Darwin Day 2011 Is Coming Soon

Darwin Day is coming!

Darwin Day is coming!

You have already been advised to Get Ready for Darwin Day 2011. Once again, as we reported two years ago, the signs and portents are appearing everywhere. As before, the grand old man’s visage is appearing on our breakfast toast.

All the educated, civilized segments of society seem to be gearing up to recognize the 202nd anniversary of Darwin’s birthday on 12 February. But as the excitement builds, we can’t help noticing a peculiar silence on the subject from the neo-theocrats at the Discovery Institute‘s creationist public relations and lobbying operation, the Center for Science and Culture (a/k/a the Discoveroids, a/k/a the cdesign proponentsists).

That is as it should be. While we prepare to celebrate Darwin Day, the Discoveroids are embracing Darwin’s fallen-away colleague, Alfred Wallace, who wasted his final decades in a fog of spiritualism. The Discoveroids rightly look to Wallace, not Darwin, for intellectual inspiration. See Discoveroids Adopt Alfred Wallace as Godfather.

Meanwhile, the Darwin Day website has an ever-growing list of scheduled events. There are easily over 100 celebrations listed there, many of them at churches. We even found one at a church iin Seattle — but we don’t expect many Discoveroids to be there.

If you plan to spend the day at home, you may want to check out the National Center for Science Education’s new multimedia page, where you can find all their videos, audios and podcasts, presentations, and charts and graphics.

What will your Curmudgeon be doing? As always, we’ll be keeping track of things from the CITADEL — the Curmudgeonly Institute for Tactics, Advocacy, and Defense of the Enlightenment Legacy — the secret global nerve center for monitoring events throughout the Creosphere, where your Curmudgeon is headquartered in his luxurious underground control room.

In case we don’t post about this again this year — Happy Darwin Day!

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6 responses to “Darwin Day 2011 Is Coming Soon

  1. Looks like the Seattle event is an accommodationist hand-holding “can’t we all be friends” event, rather than celebrating anything to do with Darwin. Casey might show up there after all.

  2. What a great link to the events – thanks! I entered my zip, and found that our natural history museum (in Austin) is hosting a celebration, with UT professors on hand to work info booths and give talks, and even a “fossil pit” for kids to dig in. Looks like a fun outing. I wouldn’t have thought to look if it weren’t for your posting.

  3. The only Darwin Day event near me is a showing of Expelled with discussion afterwards. Rather disappointing, but it’s at the State college, so the students will probably have a lively time. Oh, the Question will be why do so many people refuse to accept evolutionary theory.

  4. We wouldn’t have to celebrate Darwin Day if the creationists would just join the rest of us in reality.

  5. Oh, the Question will be why do so many people refuse to accept evolutionary theory.

    Expelled ought to answer that quite well–Creationists tell lies about science and scientists.

    I wouldn’t want to sit through Expelled‘s 90 minutes or so of dishonesty about how evolution is “atheist” and of how unfair it is to winnow pseudoscience out of science, but the discussion afterward could certainly be entertaining.

  6. Very cool; there is actually an event out here in Portland, Oregon. It will probably rain, but it always does, so we are used to that. And the venue is the very spot that our own terrorist bomber (FBI stooge-?) tried to plant a bomb at this last holiday season. But I am not worried about that, either, since we have someone looking over our shoulder. So I will be there!