Creationist Wisdom #171: No Moral Code

We present to you, dear reader, a letter-to-the-editor titled Teaching only evolution is damaging to students, which appears in the Post-Crescent of Appleton, Wisconsin. Newspapers are getting touchy about bloggers copying their contents, so we’ll give you only a few excerpts from this letter, and we’ll omit the writer’s name and city. Here we go, with a bit of bold font added for emphasis:

School shootings, suicides, drive-by shootings, police being shot — what has happened to us? Could it be evolution? No, I don’t mean that the species is reacting to life in today’s world. What I refer to is “elite educators” removing creationism and a creator from curriculum.

Wow — thought provoking indeed! Let’s read on:

Evolution has no moral code, no purpose and nothing to deter bad behavior. When we no longer believe in a creator, a God of love, a God of righteous judgment, a God who gives us a moral code and promises for eternity, we lose our reason for making moral choices.

Evolution has no moral code? Golly, that’s right! Hey — neither does chemistry or geometry. The letter-writer has discovered something of profound significance. We continue:

When there is nothing, life is hopeless and our choices are of little consequence. When you believe you live to reach an eternal heaven and will face a righteous judge, you know your choices have consequences. … It takes more courage to say you believe in a supernatural being than to say you believe in nothing.

Yes — belief in nothing is cowardly! Skipping a bit, here’s the end:

Creation? Evolution? One is supernatural thinking; the other is what? Preposterous?

[Writer’s name and city can be seen in the original.]

Preposterous indeed! Click over to the Post-Crescent and read the entire letter. Heed the letter-writer’s wisdom, dear reader, before it’s too late!

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14 responses to “Creationist Wisdom #171: No Moral Code

  1. If the comments section is anything to go by, the good people of Appleton disagree with the letter writer.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; letters like this are selected for print because they bring in responses. It has nothing to do with the representativeness-within-the-population or wisdom of the letter. Flame wars are good for boosting readership, so papers provoke them.

  2. I wonder if teaching evolution can explain the never-ending stream of lies from the Dishonesty Institute, AiG, etc.

    I’m rather more confident that evolutionary theory itself gives us some reason why such selfish behaviors actually exist.

  3. This is great! I’m so glad I found your website, you articulate perfectly what I have felt for so long about the subject of creationism. As a geologist, I get tired of the same old stupid arguments over and over from people, but you have given me new insight/ammunition to use against the minions of darkness. So thank you!

    The underlying unspoken assumption of the writer in the Post-Crescent is that people are inherently BAD, and only control their evil behavior if they are in FEAR of what will happen to them when they die. What a pessimistic view of humanity. It must be that religious people are so weak that they can’t do what is right just because it’s right, they must be guilt-tripped, coerced, manipulated and controlled by stories of “the boogeyman is gonna getcha” that unscrupulous parents used to control the behavior of their wayward children. Really pathetic.

  4. I commented. I could have gone on for pages, but they limit comments to 1000 letters.

    Which is part of the problem, we can debunk everything creationists say or claim, but we can’t do it in two sentences or 15 seconds. So we lose… everytime.

  5. ” School shootings, suicides, drive-by shootings, police being shot — what has happened to us? Could it be evolution?”

    Personally, I’ve always blamed it on the addition of the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegience. After all, I don’t remember all of that happening before 1954.

  6. The comments section shows a lovely cross section of the same old arguments. You would think creationists would evolve faster.

  7. conveniently as always ignoring the simple fact that the majority of Northern Europe are majority non believer, evolution accepting countries where drive by shootings, police shootings and school massacres are a distinct rarity.

    Countries where ridiculing faith driven stupidity has been elevated into an artform, and the local Bible basher is the neighbourhood focus of distrust and ridicule.

    Funnily enough these are also countries with much stricter gun ownership laws, and populations that are better educated, better informed by media, and less fearful of every aspect of everyday life.


  8. Sandman, I am getting tired of your ignorant America-bashing, which is entirely based on stereotypes from the media. I understand that you don’t appreciate the concepts of freedom of speech, the press, and religion, and you think the government should run the churches and the hospitals and TV and radio and constantly keep its citizens under surveillance, but we can address the problems in our country caused by creationists without tearing down our culture and Constitution and becoming more like “Northern Europe”.

    Suppose I blamed the rate of “hot burglary”–a crime common in the UK and Northern Europe and rare in the US–on months-long waits for National Health Service, the monarchy, the absence of a Bill of Rights and Constitution, the Church of England, and the sad state of British dentistry, and suggested that the cure is to get rid of all those things. Not only would you think that was ignorant and based on American media stereotypes, but it is confused, because there is at best a tenuous connection between burglaries and the things I’m criticizing.

    If you want help fight creationists, then do that. If you just want to insult Americans and revel in your superiority to us, you can do that as well, thanks to the Internet, but you’re actually hurting the anti-creationist cause by making it certain that the people we are trying to persuade don’t listen to you.

  9. Gabriel Hanna says: “Sandman, I am getting tired of your ignorant America-bashing …”

    Agreed, Gabe, but you failed to mention his opposition to gun ownership. I own eight or ten (it’s hard to keep track because of frequent transactions), and that freedom is one of the best things about this country.

    Sandman, try to stay somewhat on topic — and the topic isn’t the things you dislike about America in general.

  10. They’ll never be able to pry the gun away from me with their cold dead hands (I’m half serious).

  11. There are any number of things Sandman says that I’d argue with–violent crime rates, collective violence, universities–the list is long. But there’s no point. Until he learns something about Americans that doesn’t come from cartoons, anyway.

    We have a very large and diverse country with many strains of thought and tradition, and he’s unaware of 99% of it. Likewise I don’t know what it’s like to live in Europe but at least I know that I don’t know.

  12. Gabriel Hanna

    I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where we don’t have to lock the door; but it’s because of the neighbors we have, not because of how many guns they own. Which seems to be a lot, most people here hunt.

    I don’t own a gun, I’ve never felt the need. But like Voltaire is supposed to have said, I’ll defend to the death your right to own them. With what, I don’t know, not having a gun.

  13. According to the “reasoning” of the letter writer, murder and suicide never happened before 1859. I guess that’s the reason that the Bible says nothing about the subject. . . .

    On another subject, you have eight or ten guns? I saw a T-shirt at a gun show that said, “If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have enough.” Ain’t freedom great?

  14. Curmudgeon, thank you for continuing the series… and don’t think it will stop, you stop at 600m they dig to 650, you go there they’re already digging to 700… the stupid is endless.

    @Gabe and Sandman : I think you are both right, America has her advantages,and Europe has hers. Criticism of any of them is healthy, but if it’s on topic, so much the better.