at CNN are any different…

  16. Bill O’Rilly….the Sideshow Bob of scientific debate

    Hey now, Sideshow Bob was actually pretty smart. Bill is more of the Mr. Teeny of scientific debate.

  17. I would love to Stephen Colbert interview Neil Degrasse Tyson or Phil Plait on this subject…and do his O’Reilly parody. That would be perfect.

  18. Bill actually says Mars doesn’t have moons? That’s a gaffe of Sherri Shepherd proportions.

    Colbert is good, but I’m waiting for the “Mythbusters: Bill O’Reilly special” episode.

  19. eric says: “Bill actually says Mars doesn’t have moons?”

    It doesn’t have a sun either. Play it again if you don’t believe it.

  20. retiredsciguy

    Did you stay tuned for the next two bits of O’Reilly wisdom? He takes on Stephen Hawking, saying he can’t explain who the earth, etc. got here. May as well just say goddidit.

    O’Reilly wants his audience to believe atheism is the same as anti-theism. He has no concept of what science is, and seems to consider his blind faith to be the attainment of the highest state of being.

  21. So the simple fact that there exist possible alternative states of the universe is proof against evolution? The beauty of this argument is that it works no matter what the current state is. The hell with any and all data. This argument isn’t even conceptually falsifiable.

  22. I take it back. Bill O the Clown is not stupid. He’s insipid. Shallow. Childish. And a Bully.

    Like a 4-year old he asks without interest, Where’d the moon come from? Where’d the Sun come from? He’s not inquisitive, he’s boring.

    It’s appalling, really, that such a wanker gets air time on American TV.

    Yeah, I take it back again. Bill O the Clown is really, really stupid. My bad.

  23. Ever since he accused 99+% of biologists of being “fascists” a few years ago, I have learned not to be surprised at anything he says about evolution. So I won’t accuse him of being a liar, or ignorant, or stupid, even though one of those, or some combination, must apply.

    Nevertheless I must painfully admit that these “shock jocks” are right about one thing. Many bait-takers do let them get their blood pressure up, or at least act like it. What I’m much more interesting in knowing is whether anyone has avoided the bait, and instead calmly asked O’Reilly which, if any, of the mutually-contradictory “creationist” fairy tales he finds convincing?

  24. It’s probably more accurate to say he’s an incomplete ignoramus.

    But then who among us ever gets a truly complete education in every possible subject of study or research?

    O’Reilly invokes the “God of the Gaps” which is a lazy person’s way of declining to engage in deeper study or research.

    Einstein said, “I want to know God’s thought.” And then he wrote down E = mc^2 as one of them.